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Healthy Meal Planning PLR + My 61-Page Bonus


Get my 61-page bonus with this brand new Healthy Meal Planning PLR bundle.

I’m back with another big bonus for you! Ruth from Content Shortcuts has a new PLR special that was just launched this morning. It is all about healthy meal planning, which is great timing because summer is already half over! This is the time to start planning for the fall when the kids are back in school and you have busier work days. Now, your list can learn how to plan and prep their meals ahead of time, not only saving time and money, but helping them to stick to their healthy eating as well.

I am offering a bonus that includes (5) packs and bundles totaling 61 pages of content, as well as images and social media posts. But first, here is what you will get with Ruth’s Healthy Meal Planning bundle:

Healthy Meal Planning & Prep Report
Editable eCovers
Royalty-Free Images
Social Media Graphics
Meal Planning Checklist
Bonus Report: 6 Meal Planning Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

This bundle is only $7 right now, but it is on a dimesale, so the price will continue to go up as more sales come in. The sooner you buy, the more you save.

My Bonus


Now for the bonus! You will get the following content from my Health & Wellness PLR store if you use my link:

Paleo Meal Planning PLR Pack – 10 articles, grocery list, product suggestions (to promote)
Healthy Meal Planning PLR Bundle – 15 articles, 5-page report, images, social media posts
Vegetarian PLR Bundle – 15 articles, 6-page report, images, social media posts
Autumn Harvest Cooking PLR Pack – 10 articles
Grow Your Own Food PLR Bundle – 15 articles, 5-page report, images, social media posts

That is a lot of content to add to the healthy meal planning special you are getting from Ruth, all for less than $10.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Why I Love Coloring Books for the Social Anxiety Niche


Yesterday, I told you about my brand new product, Social Anxiety. I know I have mentioned it before, but as someone with social anxiety (and 2 other anxiety disorders, and depression), I feel like I have a good handle on it. Like.. I’m not going to be making small talk with strangers any time soon, but I no longer feel like my heart might explode every time I walk outside.


In terms of what you can promote with this niche, there is TONS. Books, fidget toys (fidget spinners anyone?), sketchbooks. But my personal favorite is coloring. I remember making a joke about wanting to hide in a fort with a coloring book whenever I got anxious. I’m super pissed I’m not being credited for inventing the adult coloring book and the rise of fort popularity. Oh well, moving on.

Here are 3 reasons I love coloring books for social anxiety (and why you should promote them):

1. It is the Perfect Mindless Distraction From Panic. A lot of times, people with social anxiety don’t just get anxious feelings and panic attacks during the actual social situation, but before. You know you are about to go out to a busy restaurant or for some people, just go outside with people, and it is terrifying. This creates a lot of anxiety before you step outside your front door. Coloring books are awesome for relaxing you.

2. Coloring Books Are Convenient. This is why I think you should promote them, and why I have tons of them at home. They’re easy to find, relatively inexpensive, usually small enough for most purses and handbags, even thin enough to fit in your laptop case. You don’t need much aside from some colored pencils (or crayons if you want to be super old school), and you’re good to go.

3. They Give You Something to do in Social Situations. This is what I personally think is the best part about them, and what people without social anxiety don’t realize. When you are caught in a social situation you don’t want to be in, like on the train or a packed airplane, you don’t want to make small talk. You don’t want to constantly pretend like you’re checking your phone even though you’re not. You just want to hide in your safe little bubble and ignore everyone. COLORING IS PERFECT FOR THIS.

The adult coloring book phenomenon is the best thing to ever happen for people with anxiety. I’m not above using the Frozen coloring book I “borrowed” from my neighbor’s kid, but I also like to pretend I at least have my sh*t somewhat together. If you have a coloring book that says ADULT on it, that counts right?

Check out my new Social Anxiety PLR Special if you haven’t yet.



New PLR Bundle: Healthy Picnics | Health & Wellness PLR




New Prewritten Articles All About Having a Healthy Picnic

The reason I love this new PLR bundle – aside from the fact that I wrote it 😉 – is because it works for so many different niches! It is great for any home, lifestyle, or family-style blog, along with health blogs. You are not only getting some yummy picnic food ideas, but they are also geared toward being a little healthier.

Summary of the Healthy Picnic PLR Package:

15 PLR Articles
5 ‘Top 5’ Lists
15 Images
15 Tweets
15 Facebook Posts

It comes with everything you need to start adding healthy picnic topics to your blog or list, from the content to the social media posts and images. The ‘Top 5’ lists are perfect when you want to add in even more promotional links.

Take a look at the details of this PLR bundle:

15 Articles on Healthy Picnics

1. Healthy Fruit Dishes to Bring on Your Picnic (408 words)
2. Easy Ways to Pack Veggies (409 words)
3. Mason Jar Picnic Food Ideas (413 words)
4. Picnic-Friendly Low Carb Foods (413 words)
5. Try These Salads For Your Healthy Picnic (410 words)
6. Drinks You Can Bring on a Picnic (403 words)
7. Healthy, Low-Fat Desserts Perfect For a Picnic (428 words)
8. Try Something Different With Wraps and Roll-Ups (417 words)
9. Family-Friendly Picnic Foods (413 words)
10. Ideas For a Healthy and Romantic Picnic (407 words)
11. Vegetarian Picnic Food Ideas (407 words)
12. What to Bring on a Picnic on a Hot Day (404 words)
13. Picnic Foods That Don’t Require Ice Packs (417 words)
14. Nutritious Sandwich Ideas For Your Picnic (405 words)
15. Putting Your Picnic Basket Together (401 words)

5 ‘Top 5’ Lists

1. Mason Jar Products (415 words)
2. Picnic Accessories (507 words)
3. Picnic Baskets (424 words)
4. Picnic Blankets (436 words)
5. Picnic Books (406 words)

You can get this outdoor picnic prewritten article bundle here.


5 Ways to Use the Superfoods PLR Bundle



Hi Guys!

I recently launched my new Superfoods For Health PLR bundle (here), which has 5 brand new reports in the main offer, then another 5 reports, 20 articles, and 5 product reviews in the upgrade offer.

This bundle will soon be available in my PLR store, but you save more than 50% just by grabbing it now while I have the special running.

I wanted to show you some different ways you can use superfoods PLR to promote various types of products, so you can see just how awesome this package is!

  1. Use the Superfoods Reports as Upgrades

When I started planning out this Superfoods For Health PLR package, I decided early on that I wanted to do mostly reports. It made sense, since I wanted to cover different health conditions that could benefit from adding more superfoods into your diet.

The great thing about reports is that you can use them as-is, with a little editing, and give them away to your list as content upgrades. This can either be as a free gift for signing up to your list, or an extra freebie for your current list.

Tip: Put together a few reports for an extra-big content upgrade to encourage more sign-ups. For example, the Superfoods For Weight Loss and Superfoods For Beauty reports would go great together as a ‘self-improvement’ type of report.

  1. Create an Email Series With the Reports

Another way you can get your email subs engaged is by creating a new email series that uses the superfoods reports.

Here is a list of the report topics you get with the main offer:

Superfoods For Adults & Children
Superfoods For Weight Loss
Superfoods For Beauty
Superfoods For Diabetes
Superfoods For Mental Health

And 5 more reports included in the upgrade offer:

Superfoods For Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
Superfoods For Brain Health
Superfoods For Joints & Bones
Superfoods For Crohn’s Disease
Superfoods For Pets

You will even have 20 articles that go over superfoods topics like:

Colon Health

This gives you a lot of content to work with. You can get more subscribers by telling them you will be having an email series all about healthy ways to use superfoods, plus this encourages current subs to open more of your emails. It’s a win-win!

  1. Create a Blog Series

An email series isn’t the only way to use this superfoods PLR content; you can also do a blog series. This is great because with blog posts, you are working on your keywords and SEO to get more organic traffic, plus you are sending your list to your blog where you might be able to promote more products. People that find your blog organically or through social media might then want to sign up for your list.

I personally recommend using some of the content for the blog series, then having the rest of the content in an email series. This gets people looking at the blog and signing up for your list.

  1. Break Up the Reports into Blog Posts

If you like the topics covered in the Superfoods For Health PLR package, but you don’t have a use for reports, don’t worry! It is very easy to take a report and turn it into a blog post. This post talks about the basics of doing this, but these reports are a little different.

You have a few options:

Turn the entire report into a long blog post – Each of these reports has about 10-15 superfoods to be used for that health condition, so the easiest thing to do is just create one extra-long blog post. This is going to give you a lot of SEO potential, but be aware the post will be very long. When editing the reports so they are unique and work for your specific angle, you should be able to trim them down a little if needed.

Break up the report into 2-4 parts – Another option is to take the list of superfoods for the report you like and break up the list into 2-4 parts. You can create a short email series with Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 or Volume 1, 2, and 3, depending on how you want to do it.

Use the reports with multiple sections – There are a couple reports that don’t just have a list of superfoods, but are broken up into 2-3 sections. This includes the Superfoods For Adults & Children, Superfoods For Pets, and Superfoods For Mental Health reports. You can use those sections as separate blog posts.

  1. Create an eBook With the Reports

The final suggestion I have for you is to turn most or all of the superfoods content you get into an eBook. With the main offer, you are getting 25 pages of content, then another 50 pages of content with the upgrade offer. This is an excellent start to an eBook all about using superfoods for health! Of course, due to restrictions, you can’t sell it on Amazon, but it would be an awesome content upgrade or something to sell right on your blog.

I hope this helps you see how many ways there are to use this fun, trending topic! Let me know if you have any questions.




Friday 4/14 PLR Roundup – PLR Deals From the Week

If you’re having trouble keeping track of all the PLR that came out this week, here is a post that lists all my favorite. I am listing the deals from my absolute favorite PLR sellers, all of which provide quality content.

Natural Health PLR Package – Over 50% Off My Content

Yep, I’m starting with my own PLR special. Because I can. I have this PLR special still going on where you get 42 pages of natural health content from my store for less than $15. Plus, the upgrade offer has even more for less.

Low-Carb Cooking Appliances Bundle – Save $18 

My weekly PLR bundle is on Low-Carb Cooking Appliances and is only $7 until the end of Sunday. This is a big savings, and you get 15 articles, a report, report cover, tweets, FB posts, AND social media graphics.

Intro to Crossfit – With My Bonus (WholeFoodPLR)

Rachel from WholeFoodPLR has this new Intro to Crossfit PLR report on sale for just $9.95, and I am offering you any of my PLR bundles for free if you purchase with my link.

Fun & Functional Gardening Report (Niche Starter Packs)

April added another of her PLR reports to her new (updated) store and is discounting it 25% off right now. This one is on gardening, perfect for spring. Use coupon code FLOWERS to save on this.

Buy One, Get One Free PLR (Tribe Bloom)

Tribe Bloom is still having their BOGO sale and adding a new product every day.  Reminder: I am offering any product from my store up to $25 if you use my link.

New Face of Linked In (BuyPLRToday)

I am letting you know about this New Face of Linked In PLR because many of my health subscribers also have other projects related to business, plus I know Sue is a stellar writer and I love letting you know about high-quality PLR. 

Kindle Publishing Super Pack (ListMagnets)

This huge PLR pack is worth $98 and is less than $10 right now, so it’s a huge savings. It is a PLR pack all about publishing different types of books on Kindle.

Starving Candida PLR (Kate Rieger)

Here is another awesome health PLR package that was released this week. Candida is a huge problem right now and a trending health topic, so it’s perfect for any health-related blog or list.

Debt and Credit Damage Control (Tiffany Lambert)

And of course Tiffany just released a Debt and Credit Damage Control PLR pack. Everyone knows her writing is fantastic, plus debt can really impact mental health.

Natural Healing PLR Club: March is Chronic Pain


Welcome to March! I have the new month’s content ready for the Natural Healing PLR Club.

This month is all about chronic pain, or specifically, Natural Remedies For Chronic Pain.

Here is a summary of what is included this month:

  • 20 PLR Articles About Natural Remedies For Chronic Pain
  • 20 Social Media Graphics – Complement the Articles
  • 5-Page Report: Essential Oils For Chronic Pain
  • 10-Page Report: Dietary Changes For Managing Chronic Pain
  • 10 Autoresponders: 10-Day Lifestyle Challenge For Chronic Pain
  • 5 Product Reviews

If you want to see the details, you can go here, or keep reading.

20 Chronic Pain Relief Articles

  1. How Yoga Helps With Chronic Pain (430 words)
  2. Try These Herbs For Your Chronic Pain (403 words)
  3. Healing Crystals That Can Be Beneficial (405 words)
  4. Why You Should Try Aromatherapy (474 words)
  5. Music Therapy and How it Helps With Chronic Pain (401 words)
  6. Massage Styles and Techniques For Pain (420 words)
  7. The Power of Exercise For Chronic Pain (405 words)
  8. Tips For Taking a Healing Bath (431 words)
  9. What is Heat Therapy? (407 words)
  10. The Link Between Pain and Mental Illness (412 words)
  11. Everyday Tips For Coping With Pain (419 words)
  12. Important Anti-Inflammatory Foods For Chronic Pain (433 words)
  13. Vitamins and Minerals to Help With Chronic Pain (412 words)
  14. Try These Healing Teas (408 words)
  15. How to Help Your Pain-Related Insomnia (438 words)
  16. Lifestyle Changes For Managing the Pain (406 words)
  17. Avoid These Pain Flare Triggers (418 words)
  18. Why Every Chronic Pain Sufferer Should Keep a Journal (411 words)
  19. Ways to Distract Yourself From the Pain (408 words)
  20. Spices That Help With Chronic Pain (404 words)

5-Page Report: Essential Oils For Chronic Pain

5 pages, 10 sections, 2029 words


10-Page Report: Dietary Changes For Managing Chronic Pain

10 pages, 8 sections, 3,984 words

Basic Diet Tips
Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Foods to Avoid
How to Handle Cravings
Diet For Arthritis Pain
Diet For Fibromyalgia
Diet For Crohn’s Disease
Keeping a Food and Pain Journal


10 Autoresponders: Lifestyle Changes For Chronic Pain Challenge

  1. Start a Journal (268 words)
  2. Create an Anti-Inflammatory Grocery List (257 words)
  3. Do Meal Prepping (319 words)
  4. Practice Breathing Exercises (316 words)
  5. Create a New Workout Routine (267 words)
  6. Try to Reduce Your Stress (265 words)
  7. Aim For Getting Better Sleep (414 words)
  8. Get Some Holistic Help For Your Pain (257 words)
  9. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol (314 words)
  10. Join a Support Group (262 words)

5 Product Reviews

  1. Crystal Healing Balancing Set (434 words)
  2. URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser (514 words)
  3. Healing Herbal Teas Paperback (506 words)
  4. Chronic Pain Journal (455 words)
  5. Music Medicine Paperback (470 words)

If you are already a member, you should have gotten an email with your download link. If not, email me at jmagnesi at gmail dot com and I will get it right over to you.

You can sign up for the PLR membership here if you haven’t yet.

Coconut Oil PLR Upgrade: The Reports

Hello Everyone!

My Coconut Oil PLR Package is doing great so far. It includes 20 articles, 20 social media graphics, and 5 product reviews for less than $10!

When you purchase this package, you will get a special offer with an upgrade. This includes even more coconut oil PLR content, including the following:

11-Page Report: Heal Your Body With Coconut Oil
10-Page Report: How to Use Coconut Oil in the Home
10-Page Report: Guide to Adding Coconut OIl to Your Diet
10 Beauty Coconut Oil Articles
10 Social Media Graphics
7 Autoresponders: Cooking With Coconut Oil

The Reports

I wanted to give you an inside look into the topics included for each of the reports. Please note: if you missed this the first time around, let me know and I will get you a link to the upgrade offer.

Report #1: Heal Your Body With Coconut Oil

11 pages, 8 sections, 3,308 words

Includes images and report cover


  1. Osteoporosis
  2. Infections
  3. Cardiovascular Health
  4. Digestion
  5. Brain Function
  6. Type 2 Diabetes
  7. Inflammation
  8. Skin Conditions

Report #2: How to Use Coconut Oil in the Home

10 pages, 8 sections, 3,637 words

Includes images and report cover


  1. Remove Sticky Labels From New Products
  2. Season Your Cast Iron Skillet
  3. Remove Stains From Clothing and Linens
  4. Wash Your Floors and Walls
  5. Moisturize Leather
  6. Polish Your Furniture
  7. Line the Bottom of Kitty Litter Pans
  8. Make a Natural Laundry Detergent

Report #3: Guide to Adding Coconut Oil to Your Diet

10 pages, 8 sections, 3,309 words

Includes images and report cover


  1. Add it to Your Drinks
  2. Cook With Coconut Oil
  3. Use Coconut Oil for Flavoring
  4. Bake With Coconut Oil
  5. Make Healthier Fried Foods
  6. Add it to Soup and Chili
  7. Take it by the Spoonful
  8. Tips for Storing Your Coconut Oil

Let me know if you previously ordered the main PLR package, but missed the upgrade offer. I am happy to provide you with a link.

New Weekly PLR Bundle: Raising Healthy Kids



Hello and Happy Wednesday!

I have my weekly PLR bundle ready for you. Earlier in the week I added a PLR pack all about Senior Fitness, so this time I went the other direction and did a bundle about kids!

This PLR bundle has 15 articles about raising healthy kids, talking about physical and mental health. There is also a 5-page report titled Kid-Friendly Healthy Lunches and a report cover. The bundle also includes 15 images, 15 Tweets, and 15 Facebook posts.

15 PLR Articles About Raising Healthy Kids

1. Important Healthy Habits For Kids (406 words)
2. How to Make Eating Fruits and Veggies Fun (408 words)
3. The Benefits of Cooking More at Home (411 words)
4. How to Encourage Healthy Eating in Kids (427 words)
5. Family Fitness: Workouts to do as a Family (435 words)
6. Keep Kids Active During TV Time (407 words)
7. Find Local Events to Keep Kids Active (407 words)
8. Try These Fun Outdoor Games (404 words)
9. Why You Should Reduce Screen Time (413 words)
10. Set a Good Example For Your Kids Health (414 words)
11. Teach Your Kids About Having a Positive Body Image (410 words)
12. Take Care of Your Kids Mental Health (404 words)
13. Reduce Distractions to Stay Engaged With Your Kids (409 words)
14. Be Careful About Environmental Toxins (410 words)
15. Tips For Teaching Good Manners (406 words)

5-Page Report: Kid-Friendly Healthy Lunches

5 pages, 5 sections, 2,092 words

1. Faux Lunchables For Kids
2. Self-Serve Bento Lunch Ideas
3. Fun and Healthy Wraps For Kids
4. Turning Leftovers Into Kid Lunches
5. Super Easy Snack Foods

You can get the Raising Healthy Kids PLR Bundle for just $10 until Sunday, then it goes up to $25.

New Massage and Bodywork PLR With My Exclusive Bonus


In case you missed it, JR Lang has released a brand new full-content funnel all about Massage and Bodywork. I LOVE her content funnels because they include a lot of different content (including images and video!), plus the articles are super long. And these funnels have over 250 pieces of content, which is crazy for how much she charges for it.

If you want to see what is in the funnel right now, head over to the Massage Sales Page.

My Bonus: 15 Autoresponders

I also wanted to let you know that if you buy the Massage and Bodywork PLR through my link, you will get 15 brand new and exclusive autoresponders to go with the 15 articles in the main offer. That way, you can use the articles as blog posts, then have an email for each day that directs back to the blog post. Easy cross-promotion!

Autoresponder Topics

Here is a list of the autoresponders I have written, with the actual article they are for directly underneath the titles. Each is 250-300 words, the perfect length for an email!

1. Why Couples Should Get Massages Together (257 words)
For Article: 10 Fantastic Benefits Of Massage For Men and Women

2. Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage (256 words)
For Article: Ayurvedic Massage To Slow Aging And Increase Mental Awareness

3. Tips For Giving Yourself a Craniosacral Massage (251 words)
For Article: Benefits And Uses Of Craniosacral Therapy Massage

4. Types of Stones For a Hot Stone Massage (263 words)
For Article: Benefits And Uses Of Hot Stone Massage

5. What You Might Not Know About Swedish Massages (243 words)
For Article: Benefits And Uses Of Swedish Massage

6. Health Benefits of Acupressure (251 words)
For Article: The Art And Science Of “Jin Shin Do” Bodymind Acupressure

7. How You Can Give Pets a Healing Touch (255 words)
For Article: Healing Touch 101

8. Natural Remedies For Chronic Pain (250 words)
For Article: How Massage Therapy Heals Physical Pain

9. Signs it is Time For a Massage (254 words)
For Article: How Regular Massages Boosts Your Mood

10. 4 Natural Remedies For Depression (282 words)
For Article: Massage For Depression

11. Tips For Finding a Good Massage Therapist (281 words)
For Article: Massage Is Increasingly Recognized As An Alternative Medical Treatment

12. Types of Massage For Anxiety (254 words)
For Article: Massage Therapy For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

13. When You Should Get Massage Therapy (272 words)
For Article: Massage Therapy Versus Physical Therapy

14. How to Reduce Your Panic Attacks (295 words)
For Article: Regular Massage Greatly Reduces Stress, Anxiety and Promotes Good Mental Health

15. More Natural Remedies For Stress (255 words)
For Article: Stress Kills – Massage Heals

Click Here to check out the Massage and Bodywork PLR and get these autoresponders for free.


Why You Should Use the Pretty Link Plug-In



Hello everyone!

If you use WordPress for your blog or website, I highly recommend using the Pretty Link plug-in. It has saved me so much time and is an awesome way to cloak links when you are promoting.

This is a super easy plug-in that you can install on your blog in a flash and not have to deal with any complex settings to configure before using it. Here are some different things I like about it.

Benefits of the Pretty Link Plug-In

So why should you use Pretty Link? I’ll tell you!

You Can Shorten Your Links

One thing that gets super annoying when you are using links in your blog posts or emails is that the links are always so long. These can be complicated and make your emails look messy if you are not hyperlinking text. Plus, affiliate links are even longer! Have you seen the length of Amazon affiliate links? It is long enough just with the product link, but then all that extra text is added to the end when you are promoting something.

With Pretty Link, you are choosing what you want the link to be, so that it is going to be a lot shorter.

It Helps You to Cloak Links

Both the lite version and Pro version of Pretty Link will give you options for cloaking links. The lite version lets you choose how you want the links to look, so if you add a link to one of your emails or blog posts, they don’t see the affiliate link, but instead the link you created.

For example, my link for Pretty Link now looks like this: http://healthandwellnessplr.com/deals/prettylinklite

Much better, right?!

Then if you choose the Pro version of Pretty Link, there are some other features, like cloak redirecting.

It Can Help With Targeting Your Website

This is something you might not have considered. When you create a Pretty Link, it usually starts with the domain of whatever blog or website you are using it on, as you saw with my example. So every time you add this link to something, regardless of what it is, your website domain is going to be in there. This is automatic backlinking and targeting for your site. YES.

Pretty Link Helps You Organize Links

This is actually the reason I got Pretty Link in the first place. I was losing track of my affiliate links, and then links fo rmy different PLR product pages. It was becoming a major headache. So I asked a friend, who pointed me toward this plug-in. You can create different Groups and name them whatever you want, helping you to organize and keep track of all your links. If you use it often enough, you won’t have to keep a spreadsheet with your links because they are all right there. There is a search function in Pretty Links to find a link super quick.

It is Easy to Use

I don’t know that it could be any easier to use! You have the quick version of adding links right on your dashboard:

This is my main WordPress dashboard, with a little box letting me quickly add a link. Or you can follow the directions below for the standard version.

Basics of Using Pretty Link Lite

Here is the basic method for adding a link to Pretty Link. Once you install the plug-in and choose either the Lite or Pro version, you will activate the plug-in. Go to your dashboard on WordPress, and look on the left-hand side for Pretty Link.

If you hover over it, the following box appears.


It shows you some different options, like creating a new link or viewing the current ones. Go to Add New Link.

Now you will see this screen. As you can see, I have filled in my information to create an affiliate link for Pretty Link, so I can show you how it works.

Add the URL of the link you are using to the top box, then create your link text. I originally started just naming the link what it is, but it got confusing. So I recommend using a sub-category, then the name of your link. I use ‘Deals’ for all affiliate links because it is easier for me to keep track.

At the bottom, you will see some other options:

This shows Advanced Options, like choosing a Group or adding one. I have a few groups, but you can see I selected Affiliate Links for this one. Go ahead and create as many groups as you want!

You will also see the Pro options at the bottom if you choose that version of the Pretty Link plug-in.

When you’re done, just click the blue Create button and you will see this screen.

This shows you a list of all the links you have created. How easy is that!

What You Get With Pretty Link Pro

You can get started with Pretty Link just by installing the free plug-in and use the basic features. That is what I used for this example. Or you can get the Pro version. Here are some additional pro features of the plug-in:

More redirection types

Alternate Base URL

Expire links

QR codes

Automation features like importing/exporting links and rotating URLs

.. lots more!

Check out Pretty Link Pro here or comment on this post for any questions!

New PLR in the Store: Senior Fitness!



Happy Monday!

It’s time for a new PLR pack – and this time it’s on Senior Fitness. I know there is a lot of general senior fitness PLR out there, so I decided to take a new angle. This PLR pack is all about seniors exercising while living in an assisted living community.

What You Get in the PLR Pack

This senior fitness PLR pack comes with the following 10 articles:

1. 5 Solo Assisted Living Workouts (420 words)
2. 4 Group Assisted Living Workouts (408 words)
3. Assisted Living Workouts Using Gym Equipment (411 words)
4. Exercises For Seniors With Arthritis (412 words)
5. No-Equipment Assisted Living Workouts (406 words)
6. Seated Workouts For Seniors (434 words)
7. Simple Yoga Poses For Seniors (411 words)
8. Stretching and Balance Exercises For Seniors (415 words)
9. Try These Workouts in Your Bed (423 words)
10. Why Every Senior Should Be Walking (432 words)

How to Promote This Pack

There is a lot you can do with this pack! First of all, you can add the articles as individual blog posts, either scattered among other fitness topics, or in a senior fitness series. You can promote fitness supplies and equipment that seniors might want to use, along with workout DVDs like senior yoga or low-impact aerobics.

Another option is to either use all 10 articles in a long report, or split them up into 2 reports. One report can be an opt-in upgrade, then the other report can be in your autoresponder series for new subscribers.

You can grab this Senior Assisted Living Fitness PLR pack here.

Don’t forget I have another pack on Senior Health that is perfect to go with it!


5 Ways to Use This Protein PLR Bundle


April Lemarr has a new Protein PLR Bundle for just $7, which includes 6 articles about protein shakes that are also put into a report with graphics, and 10 more articles about protein.


The reason I like this bundle is because by giving you the report and the articles separately, you have more options. You can easily choose how to use the content, plus graphics are always a big plus! I put together some different ideas for how to use this protein content.

1. Get More Subscribers

Who doesn’t want more subscribers? The Protein PLR Bundle is actually perfect for that. You can take the 16-page report to be used as an opt-in to get those subscribers, then for people who sign up for your list, create an autoresponder series with the other 10 articles about protein. This will keep your list engaged and interested in the topic.

You can also take 5 of the articles to use as your autoresponders, then 5 as blog posts. For 5 days, send an email with content from 1 of the articles, then direct them to your blog where there is another of the articles added as a blog post. This gets them to open your email, keeps them engaged, and gets more hits to your blog at the same time.

2. Create a Challenge

People love challenges. You can take the 6 articles about protein shakes and easily turn them into a challenge for your subscribers, which is also another good way to encourage more people to sign up for your list. This is the order I would put them in for a challenge or autoresponder series:

  • Day 1: Benefits of Drinking Protein Shakes
  • Day 2: Tips For Making Protein Shakes
  • Day 3: 6 Protein Shake Recipes
  • Day 4: Protein Shakes to Make Without a Blender
  • Day 5: Three Ingredient Protein Shakes
  • Day 6: Ways to Increase Protein in the Shakes

3. Add to Your Blog

You can also use all of the content to add more posts to your blog. There are a few ways to do this.

  • Method 1: Just mix up all 16 articles and add them as blog posts that are combined with your current blog posts.
  • Method 2: Create a blog series with the protein shakes articles, then use the other blog posts as filler.
  • Method 3: Have some articles as blog posts, and other articles as an opt-in report or email series.

4. Create a Report to Sell

While the articles about protein shakes are in a report, you can do the same thing with the regular protein articles. These would go great in a report, which you can sell right on your blog, then use the protein shake articles as blog posts to get more traffic to your blog. Just make sure you customize the report for your own needs, and put your own name on it. This is part of the terms of using this PLR.

5. Start a New Niche Site

This is a good option if you don’t currently have a blog where the protein content would apply, but are still interested in it. You can create a new niche site either just about protein, just protein shakes, or possibly combining protein in your diet and fitness. You can use all 16 articles as blog posts to get the blog started, or use the report, then the other 10 protein articles as blog posts. There are so many different directions to go! Plus, this allows you to really promote the protein shake powders, blenders, ingredients, and lots more for this content. Here are a few domains I found, but there are tons more:

  • Bulkupwithprotein.com
  • Increaseyourprotein.com
  • Getyourproteinon.com

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