What Are PLR Product Reviews?

I know you know what a product review is – but when you are buying prewritten content like PLR, it can be a little confusing as to what they actually look like.

My idea of a product review in this sense is that they are an overview of the product. It is often up to you to add the personal touches to the review, but this is a good thing – the PLR provider gives you a high-quality document that explains what the product is and what it does, so it is easy to customize with your own personal touch and make it ready for your blog.

One thing to keep in mind is that every PLR provider is different. I have seen a few different formats that people use when writing their product reviews. Some people will have all text about the product with no subheadings at all, giving you a lot of room for customizing it. Others (like me), prefer to use subheadings.

In case you’re wondering, this is how I usually format mine:

Title of Product
About the ‘X Product Name’
Why You Should Use the ‘X Product Name’

Personally, I make them about the length of a short blog post – so 400-500 words on average. Others have these detailed and LONG reviews.

Benefits of Using Them for Internet Marketing

Why should you use PLR product reviews? Simple – you can sell more products! You might mention a product here and there in your blog posts or emails, but with just a simple affiliate link, you aren’t really explaining what it is.

With product reviews, you are able to really focus on the details of each individual product. It provides an easy way to promote products, especially the higher-end products that you want to sell, and sell right. They are also good when you want to mix up the types of blog posts you have with detailed product reviews.

3 Ways to Use Product Reviews

Here are the 3 ways I would personally use product reviews:

  1. Add a Blog Post (or series) About an Individual Product

This is pretty simple, and probably the easiest way to use a product review. Each standard review works great as its own blog post. You can do this in a few different ways, whether you simply find a trending topic and use a review for it, or you have a blog series where you are talking about different products for one topic.

For example, in my Winter Beauty PLR Bundle, the theme is ‘Winter Beauty’. I talk about natural products for skin and hair during the winter. I wrote an additional 15 product reviews about the products mentioned in the content for this premium PLR bundle.

So, you can have a blog series with all of these reviews, which all cover the topic of Winter Beauty.

  1. Introduce the Product in an Email, then Link to the Blog Post Review

I love this idea because when you want to promote products from Amazon, you’re not allowed to use the affiliate link in your email. If you want people to click your links, start with your email. You can have an email that talks about a specific topic, then link to a blog post in your email that goes to that product review.

This is a great way to use the new 12-Month Diet Rotation PLR Special. Tiffany Lambert has 12 months of reports covering diets like Low Carb and Mindful Eating. Her upgrade includes product reviews for each of these topics. If you want to use one of her reports as a lead magnet for your list, you can then have one of your follow-up emails set up with links to the product reviews on your blog.

You are not only getting more leads, but you are sending them to your blog in a super easy and efficient way.

  1. Create Mini Versions on Social Media, then Link to the Blog Post Review

Lastly, you can do something similar to the previous tip, but instead have a shortened version of the product review, or just a blurb of it, on a social media site. Create a graphic that includes a quote or blurb from the review and post it to Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook. Then have it link to your blog post review. Easy!

I hope this helped! Let me know if you have any questions.