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How to Find Royalty-Free Images for Your Blog

Today, I want to talk about finding royalty-free images from free imaging sites. I personally love Pixabay, so I will be using that as an example.

For my latest Bullet Journaling PLR package, I have graphics and eCovers in there for you, but I did not include royalty-free images. So, I wanted to show you how you can look for them and find the right ones.

These are just some little tricks I personally like to use when just typing in the common keywords isn’t helping me find anything good. I also have some tips specifically for journaling content!

Tip #1: Think Outside the Box When it Comes to Keywords

I think we all know to begin an image search, you type the most literal keyword you can think of. For journal-related content, you probably start with “journal”. Definitely don’t hesitate to do this! However, you will run into a wall at some point in the search results and need to think of some other keywords that are related to journaling in order to bring up those other images.

To find other keywords, start with the ones that are closest to what you are searching for. In the example of journal, this might include:




To continue the search, maybe try an action for the keyword you are looking for. Such as:



You would be surprised how many more results you get just by switching the keywords around a little bit. Just like when you are researchcing your content, you start with the most obvious keyword, then you start thinking of those related to that keyword, and go from there.

Tip #2: Browse Through the User’s Photos

Another way I like to find images on Pixabay (and other imaging sites) is to look for one good image, then click on the User of whoever uploaded it. Often times, they will have other images in a series with that same topic, subject, or style. When you want multiple images of the same type of style, this is one of the easiest ways to find them.

It might take a few tries, but eventually you will have a list of users that have the images you need. This is how I ended up finding good graphics for my sales page that all seemed to go together.

Tip #3: Save Your Favorites for Later

I am always running into images I love, but that aren’t a good fit for what I am currently working on. Don’t scroll past them! I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to go back and find an image, and it took hours of searching before I remembered what keyword I originally used.

Save your favorites! Pixabay allows you to do this easily by just clicking the heart – without ever having to click on the image. I’m sure other free imaging sites have a similar function.

This saves time, and gets you a good collection of images to use for various projects.

Helpful? No? Medium helpful? Okay I’ll take it!

Do You Have to Edit Your PLR?


This blog post is going to address a common question: do you need to edit and customize the PLR you purchase, before you add it to your blog?

The short answer? No. 

When you get private label rights to content (at least mine), I have only a few simple rules. Don’t sell it to anyone else or give them the rights, and don’t put my name on it. How you choose to use it beyond that is completely up to you.

So why edit or customize the PLR? There are a few reasons.

  1. It needs to be relevant to your blog or list. I write in a casual, conversational tone with all of my PLR. That may work perfectly for your blog posts, but you might also want to add a little to it. Perhaps you change some of the wording to first person, add in your own links, or completely change some of the content to be in your own voice. Totally up to you!

Personalizing the PLR is also what is going to make you stand out as an authority on the topic.

Think about when you personally look something up on Google or whichever search engine you prefer. You probably find similar information on more than one website or blog, but you have reasons for choosing one or the other to read.


Sometimes it is a matter of recognizing the sources, but a lot of times it is how the content is written and represented.

  1. You don’t want to get dinged by search engines. I am no internet traffic expert, my experience is in coming up with topics and writing content. But from what I know, if your content is exactly the same from beginning to end as someone else’s (like someone else who used the PLR and didn’t edit it at all), you might get dinged for duplicate content.

This is also why I encourage people to buy exclusive or limited PLR when they can. With less competition, there is a lot less editing that needs to be done.

Are you short on time and need to get the content out ASAP? Try this. 

I know it’s not always possible to do a lot of customizing or rewriting of PLR, which is probably why you choose prewritten content in the first place. But just because you are customizing it for your own needs, does NOT mean you are practically rewriting the entire thing.

It is more about tweaking the content to work for you. 

If it were me and I was short on time, this is what I would do first:

  1. Change the Title – This should only take a few minutes, depending on how unique you want your title to be. But I highly recommend at least changing the blog post title to something that is either more relevant to your blog, or just different what was the original PLR title is.
  2. Rewrite the Intro (or at least first few sentences) – I know intros are tough – in fact, I write them last because they are harder for me to write than the rest of the article. BUT, you don’t have to change the entire thing. At the very least, write your own opening sentence in a blog post or email that relates to you and your blog. It will be a much more personal introduction to the content for your readers.
  3. Write My Own Conclusion– If it were my blog, I would also want to add my own closing paragraph. This might include a link to another related blog post, reminding them to sign up for your email list, or just providing another tips or two related to the topic. Make it personal!
  4. Change the Subheadings– I like to break up my content with subheadings because content is much easier to read that way. You can very easily change them, which is a super fast way to make the content more unique to you.

With just those few things, you have spent maybe 5-10 minutes on editing the content, and can post it on your blog or send your email, and you’re good to go!

I hope this helped answer your question. Let me know if you need any help!



Earn More Money From Your Blog With PLR Cheat Sheets


Jenn here from Health & Wellness PLR. Today, I want to talk to you about using cheat sheets, specifically when you buy cheat sheets as PLR – or prewritten content. These cheat sheets come with private label rights, allowing you to customize them with your own information, but keep you from having to create them from scratch.

Keep reading to find out what cheat sheets are and how to use them for your blog. I also have some awesome ones for you if you are interested in adding content about natural skincare.

What is a Cheat Sheet?

Cheat sheets are essentially fact sheets that provide brief, summarized information of the topic. They become an easy reference for anyone that just wants to look up basic info about a topic without actually reading through a long article or report.

I like to think of them as a bigger version of an infographic – they are very similar, except cheat sheets are usually a page or so long as a document, while infographics are smaller and for visual purposes.


5 Ways to Use Cheat Sheets – How to Use PLR Cheat Sheets to Earn More Money From Your Blog

I highly recommend buying cheat sheets as PLR whenever you can. These provide good templates to start with and all the essential information, but they are always editable, so you can add in your own customization, change the wording, and add your own logos or graphics.

Here are my 5 tips for using PLR cheat sheets:

Tip #1: Use Them as a Free Opt-in Gift – Everyone wants more subscribers, right? You can create a new opt-in page on your blog or site that uses the cheat sheet as incentive. Give it away for free when they sign up for your list.

Tip #2: Give it Away to Your List – If you want to tell your current subscribers about the new content you have on your blog, whether it is a series of blog posts about skincare, or you want to send them to your report or eBook opt-in page, you can give the cheat sheet (s) away as content upgrade.

This gets them to open up your email, and become more interested in the topic.

Tip #3: Create Infographics for Social Media – When you buy cheat sheets that are less than a page long (like the skin condition fact sheets here), they are perfect for converting into infographics.

Once they are turned into graphics, you can then share them on social media, and have them linking to your landing or opt-in pages, or just blog posts about natural skincare products you are trying to promote.

Tip #4: Add Them to eBooks or Reports – Do you want to customize the natural skincare reports or eBooks you just purchased? You can insert one or multiple cheat sheets into this content to make it more unique and increase the length.

I think the skin condition cheat sheets I have in my skincare upgrade PLR package would be perfect for this. You could use each one as a chapter image, since there are 5 chapters in the eBook about these skin conditions.

Tip #5: Promote Products with the Cheat Sheets – Regardless of which method you choose, don’t forget to customize the cheat sheets with your own information, and add affiliate links.

Each one of them mentions products, especially with the first cheat sheet you get (see it here), where you can link to the products mentioned and get some affiliate sales while also providing a valuable resource.

My Natural Skincare Cheat Sheets – All Ready For You to Customize!

In my most recent PLR package, Natural Skincare PLR Special, I have 1 cheat sheet created in the main prewritten content package, with another 5 in the upgrade offer. Here is a preview of these cheat sheets so you get an idea of what they look like:

Choosing Natural Skincare Products – This is the cheat sheet I created for the main product here. This entire PLR package is all about switching to more natural, toxic-free products for skincare and beauty, so I put together a super handy cheat sheet that covers the following:

Toxic Ingredients to Avoid
Derivatives and Preservatives
Natural Skincare Products
Drugstore Natural Skincare Brands
Additional Tips

Skin Condition Fact Sheets – Then for the upgrade here, which is about chronic and common skin conditions, I included 5 fact sheets about each skin condition I covered, which are rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and seborrheic dermatitis. These have the following sections:

What the Skin Condition is
The Risk Factors
Common Triggers
What it Looks Like
How to Manage it

I hope this helped you understand prewritten cheat sheets a little better! They are a great tool for earning more from your blog, whether you are selling content packages, getting more subscribers, or promoting products with them.


3 Ways to Use the Apple Cider Vinegar PLR Report

New PLR Report: Apple Cider Vinegar

I have a new PLR report in the store all about Apple Cider Vinegar. I am really excited about this one because not only do I think it can be helpful and has tons of uses, but I have started adding ACV to my life as well. I know your readers will enjoy the health benefits.

This is an 8-page report with 7 sections and 2,945 words. It goes over the basics of ACV, plus the health benefits, and a lot of different ways you can use it. I wanted to give you some options for how to use this report, but first here is what you get in the report:

1. The Health Benefits of ACV
2. Beauty Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar
3. How Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help With Weight Loss
4. Easy Smoothie Recipes With ACV
5. How to Detox Your Body With Apple Cider Vinegar
6. Salad Dressings That Use Apple Cider Vinegar
7. What to Add to Your Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks

3 Ways to Use This Report

I love writing PLR reports because they have so many uses. You can use them as a content upgrade to get more email subscribers, or just give them away as a nice gift for your current subscribers. Here are three more options:

  1. Turn it Into a Blog Series

The first thing you can do is break up the report into its 7 sections, and use each of these sections as a different blog post. I would keep the first section as the first blog post, which introduces your readers to ACV and its benefits, but the rest you can choose the order.

  1. Incorporate an Email Series

Another way to use the sections individually is to do an email series instead. The other option is to do the blog series, then incorporate emails for each blog post that correspond with it, and also get people to go over and click on the posts. For example, when talking about detoxing your body with apple cider vinegar (section 5), the email that day can be about different natural ways to detox your body, then link to the ACV blog post.

  1. Add it to a Natural Health eBook

If you want to create something a little more substantial, take this report and turn it into one chapter in a book all about natural health remedies.

As you can see, there is a lot you can do with this one!

Click here to grab the Apple Cider Vinegar PLR report.


Natural PLR Membership (June): Outdoor Health



Happy June! My PLR membership, Natural Healing PLR Club, provides new natural health PLR every single month.

Since it’s June and just a couple weeks from summer, I decided to do a summer-related theme. The topic for June is ‘Outdoor Health’. It talks about natural health options and remedies for all those outdoor activities you are going to participate in.

It covers things like camping and hiking, sunburns and sun protection, herbs and essential oils to use for the outdoors like making your own bug spray, natural first aid kit, and lots more.

Summary of the Content:

20 Articles
20 Social Media Graphics
Short Report: Natural Sunburn and Sun Protection
Long Report: How to Make a Natural First Aid Kit
10 Autoresponders: Staying Healthy on Your Hike
5 Product Reviews

20 Article Topics:

1 Natural Ways to Avoid Mosquito Bites (409 words)
2. What You Can Do About Bugs on the Trails (405 words)
3. Snake Bites 101: Natural Remedies (416 words)
4. Make These Natural Bug Repellents (416 words)
5. How to Ease Your Seasonal Allergies (407 words)
6. Simple Ways to Protect Your Skin Outdoors (410 words)
7. Natural Ways to Help With Sunburn Pain (418 words)
8. Try Some of These Natural Salve Sunburn Remedies (401 words)
9. How to Put Together a Natural First Aid Kit (403 words)
10. Ticks: Know How to Spot Them and Remove Them From the Skin (439 words)
11. What to do About Blisters (400 words)
12. Natural Remedies For Cuts and Scrapes (409 words)
13. Become Familiar With These Summer Healing Plants (405 words)
14. Natural Antibacterial Sources (413 words)
15. Keep These Antibiotic Herbs Around (400 words)
16. 4 Ways to Use Aloe For the Skin (402 words)
17. Make Your Own Sunburn Products (413 words)
18. What to Look Out For While Hiking (435 words)
19. Essential Oils That Help With Burns and Scrapes (411 words)
20. How to Treat Your Own Sprain While Hiking or Camping (407 words)

Short Report: Natural Sunburn and Sun Protection

5 pages, 5 sections, 1,973 words

1 Ingredients For Natural Sunscreen
2. Essential Oils to Help Relieve Your Sunburn
3. Soothe a Burn With These Herbs
4. After-Sun Relief Sprays and Gels
5. Additional Remedies For Sunburn Relief

Long Report: How to Make a Natural First Aid Kit

10 pages, 9 sections, 3,207 words

1 Add Medicinal Herbs
2. Don’t Forget the Essential Oils
3. Include Your Homemade Balms and Creams
4. Why You Need Apple Cider Vinegar
5. Include Activated Charcoal
6. The Magic of Arnica in the First Aid Kit
7. Peroxide and Epsom Salt
8. Additional Essentials You Need
9. Put it All Together

Autoresponders: Staying Healthy on Your Hike

Day 1. Start Slow With Your Hikes (282 words)
Day 2. Don’t Forget Water and Snacks (257 words)
Day 3. Put Together a Natural First Aid Kit (255 words)
Day 4. Don’t Forget the Bug Spray! (241 words)
Day 5. Avoid These Dangerous Plants (264 words)
Day 6. Get Into Shape For Hiking (252 words)
Day 7. Prepare For Hot Weather (265 words)
Day 8. Follow These Tips to Prevent Injuries (290 words)
Day 9. Learn Some Survival Basics (282 words)
Day 10. Join a Hiking Group (252 words)

Product Reviews

1 Juvitus Clear Plastic Jars (406 words)
2. Amara Organics Aloe Vera Gel (401 words)
3. ArtNaturals Aromatherapy Essential Oils (406 words)
4. Sun Bum Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion (395 words)
5. bMaker Botanicals Flower Kit (368 words)

5 Ways to Use the Superfoods PLR Bundle



Hi Guys!

I recently launched my new Superfoods For Health PLR bundle (here), which has 5 brand new reports in the main offer, then another 5 reports, 20 articles, and 5 product reviews in the upgrade offer.

This bundle will soon be available in my PLR store, but you save more than 50% just by grabbing it now while I have the special running.

I wanted to show you some different ways you can use superfoods PLR to promote various types of products, so you can see just how awesome this package is!

  1. Use the Superfoods Reports as Upgrades

When I started planning out this Superfoods For Health PLR package, I decided early on that I wanted to do mostly reports. It made sense, since I wanted to cover different health conditions that could benefit from adding more superfoods into your diet.

The great thing about reports is that you can use them as-is, with a little editing, and give them away to your list as content upgrades. This can either be as a free gift for signing up to your list, or an extra freebie for your current list.

Tip: Put together a few reports for an extra-big content upgrade to encourage more sign-ups. For example, the Superfoods For Weight Loss and Superfoods For Beauty reports would go great together as a ‘self-improvement’ type of report.

  1. Create an Email Series With the Reports

Another way you can get your email subs engaged is by creating a new email series that uses the superfoods reports.

Here is a list of the report topics you get with the main offer:

Superfoods For Adults & Children
Superfoods For Weight Loss
Superfoods For Beauty
Superfoods For Diabetes
Superfoods For Mental Health

And 5 more reports included in the upgrade offer:

Superfoods For Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
Superfoods For Brain Health
Superfoods For Joints & Bones
Superfoods For Crohn’s Disease
Superfoods For Pets

You will even have 20 articles that go over superfoods topics like:

Colon Health

This gives you a lot of content to work with. You can get more subscribers by telling them you will be having an email series all about healthy ways to use superfoods, plus this encourages current subs to open more of your emails. It’s a win-win!

  1. Create a Blog Series

An email series isn’t the only way to use this superfoods PLR content; you can also do a blog series. This is great because with blog posts, you are working on your keywords and SEO to get more organic traffic, plus you are sending your list to your blog where you might be able to promote more products. People that find your blog organically or through social media might then want to sign up for your list.

I personally recommend using some of the content for the blog series, then having the rest of the content in an email series. This gets people looking at the blog and signing up for your list.

  1. Break Up the Reports into Blog Posts

If you like the topics covered in the Superfoods For Health PLR package, but you don’t have a use for reports, don’t worry! It is very easy to take a report and turn it into a blog post. This post talks about the basics of doing this, but these reports are a little different.

You have a few options:

Turn the entire report into a long blog post – Each of these reports has about 10-15 superfoods to be used for that health condition, so the easiest thing to do is just create one extra-long blog post. This is going to give you a lot of SEO potential, but be aware the post will be very long. When editing the reports so they are unique and work for your specific angle, you should be able to trim them down a little if needed.

Break up the report into 2-4 parts – Another option is to take the list of superfoods for the report you like and break up the list into 2-4 parts. You can create a short email series with Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 or Volume 1, 2, and 3, depending on how you want to do it.

Use the reports with multiple sections – There are a couple reports that don’t just have a list of superfoods, but are broken up into 2-3 sections. This includes the Superfoods For Adults & Children, Superfoods For Pets, and Superfoods For Mental Health reports. You can use those sections as separate blog posts.

  1. Create an eBook With the Reports

The final suggestion I have for you is to turn most or all of the superfoods content you get into an eBook. With the main offer, you are getting 25 pages of content, then another 50 pages of content with the upgrade offer. This is an excellent start to an eBook all about using superfoods for health! Of course, due to restrictions, you can’t sell it on Amazon, but it would be an awesome content upgrade or something to sell right on your blog.

I hope this helps you see how many ways there are to use this fun, trending topic! Let me know if you have any questions.




Natural Healing PLR Club: March is Chronic Pain


Welcome to March! I have the new month’s content ready for the Natural Healing PLR Club.

This month is all about chronic pain, or specifically, Natural Remedies For Chronic Pain.

Here is a summary of what is included this month:

  • 20 PLR Articles About Natural Remedies For Chronic Pain
  • 20 Social Media Graphics – Complement the Articles
  • 5-Page Report: Essential Oils For Chronic Pain
  • 10-Page Report: Dietary Changes For Managing Chronic Pain
  • 10 Autoresponders: 10-Day Lifestyle Challenge For Chronic Pain
  • 5 Product Reviews

If you want to see the details, you can go here, or keep reading.

20 Chronic Pain Relief Articles

  1. How Yoga Helps With Chronic Pain (430 words)
  2. Try These Herbs For Your Chronic Pain (403 words)
  3. Healing Crystals That Can Be Beneficial (405 words)
  4. Why You Should Try Aromatherapy (474 words)
  5. Music Therapy and How it Helps With Chronic Pain (401 words)
  6. Massage Styles and Techniques For Pain (420 words)
  7. The Power of Exercise For Chronic Pain (405 words)
  8. Tips For Taking a Healing Bath (431 words)
  9. What is Heat Therapy? (407 words)
  10. The Link Between Pain and Mental Illness (412 words)
  11. Everyday Tips For Coping With Pain (419 words)
  12. Important Anti-Inflammatory Foods For Chronic Pain (433 words)
  13. Vitamins and Minerals to Help With Chronic Pain (412 words)
  14. Try These Healing Teas (408 words)
  15. How to Help Your Pain-Related Insomnia (438 words)
  16. Lifestyle Changes For Managing the Pain (406 words)
  17. Avoid These Pain Flare Triggers (418 words)
  18. Why Every Chronic Pain Sufferer Should Keep a Journal (411 words)
  19. Ways to Distract Yourself From the Pain (408 words)
  20. Spices That Help With Chronic Pain (404 words)

5-Page Report: Essential Oils For Chronic Pain

5 pages, 10 sections, 2029 words


10-Page Report: Dietary Changes For Managing Chronic Pain

10 pages, 8 sections, 3,984 words

Basic Diet Tips
Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Foods to Avoid
How to Handle Cravings
Diet For Arthritis Pain
Diet For Fibromyalgia
Diet For Crohn’s Disease
Keeping a Food and Pain Journal


10 Autoresponders: Lifestyle Changes For Chronic Pain Challenge

  1. Start a Journal (268 words)
  2. Create an Anti-Inflammatory Grocery List (257 words)
  3. Do Meal Prepping (319 words)
  4. Practice Breathing Exercises (316 words)
  5. Create a New Workout Routine (267 words)
  6. Try to Reduce Your Stress (265 words)
  7. Aim For Getting Better Sleep (414 words)
  8. Get Some Holistic Help For Your Pain (257 words)
  9. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol (314 words)
  10. Join a Support Group (262 words)

5 Product Reviews

  1. Crystal Healing Balancing Set (434 words)
  2. URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser (514 words)
  3. Healing Herbal Teas Paperback (506 words)
  4. Chronic Pain Journal (455 words)
  5. Music Medicine Paperback (470 words)

If you are already a member, you should have gotten an email with your download link. If not, email me at jmagnesi at gmail dot com and I will get it right over to you.

You can sign up for the PLR membership here if you haven’t yet.

Coconut Oil PLR Upgrade: The Reports

Hello Everyone!

My Coconut Oil PLR Package is doing great so far. It includes 20 articles, 20 social media graphics, and 5 product reviews for less than $10!

When you purchase this package, you will get a special offer with an upgrade. This includes even more coconut oil PLR content, including the following:

11-Page Report: Heal Your Body With Coconut Oil
10-Page Report: How to Use Coconut Oil in the Home
10-Page Report: Guide to Adding Coconut OIl to Your Diet
10 Beauty Coconut Oil Articles
10 Social Media Graphics
7 Autoresponders: Cooking With Coconut Oil

The Reports

I wanted to give you an inside look into the topics included for each of the reports. Please note: if you missed this the first time around, let me know and I will get you a link to the upgrade offer.

Report #1: Heal Your Body With Coconut Oil

11 pages, 8 sections, 3,308 words

Includes images and report cover


  1. Osteoporosis
  2. Infections
  3. Cardiovascular Health
  4. Digestion
  5. Brain Function
  6. Type 2 Diabetes
  7. Inflammation
  8. Skin Conditions

Report #2: How to Use Coconut Oil in the Home

10 pages, 8 sections, 3,637 words

Includes images and report cover


  1. Remove Sticky Labels From New Products
  2. Season Your Cast Iron Skillet
  3. Remove Stains From Clothing and Linens
  4. Wash Your Floors and Walls
  5. Moisturize Leather
  6. Polish Your Furniture
  7. Line the Bottom of Kitty Litter Pans
  8. Make a Natural Laundry Detergent

Report #3: Guide to Adding Coconut Oil to Your Diet

10 pages, 8 sections, 3,309 words

Includes images and report cover


  1. Add it to Your Drinks
  2. Cook With Coconut Oil
  3. Use Coconut Oil for Flavoring
  4. Bake With Coconut Oil
  5. Make Healthier Fried Foods
  6. Add it to Soup and Chili
  7. Take it by the Spoonful
  8. Tips for Storing Your Coconut Oil

Let me know if you previously ordered the main PLR package, but missed the upgrade offer. I am happy to provide you with a link.

How to Use the Dry Skin Brushing PLR



A couple weeks ago, I was looking up natural remedies for improving your skin, and I came across dry skin brushing. I haven’t actually tried this before, but it looked interesting. Then I thought it might be good as PLR for anyone with an audience interesting in natural remedies. It isn’t just good for your skin, but the act of brushing the skin with a dry (soft bristled) brush can relieve stress and has a host of other benefits.

The PLR pack I put in the store includes the following 5 article topics:

What is Dry Skin Brushing? (473 words)
Benefits of Dry Brushing (406 words)
How to Do Dry Skin Brushing (462 words)
When to Do Dry Skin Brushing (428 words)
Important Skin Brushing Tips (541 words)

Ideas For Using This Pack

There are a few ways I thought you could use this PLR pack. The first way is to use the articles for posts on your blog. You can either do a blog series, where you post one article on each day of the week Monday through Friday, or you can combine some of them together into just 2-3 longer blog posts.

Another option is to create a report, which is perfect if you like to promote natural health remedies. Make a short report with these articles or add some sections about DIY bath bombs or include some essential oils that would be perfect for a bath after doing the dry skin brushing routine. You can turn it into an entire Bathtime Natural Remedy Ritual.

Don’t forget about the email options. Similar to blog posts, you can use each article for a separate email in a series, or throw them all into a single email all about dry skin brushing.

Dry Skin Brushes to Promote

Here are a few high-rated brushes I found on Amazon you could promote. Of course, if you like to use another affiliate program that includes Target and Walmart, they definitely have some as well. (these are not affiliate links; just providing some good products for you to promote)




Let me know if you have any more questions about the Dry Skin Brushing PLR Pack or how it can be used!



Just Added: Lifetime Membership to Health & Wellness PLR



Hello Friends,

As you can see, Health & Wellness PLR is growing fast and adding new content on a regular basis. I thought this was a great time to start a Lifetime Membership. It is going to give you the opportunity to get access to everything in the PLR store now and forever. Here is a look inside what you get.

What the Lifetime Membership Is

As you can see, Health & Wellness PLR is growing fast and adding new content on a regular basis. I thought this was a great time to start a Lifetime Membership. It is going to give you the opportunity to get access to everything in the PLR store now and forever. Here is a look inside what you get.

Perks of Buying the Lifetime Membership:

  • You don’t have to wait for products to go on sale to get access.
  • You never have to use another coupon code again.
  • Products are always available to you, with unlimited downloads.
  • Free PLR is also listed on the membership page, making it easier to access them.

Why Should You Buy the Lifetime Membership Pass?

Easy, you save money! And I mean a lot of money. It not only gives you access to everything in the store now, but everything I release in the future. If you have been a subscriber for a while, you know that i release content regularly, so it really is a major savings.

The membership includes the big weekly bundles and full-content funnels as well. The free PLR is also listed on the membership page, so don’t worry about adding those to your cart and going through the whole checkout process. It is easier to grab them when you have the membership.

The price will go up. Another important reason to buy the Lifetime Membership now is because the price is going to go up. This is an introductory price that is only available for a limited time, so you save more now than you ever will in the future.

The Lifetime Membership product page has an FAQ that should answer any questions you might have, but definitely let me know if there is anything else you are curious or confused about!