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3 Ways to Use the Apple Cider Vinegar PLR Report

New PLR Report: Apple Cider Vinegar

I have a new PLR report in the store all about Apple Cider Vinegar. I am really excited about this one because not only do I think it can be helpful and has tons of uses, but I have started adding ACV to my life as well. I know your readers will enjoy the health benefits.

This is an 8-page report with 7 sections and 2,945 words. It goes over the basics of ACV, plus the health benefits, and a lot of different ways you can use it. I wanted to give you some options for how to use this report, but first here is what you get in the report:

1. The Health Benefits of ACV
2. Beauty Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar
3. How Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help With Weight Loss
4. Easy Smoothie Recipes With ACV
5. How to Detox Your Body With Apple Cider Vinegar
6. Salad Dressings That Use Apple Cider Vinegar
7. What to Add to Your Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks

3 Ways to Use This Report

I love writing PLR reports because they have so many uses. You can use them as a content upgrade to get more email subscribers, or just give them away as a nice gift for your current subscribers. Here are three more options:

  1. Turn it Into a Blog Series

The first thing you can do is break up the report into its 7 sections, and use each of these sections as a different blog post. I would keep the first section as the first blog post, which introduces your readers to ACV and its benefits, but the rest you can choose the order.

  1. Incorporate an Email Series

Another way to use the sections individually is to do an email series instead. The other option is to do the blog series, then incorporate emails for each blog post that correspond with it, and also get people to go over and click on the posts. For example, when talking about detoxing your body with apple cider vinegar (section 5), the email that day can be about different natural ways to detox your body, then link to the ACV blog post.

  1. Add it to a Natural Health eBook

If you want to create something a little more substantial, take this report and turn it into one chapter in a book all about natural health remedies.

As you can see, there is a lot you can do with this one!

Click here to grab the Apple Cider Vinegar PLR report.


5 Keyboard Shortcuts That Improve My Productivity



Hey guys!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about typing speed. Even if you buy a lot of PLR for your blog (which I highly recommend of course), you probably have some blog posts you are writing yourself, not to mention the emails, and PLR you are editing. If you find it a struggle to type faster in order to increase your productivity, I really think keyboard shortcuts are where it’s at.

I know when I first started typing, I preferred using the toolbar, assuming it only took a second to click something. While that’s true, it adds up. When you start getting used to keyboard shortcuts, suddenly things happen almost instantly and you can just keep working. Plus, if you use a laptop without a mouse, it takes a lot longer to move the mousepad and click on a toolbar, so keyboard shortcuts seriously become your new best friend.

Here are the 5 keyboard shortcuts I personally use and find the most helpful:

Ctrl+Z – This is probably the keyboard shortcut I use the most when I’m writing. We all make little typing mistakes, especially when we’re trying to type as fast as possible. A super easy and quick way to erase the last error you made is to do Ctrl+Z. This will erase the last string of words you types, whether in Microsoft Word, WordPress, or directly in your email software. Sometimes I will be trying to select a sentence of text to move it or get rid of it, and I will accidentally click the wrong place, and it rearranges the entire sentence. It is soooo annoying. But if you Ctrl+Z, it is a lot easier to correct and start again.

Ctrl+X – I’m sure many people use this one, but it is definitely worth listing for those of you who don’t know about it. I use Ctrl+X quite often, as it will cut any text you select, so that you can Ctrl+V to paste it somewhere else. I also remember the days when I would try to copy/paste text, then have to go back to the original placement for that text and delete it. Don’t waste the time! This really improves your flow and once you use it a few times, it just becomes automatic where you’re not trying to remember the command.

Ctrl+S – Ctrl+S is for Saving your current document. I use it in Microsoft Word, but I’m sure it applied to other word processing programs as well. Yes, it probably doesn’t take that long to click on the little Save icon, but I still prefer using the keyboard shortcut. I can save the document in the middle of working on something just in case my computer poops out on me and I don’t want to lose my work, plus when I’m done, it is super quick to save it and move onto the next one.

Shift+Enter – These next two keyboard shortcuts are more for WordPress and other online usage, not necessarily writing something in a word processing program, but I do use them in Word sometimes. With Shift+Enter, what it is going to do is allow you to move to the next line, but without a space.

Sometimes if you copy/paste text from Word to an email, or say a WordPress blog to Microsoft Word, the spacing is off. Even if you mess around with spacing in Word, it can be time consuming. If when you press enter, there is too big of a space between the lines, just Shift+Enter, and they will be closer together. When adding a product, I use it pretty often if I’m doing a list or in the short product description.

Shift+Tab – This is going to be most useful when you are entering information in a form online. But I think it applies since productivity is about doing things as quickly and efficiently as you can. What Shift+Tab does is go back to the entry you were previously on. For example, if you are filling out a form, and don’t want to click to each box in order to enter information, you can just hit Tab to move to the next box. Now if you made an error in the box you were last in, and don’t want to click on it, just Shift+Tab and it goes back to the last box.

I first started using Shift+Tab when I worked data entry – which I did for about 5 years before freelancing – and holy crap, it was a miracle. I still use it when entering forms online, such as when making online purchases and entering my personal info.

Those are my favorite keyboard shortcuts that really do help with productivity and typing faster. Are there any others that you like to use?



New Journaling Bundle With My Bonus

Want some new journaling PLR? I know I do! In fact, I am going to buy this new Personal Journal Mega Bundle myself. It is from Alice over at ListMagnets, and is seriously an awesome deal.

You get 4 different journals, eCover graphics, and opt-in pages for each one. The journals include:

Goal Setting

For the next 4 days, this pack is less than $10.

My Bonus: If you use my link to buy the journal bundle, you will also get a bonus bundle of journaling PLR content from my store. This includes 40+ pages of content, including:

Journaling PLR Bundle – 15 articles, 5-page report, social media
Journaling For Mental Health – 10 articles
Healthy Habits For Happiness – 10 articles

You are spending less than $10 and getting another $40 worth of content for free. All you have to do is use my link to buy the journaling bundle from ListMagnets, then email me your receipt and I will send over the download link. Easy!

Let me know if you need help or have questions! Happy Journaling!


Get Your Fun Fitness PLR On!


Helloooo Friends

I’m back with another PLR launch on JVZoo.. this type it’s fitness-related. I am actually really excited about this one, because it explores some of those unconventional, non-gym types of workouts. For anyone who has spent hours at the gym and is completely OVER the treadmill, you know why this is so important.

Some of the types of workouts that are covered in this new PLR special are:

Hula hoops
Jump ropes
Mini trampolines
Workout cards
.. and lots more!

The front end/main offer is a package of 20 brand new ‘fun fitness’ PLR articles. You can use these as blog posts, put some of them together into a report, or even turn ALL of them into an eBook. Just use each different exercise as another chapter in the book. They would also work for email autoresponders if you wanted to go that route.

Main Offer – 20 Articles

1. The Benefits of Kayaking For Fitness (440 words)
2. Tips For Kayaking Beginners (416 words)
3. 3 Hula Hoop Exercises to Try Out (470 words)
4. Why You Should Consider Hula Hooping For Fitness (412 words)
5. 3 Ways You Can Use a Jump Rope to Workout (468 words)
6. How to Use a Jump Rope in Your HIIT Routine (439 words)
7. Fun Workout Accessories For Traveling (386 words)
8. What to Look For in an Indoor Trampoline Park (459 words)
9. What is Aerial Yoga? (401 words)
10. Types of Aerial Fitness Routines (475 words)
11. Pool Noodle Water Workouts (394 words)
12. How to Burn the Most Calories in the Water (494 words)
13. 3 Excellent Indoor Trampolines (425 words)
14. Benefits of Working Out With a Hula Hoop (425 words)
15. What is Plyometrics? (402 words)
16. Tips For Starting Plyo Workouts (476 words)
17. Overview of Capoeira (464 words)
18. How Workout Cards Benefit Your Workouts (511 words)
19. What is the Doonya Workout All About? (446 words)
20. Pole Dancing For Fitness: Why You Should Give it a Try (438 words)

Upgrade Offer – 4 Reports, 5 Articles

If you buy the first 20 article pack, then you will get the option to grab the upgrade offer. This includes another 5 articles, this time on Bosu balls and mini trampolines. Then there are 4 reports w/covers. Here are the report topics:

Report #1: No-Equipment Workouts
Report #2: Aerial Yoga 101
Report #3: Fun Water Workouts
Report #4: Outdoor Exercise With Kayaking

If you are interested in the new Fun Fitness PLR special, click here.

Let me know if you have any questions!



Why I Don’t Outsource My PLR Content



I have something different for you today 🙂

It has been about 10 months since I have had my PLR store, but nearly 10 years of freelancing and ghostwriting. So, I thought I would share my perspective on outsourcing, especially in the PLR world.

More than once, I have had emails from new contacts who ask if I outsource my PLR content. The short answer is no. The longer answer is, no, but I’m not ruling it out.

I want to make this very clear: I have no problem with people who choose to go this direction. In my opinion, providing you with PLR, whether I write it myself or not, is still a form of outsourcing. I am writing content you are using for your blog. You are outsourcing this work to me in a way, depending on how you look at it.

I think ‘outsourcing’ has become a dirty word over the years, even though you are essentially just paying someone else for a service.

Why People Choose to Outsource

When you think about PLR providers or anyone else that outsources some of their duties, you have to look at the bigger picture. Unless you also sell PLR, you might not realize everything that is involved. These are the basic steps just for adding one small PLR pack like I have in the store:

  • Brainstorm the topic
  • Come up with article titles
  • Research each article
  • Write the articles
  • Edit/proofread the articles
  • Zip up the content
  • Add it to the store (this involves multiple steps)
  • Write the email

This doesn’t even begin to cover the launches, like those on JVZoo and anything with a sales page. That takes a lot more time, especially with all the extra content that PLR providers often give you.

I think the #1 reason people probably outsource is lack of time. It is not that they don’t want to write or don’t want to do the graphics, but maybe they just don’t have the time. There aren’t always enough work hours in the day to get everything done, and this is going to be different for everyone. We all have our own goals, business plans, personal lives, and schedules.

Aside from that, I think the next most common reason people outsource certain duties is because they know where their skills are, and where they are lacking. They want to provide you with the best content all around, so if they know they can write well, but their marketing skills are a little lacking, they would outsource marketing.

My Thoughts on Outsourcing

Everyone has their own skill set, many of whom are in the same industry. In PLR, there are a lot of different experts. Researching and brainstorming experts, writing experts, editing experts, web experts, graphics experts, and marketing experts.

Someone who is insanely good at marketing might not have the time or the skill set to be a writer, so what? They can pay a good writer to help them, use their marketing skills to sell PLR, and voila. The person who is paying for that PLR gets the same top-quality PLR, regardless of who wrote it.

I know PLR providers that outsource, and those who don’t. They all have fantastic content.

A Unique Perk of Outsourcing

One thing to consider before I tell you why I personally choose not to outsource is that you can get more original PLR content. This is especially true if a PLR provider is using more than one ghostwriter to help them with their content. Instead of having the same style and voice in every piece of content, the content has a little more variety.

If you buy all your blog posts from the same provider, you probably want them all to sound the same, i.e. your voice. But that’s not always the case. Someone with multiple niche blogs wants them to be a little more varied, so when someone is using a ghostwriter, you know there is more variety in the quality of the content itself. This can be a perk.

Why I Don’t Outsource (Yet)

The simple answer to this question is that right now, I’m not interested in outsourcing. But it does get a little more complex than that, and has to do with my personality and where I want my business to go. So here are the main reasons I don’t outsource at this time.

I can write. Am I the best writer? Of course not. There is always someone better. The thing about writing, especially content writing, is that everyone brings something to the table. I happen to have more of a casual, conversational style of writing, which works well for PLR. If that is where my main skills are, it makes sense I would do it myself.

I like to write. It is also something I (mostly) enjoy. There are definitely days where I’m exhausted and stare at a blank screen for hours. But honestly, that is more because I’m overwhelmed with all the other stuff that goes into running a PLR business, and less because of the writing itself.

I have plenty of free time. I’ll be honest with you – I have tons of free time. My only responsibility is having 2 dogs, and they pretty much just do whatever I’m doing. Right now I’m sitting on the couch, and they’re next to me on either side. Easy peasy. At this point in my life, it just makes more sense to me that I would do everything myself if I am capable and am not pushing myself too much.

I want the validation. I need the validation. I crave it. When someone emails me to let me know they liked something I just put out, I want to know I’m the one that created it, wrote it, and and put it all together. I not only don’t want credit for what someone else wrote for me, but I want all this hard work to be validated with something I did with my own brain. It’s just a personality trait (or flaw maybe), and it took me a long time to realize it was something I was constantly looking for.

It makes better financial sense. Naturally, when you outsource, you are cutting your profits. The amount your profits are reduced depends on how much you pay someone to outsource for you. For me, it’s just not something I am willing to compromise for.

So that’s what I think about outsourcing, and why I don’t currently do it 🙂 What do you think about this topic?


PLR Deal: Arthritis PLR + My Herbs For Arthritis Bonus Report


New Arthritis PLR Package With My Free Bonus Herbs For Arthritis PLR Report

If you are in the health niche, you should definitely consider this new Arthritis PLR package! It was released by Kim Phoenix from BuyHealthPLR – who always produces high-quality content. Plus, you will get my bonus ‘Herbs For Arthritis’ PLR report w/cover and the report separated into short articles.

Here is the link to buy the Arthritis PLR pack and get my bonus, or you can keep reading to get all the details.

Summary of the New Arthritis PLR Special:

9,343-word eBook: Living Better With Arthritis
11 new PLR articles about arthritis
1 infographic
27 PowerPoint slides
5 arthritis product reviews
List of arthritis affiliate programs (SO COOL)
5 social media images
The ‘Living Better With Arthritis’ eBook includes the following sections:
How to Protect Your Arthritic Hand Joints
How to Protect the Joints in Your Legs
Assistive Devices, Gadgets, and More Tips to Make Living With Arthritis Better
Home Modifications to Consider For Arthritics
Energy Conservation and Work Simplification Tips and Techniques
It also comes with these new PLR articles:
1. Arthritis is Not Just Physical
2. Arthritis Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Sex Life
3. The Best Sexual Positions For People With Arthritis
4. 5 Helpful Tips For Gardening With Arthritis
5. Hip Replacement Surgery – Important Procedures to Follow
6. Tips For Applying Cosmetics When You Have Arthritis
7. 7 Tips to Deal With the Morning Stiffness Associated With Arthritis
8. Tips For Managing Pain With Medications and Natural Supplements
9. 6 Tips to Help Children Living With Arthritis
10. How to Set Up Your Office Workspace When You Have Arthritis
11. The Connection Between Stress and Your Arthritis
My Bonus Report: Herbs For Arthritis
If you use my link to buy this new Arthritis PLR package, you will get my ‘Herbs For Arthritis’ PLR report for free. This report includes a report cover and the following sections:
5 pages, 1,859 words, 8 sections

1. Aloe Vera
2. Frankincense
3. Oregano
4. Turmeric
5. Rosemary
6. Eucalyptus
7. Ginger
8. Burdock

 Let me know if you have any questions!

New PLR Bundle: Healthy Picnics | Health & Wellness PLR




New Prewritten Articles All About Having a Healthy Picnic

The reason I love this new PLR bundle – aside from the fact that I wrote it 😉 – is because it works for so many different niches! It is great for any home, lifestyle, or family-style blog, along with health blogs. You are not only getting some yummy picnic food ideas, but they are also geared toward being a little healthier.

Summary of the Healthy Picnic PLR Package:

15 PLR Articles
5 ‘Top 5’ Lists
15 Images
15 Tweets
15 Facebook Posts

It comes with everything you need to start adding healthy picnic topics to your blog or list, from the content to the social media posts and images. The ‘Top 5’ lists are perfect when you want to add in even more promotional links.

Take a look at the details of this PLR bundle:

15 Articles on Healthy Picnics

1. Healthy Fruit Dishes to Bring on Your Picnic (408 words)
2. Easy Ways to Pack Veggies (409 words)
3. Mason Jar Picnic Food Ideas (413 words)
4. Picnic-Friendly Low Carb Foods (413 words)
5. Try These Salads For Your Healthy Picnic (410 words)
6. Drinks You Can Bring on a Picnic (403 words)
7. Healthy, Low-Fat Desserts Perfect For a Picnic (428 words)
8. Try Something Different With Wraps and Roll-Ups (417 words)
9. Family-Friendly Picnic Foods (413 words)
10. Ideas For a Healthy and Romantic Picnic (407 words)
11. Vegetarian Picnic Food Ideas (407 words)
12. What to Bring on a Picnic on a Hot Day (404 words)
13. Picnic Foods That Don’t Require Ice Packs (417 words)
14. Nutritious Sandwich Ideas For Your Picnic (405 words)
15. Putting Your Picnic Basket Together (401 words)

5 ‘Top 5’ Lists

1. Mason Jar Products (415 words)
2. Picnic Accessories (507 words)
3. Picnic Baskets (424 words)
4. Picnic Blankets (436 words)
5. Picnic Books (406 words)

You can get this outdoor picnic prewritten article bundle here.


New Meatless PLR | Free Bonus Plant-Based Protein Report


If there is just one health and food trend I have seen everywhere, it is going meatless, i.e. vegetarian or vegan lifestyles.

In case you weren’t aware, ‘meatless’ can be for both vegetarian and vegan diets, while ‘plant-based’ is usually for vegan lifestyles.

Casey over at Tribe Bloom has released an awesome new PLR product with brand new articles, eBook and custom recipes for living a meatless lifestyle. It not encourages vegetarian cuisine for health, but for the environment as well.

Here is a look at what is included in this new package:

15 Going Meatless PLR Articles

How Going Meatless Reduces Heart Disease and Stroke Risk – 713 words
How Going Meatless Reduces Limit Cancer Risk – 726 words
How Ditching Processed Meats Can Fight Diabetes – 711 words
How Going Meatless Can Curb Obesity – 733 words
How Going Meatless Can Improve Digestion – 740 words
How Going Meatless Can Improve The Nutritional Quality of Your Diet – 720 words
How Going Meatless Can Cut Your Weekly Budget – 705 words
How More People Going Meatless Helps To Reduce Fuel Dependence – 704 words
How More People Going Meatless Reduces Greenhouse Gases – 763 word
How More People Going Meatless Minimizes Water Usage – 743 words

Meatless Recipes eBook

There is also a new recipe cookbook with 15 meatless recipes, including:

Broccoli Lattice Tart
Carrot Pudding
Cauliflower Curry
Cheesy Garlic Bread
Krispy Kale Crackers
French Toast
Herby Crusty Bread
Indian Carrot Pudding
Indian Rice Pudding (Kheer)
Paneer Tikka
Pasta Ala Checca
Stuffed Potato Bread
Yogurt Curry
Sweet Chili Sauce

The recipe cookbook is also split up into 15 article documents for you, making it easy to turn them into blog posts or create an email series.

My Bonus: Plant-Based Protein PLR Report

I also have a bonus for you! If you use my link to buy the Meatless PLR package, you will get a free 5-page report called Plant-Based Protein. This is an exclusive report that only those using my link will get. It will never be listed in my PLR store.

The report has the following sections:

1. Chia Seeds
2. Cashews
3. Pumpkin Seeds
4. Black Beans
5. Spinach
6. Avocado
7. Edamame
8. Tofu
9. Wild Rice
10. Almonds
11. Peanut Butter
12. Potatoes
13. Corn
14. Brussels Sprouts
15. Broccoli
16. Spirulina

If you want this plant-based protein report, the only way you can get it is by buying the Meatless PLR package here.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Smoothies For Health – BONUS Articles



Hi Friend!

Ruth just came out with a super duper awesome PLR pack called Superfoods & Smoothies. I love smoothies and i love writing about smoothies, so it made sense that i would put a bonus together for you.

If you purchase her new product with my link, you will get 10 bonus Smoothies For Health PLR articles. These will eventually be added to my store, but for now the only way you get them is a free bonus for this PLR package in particular.

My bonus articles include the following topics:

1. Smoothies For Energy (416 words)
2. Smoothies For Diabetes (402 words)
3. Smoothies For the Cold and Flu (530 words)
4. Smoothies For Arthritis (391 words)
5. Smoothies For Acne (467 words)
6. Smoothies For Fertility (465 words)
7. Smoothies For Indigestion (450 words)
8. Smoothies For High Blood Pressure (442 words)
9. Smoothies For Thyroid Health (431 words)
10. Smoothies For Gut Health (417 words)

Remember you will get these for free if you purchase Ruth’s Superfoods & Smoothies PLR product with my link.

Friday 4/14 PLR Roundup – PLR Deals From the Week

If you’re having trouble keeping track of all the PLR that came out this week, here is a post that lists all my favorite. I am listing the deals from my absolute favorite PLR sellers, all of which provide quality content.

Natural Health PLR Package – Over 50% Off My Content

Yep, I’m starting with my own PLR special. Because I can. I have this PLR special still going on where you get 42 pages of natural health content from my store for less than $15. Plus, the upgrade offer has even more for less.

Low-Carb Cooking Appliances Bundle – Save $18 

My weekly PLR bundle is on Low-Carb Cooking Appliances and is only $7 until the end of Sunday. This is a big savings, and you get 15 articles, a report, report cover, tweets, FB posts, AND social media graphics.

Intro to Crossfit – With My Bonus (WholeFoodPLR)

Rachel from WholeFoodPLR has this new Intro to Crossfit PLR report on sale for just $9.95, and I am offering you any of my PLR bundles for free if you purchase with my link.

Fun & Functional Gardening Report (Niche Starter Packs)

April added another of her PLR reports to her new (updated) store and is discounting it 25% off right now. This one is on gardening, perfect for spring. Use coupon code FLOWERS to save on this.

Buy One, Get One Free PLR (Tribe Bloom)

Tribe Bloom is still having their BOGO sale and adding a new product every day.  Reminder: I am offering any product from my store up to $25 if you use my link.

New Face of Linked In (BuyPLRToday)

I am letting you know about this New Face of Linked In PLR because many of my health subscribers also have other projects related to business, plus I know Sue is a stellar writer and I love letting you know about high-quality PLR. 

Kindle Publishing Super Pack (ListMagnets)

This huge PLR pack is worth $98 and is less than $10 right now, so it’s a huge savings. It is a PLR pack all about publishing different types of books on Kindle.

Starving Candida PLR (Kate Rieger)

Here is another awesome health PLR package that was released this week. Candida is a huge problem right now and a trending health topic, so it’s perfect for any health-related blog or list.

Debt and Credit Damage Control (Tiffany Lambert)

And of course Tiffany just released a Debt and Credit Damage Control PLR pack. Everyone knows her writing is fantastic, plus debt can really impact mental health.

3 Ways to Turn These Fitness PLR Articles Into a Report




I have written blog posts before about turning a PLR report into articles or blog posts (like this one), but I haven’t gone the other direction. I wanted to show you some different ways you can take a list of articles and turn it into a report. I am going to use a specific bundle from my store so that you can see how I came up with these ideas. They will of course be different depending on which set of articles you are using.

My PLR bundle Exercising With Injuries includes 20 PLR articles, which you can definitely use as blog posts or turn some into an autoresponder series. However, you might want to use some of these as a report so you can have a really cool opt-in or upgrade offer.

The following tips are going to give you 3 different options for turning some of these articles into a report.

Option #1: Choose One Type of Exercise For the Report

The first way to combine some of these articles into a report is to choose just one type of exercise you want to cover. Select an exercise that is used in multiple articles for people with injuries, and put them together into a report. For example, swimming is mentioned in 5 different articles. This happens to be the perfect amount for a 5-page report!

The following 5 PLR articles mention swimming as a good exercise for injuries:

  1. Swimming Can Help Most Injuries
  2. Workouts That Are Easy on Your Back
  3. Find New Workouts You Can Do
  4. How to Exercise With an Ankle Injury
  5. Easy Workouts to Get You Moving Again

You can choose what order you want to put them in, and don’t forget to customize the articles so that they are unique for your report. When you are using PLR, you should always change the title, sections, and make some tweaks in the content as well. For these, I would change the titles of each article so that they make sense as ‘sections’ of the report.

Option #2. Choose One Type of Injury to Cover in the Report

Another good option is to choose one type of injury you want to talk about. This might include articles that mention exercising with a knee injury or a hurt back. If you want to go with ankle injuries, these 5 articles all mention this type of injury:

  1. Stretches For Leg and Ankle Injuries
  2. How to Exercise With an Ankle Injury
  3. Seated Workouts You Should Try
  4. Easy Workouts to Get You Moving Again
  5. How to Know When You’re Ready to Exercise

For a different PLR bundle or pack of articles, just look through the list of titles and see which ones seem to go together. That is how I got this idea.

Option #3: Put All of the Injuries Together

For a longer report, you can go a different direction and create a report that mentions different types of injuries. This can be a report that gives your list options for exercising with injuries, where each section covers a different type of injury.

Here are some articles in this bundle that goes over specific injuries:

  1. Exercises That Are Gentle on Your Hips
  2. Exercising With a Hand or Wrist Injury
  3. Fitness Routine to do With a Shoulder Injury
  4. How to Exercise With an Ankle Injury
  5. How to Workout With an Elbow Injury
  6. Keep Exercising Even With a Knee Injury
  7. Workouts That Are Easy on Your Back

For this report, I would title each section with just the type of injury. So, if your report was something like ‘Tips For Exercising With Injuries’, I would title the sections ‘Ankle Injury’, ‘Elbow Injury’, ‘Knee Injury’, etc.

I hope this helped you understand how you can take a long list of articles and turn them into a report 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions!



Natural Healing PLR Club: March is Chronic Pain


Welcome to March! I have the new month’s content ready for the Natural Healing PLR Club.

This month is all about chronic pain, or specifically, Natural Remedies For Chronic Pain.

Here is a summary of what is included this month:

  • 20 PLR Articles About Natural Remedies For Chronic Pain
  • 20 Social Media Graphics – Complement the Articles
  • 5-Page Report: Essential Oils For Chronic Pain
  • 10-Page Report: Dietary Changes For Managing Chronic Pain
  • 10 Autoresponders: 10-Day Lifestyle Challenge For Chronic Pain
  • 5 Product Reviews

If you want to see the details, you can go here, or keep reading.

20 Chronic Pain Relief Articles

  1. How Yoga Helps With Chronic Pain (430 words)
  2. Try These Herbs For Your Chronic Pain (403 words)
  3. Healing Crystals That Can Be Beneficial (405 words)
  4. Why You Should Try Aromatherapy (474 words)
  5. Music Therapy and How it Helps With Chronic Pain (401 words)
  6. Massage Styles and Techniques For Pain (420 words)
  7. The Power of Exercise For Chronic Pain (405 words)
  8. Tips For Taking a Healing Bath (431 words)
  9. What is Heat Therapy? (407 words)
  10. The Link Between Pain and Mental Illness (412 words)
  11. Everyday Tips For Coping With Pain (419 words)
  12. Important Anti-Inflammatory Foods For Chronic Pain (433 words)
  13. Vitamins and Minerals to Help With Chronic Pain (412 words)
  14. Try These Healing Teas (408 words)
  15. How to Help Your Pain-Related Insomnia (438 words)
  16. Lifestyle Changes For Managing the Pain (406 words)
  17. Avoid These Pain Flare Triggers (418 words)
  18. Why Every Chronic Pain Sufferer Should Keep a Journal (411 words)
  19. Ways to Distract Yourself From the Pain (408 words)
  20. Spices That Help With Chronic Pain (404 words)

5-Page Report: Essential Oils For Chronic Pain

5 pages, 10 sections, 2029 words


10-Page Report: Dietary Changes For Managing Chronic Pain

10 pages, 8 sections, 3,984 words

Basic Diet Tips
Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Foods to Avoid
How to Handle Cravings
Diet For Arthritis Pain
Diet For Fibromyalgia
Diet For Crohn’s Disease
Keeping a Food and Pain Journal


10 Autoresponders: Lifestyle Changes For Chronic Pain Challenge

  1. Start a Journal (268 words)
  2. Create an Anti-Inflammatory Grocery List (257 words)
  3. Do Meal Prepping (319 words)
  4. Practice Breathing Exercises (316 words)
  5. Create a New Workout Routine (267 words)
  6. Try to Reduce Your Stress (265 words)
  7. Aim For Getting Better Sleep (414 words)
  8. Get Some Holistic Help For Your Pain (257 words)
  9. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol (314 words)
  10. Join a Support Group (262 words)

5 Product Reviews

  1. Crystal Healing Balancing Set (434 words)
  2. URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser (514 words)
  3. Healing Herbal Teas Paperback (506 words)
  4. Chronic Pain Journal (455 words)
  5. Music Medicine Paperback (470 words)

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