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PLR Tips: How is a PLR Report Different from an eBook?

Many PLR providers, like myself, offer both ‘reports’ and ‘ebooks’ in our content. But what is the difference?

When I think of what a report is – I like to think about it in terms of 2 things: length and format. In both cases, the details of length and formatting make it different from an article or an eBook.

Length – A report is going to be longer than your average article or blog post, and shorter than an eBook.

How long is a report? For me personally, I like to make my reports at least 1,750-2,000 words. Most of them are around the 2,000-word mark, but I do have some shorter or longer. I use Arial 12 font for my reports, so without images, a 2,000-word report ends up being about 5 pages. It is not uncommon to have one twice as long, so 4,000 words would be approximately 10 pages long.

This is considerably longer than a typical article, which can be anywhere from 400 to 1,000 words. An eBook varies in length by both the word count and number of pages, but my eBooks are about 10,000 words and 20+ pages long.

An easier way to think about it? A report is like an extra long article or a super short eBook. 

Formatting – Another difference I make with reports is in its formatting. This is also a little different than both articles and eBooks.

With articles, I like to format it very simply – I have an introduction, 3-5 sections with subheadings, and a conclusion. Easy peasy.

When I write an eBook, the formatting is much more complex. You have the Table of Contents, Disclaimer, Intro, Chapters, Sections, Sub-Sections, etc. Plus, eBooks usually include more images, which I very rarely put into reports.

My reports are somewhere in the middle – they are formatted slightly more than an article, but I don’t include a lot of the ‘extra’ stuff like a table of contents and disclaimer. I want you to know exactly what you are getting, so I try to make them strictly content.

What Do You Do with Them?

This is also going to be subjective, but here are a few things you can do with PLR reports:

  1. Use Them as Free Opt-ins– This is probably the easiest way to use a PLR report. They make perfect opt-ins, allowing you to get more people on your list. That’s what we all want, right?! Just edit the report and the cover for your own needs, create a simple opt-in on your site, and give it away for free to people who subscribe.

If you buy a PLR bundle that also comes with articles along with the report, like my latest Grain-Free Bundle, you can then use those articles as an email series for people who choose to opt-in with the report.

  1. Sell Them on Your Blog– You will need to look at the rights for the PLR report you purchase, but many providers will allow you to sell the report to people for personal use. This means if you edit the report and cover, you can sell it on your blog to your list, but you can’t sell PLR or resell rights to it.

Example: If you bought my Self-Care PLR Bundle (here), you received a 5-page report about ‘Starting a Self-Care Morning Routine’. If you have a blog where your readers are interested in self-care and self-improvement, you can edit this report and put it up on your blog to sell to your readers. They will be able to purchase it and find out how they can start their own morning routine for self-care purposes.

If you are ever confused about rights, just ask!

  1. Break Them Up Into Articles– Another option is to take the content from a report or break up the sections into individual articles. You can then use them as blog posts or emails for your list.

I have a blog post that shows you how to do that here: https://healthandwellnessplr.com/how-to-convert-a-plr-report-into-blog-posts/

Free Examples of My PLR Reports

If you’re still confused, I have some PLR reports in my Free PLR section that you can download instantly.

Ways to Drink More Water – https://healthandwellnessplr.com/product/ways-to-drink-more-water-plr-report/

Alkaline Foods – https://healthandwellnessplr.com/product/free-alkaline-foods-plr-report/

Superfoods for Vision – https://healthandwellnessplr.com/product/superfoods-for-vision-free/

Did that makes any sense?! A lot of times, you just need someone to put it into a certain perspective and then it clicks. I know that’s how it worked when I first started writing PLR. It took me a while before I started writing/offering reports, because I just didn’t get it. But now I do, and you guys seem to love them 🙂


What Can You Do With a PLR eBook?


A common question asked by people who are brand new to using PLR is what they can and can’t do with an eBook. There is actually a lot you can do with it! You can definitely keep it as an eBook after customizing it and use it that way, but breaking it up and using the content for a variety of other uses is also a great idea.

Note: You can’t take the eBook and sell it on Amazon, even if you edit it and customize it to be unique. This is against Amazon’s policies and will get you banned.

However, there are tons of ways to use an eBook, depending on what your needs and preferences are. Here are some suggestions:

Different Ways You Can Use a PLR eBook

Use it as a content upgrade – This is definitely one of the more popular options for using a PLR eBook. Customize the eBook so that it is unique and relevant to your niche, then use it as a free gift for your subscribers. You can either give it to your current subscribers as a bonus free gift, or use it as an opt-in upgrade to get more people to sign up for your email list.

Turn it into blog posts – Since eBooks tend to be on the longer side, usually 10,000+ words at least, they are ideal for using as blog posts. Similar to reports, you would just break it up by chapter or whatever makes sense, then use each chapter or section as a separate blog post. You can intersperse them with other content on your blog, or use it as a new blog series to encourage your readers to keep returning for the next part of the series.

Create a new email series – If you are looking for fresh content for your emails, then you can use the eBook as a new series. Follow the same concept as using them for blog posts by taking each section or chapter (if they are short chapters) and include them in an email series. Don’t forget to start with an introductory email to let your subscribers know what the series is about.

Use the content for your newsletters – In addition to having an email series based around the book, you can also simply use some of the content for your newsletters. Perhaps the eBook is about fitness and you run a health-related blog. You can take some excerpts from the book and use them to draft your emails, then use other sections for blog content.

Break it up into social media posts – Another way to use smaller parts of an eBook is to turn them into social media posts. There are a lot of ways to do this, but I recommend writing a blog post about one section of the eBook, writing an email that corresponds with it, and then using some excerpts from the book for a Facebook post that sends people to the blog post.

Use the eBook for your own book inspiration – If you really want to sell your own eBook about this topic, you can still use the PLR eBook as inspiration. You don’t want to use this actual book if selling it on Amazon, but it can give you some good ideas with how you want to write your own.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.