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4 Ways to Find Your Next Blog Post Topics

Today at Health & Wellness PLR, we are talking about blog topics – and how to find inspiration for future blog posts.

There are of course the typical methods:

Look at seasons or holidays coming up and plan on posts for those holidays.

Re-visit old topics and put a fresh spin on them.

Read through the most recent news articles about your niche and cover those in your blog posts.

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There are also a few more ways I love to choose new topics, that I thought might be helpful for you. Some of these you probably already do, but others might be a bit unconventional.

  1. Choose random keywords and search them on Pinterest

I love Pinterest, not just for personal reasons, but because it is an awesome way to find out what is trending. There are a few different ways to search Pinterest for topics, from just looking through the latest pins of people you follow, to checking the “Explore” tab.

My favorite way? Just searching for completely random (or not so random) keywords. You might be surprised what you find. It can be something broad like “nutrition” or specific like “herbal remedies”. Don’t just stick to what you find on the first page – take some time looking through the pins, going through to page 3, 4 or 10, and see what you find.

In many cases, you discover unique topics you never would have thought of.

  1. Find ‘trendy’ health blogs or websites and view their latest articles

Let’s be honest.. there are a lot of crazy health trends out there. I don’t talk about everything I come across, but I often find interesting angles or micro-niches that I know you guys would be interested in.

If your health niche is more on the medical side, I recommend going to sites like WebMD or Mayo Clinic, and just looking through some of their topics. WebMD often puts their latest articles right on the front page, so you know what people are currently reading about. *I would do your research outside of these sites – they are just good for ideas.

For other health topics, I recommend finding health blogs of people who tend to talk about the trendy stuff – things that are brand new in the health community. I am not a big fan of Dr. Oz (and I know he is super controversial), but he does tend to have a lot of the more trendy/popular health topics. I suggest doing your own research elsewhere, but there is nothing wrong with taking a peek every once in a while for some ideas.

  1. Browse image sites for inspiration

This is one of my favorite *secret* ways to find inspiration. Usually, you don’t look for images until after you have chosen your topic and angle, but why not reverse it? Sometimes, I will just browse through Pixabay or other imaging sites, and think of health topics for certain images I like.

You can just browse through their latest images, most popular images, or enter a keyword. Even something like “green” comes up with interesting stuff. Maybe you find an image of someone gardening, which reminds you that you haven’t talked about growing herbs yet.

  1. Think about health issues your family and friends suffer from

There is no reason you can’t use personal experiences to come up with health topics. Pay attention to what your friends post on social media. Is there something you see multiple people bringing up? Maybe more than one friend is talking about a new diet, or you keep seeing a hashtag on Twitter for the same fitness app. These are signs of new health trends you might want to cover.

I hope this helped give you a few ideas for your next blog post topics!



5 Ways to Find Topics For Your Niche Site




When you have a niche blog or website, coming up with future blog posts is sometimes difficult to do. You want to make sure your blog posts are relevant, but also that they are going to be popular and shared often. Here are 5 easy ways to find more blog post ideas based on the topics that are trending now or in the near future.


I highly recommend using social media to find blog post topics because all of the latest trends are going to be talked about there. Sometimes it does take a little big of searching, but with the right methods, you can use it to your advantage. With Twitter, aside from just seeing what people you follow are talking about, I highly recommend checking out the Twitter Moments feature. This is a relatively new feature that shows all the topics talked about the most. Sometimes you need to be patient so you can get past all the news topics not relevant to your niche, but you can definitely find some good stuff there. Also try simply entering a hashtag for your niche and seeing what comes up.

Recycle Old Posts

If your niche blog has been around for a while, take a look at some of your older posts and see if you can write an updated version. There are a few ways you can do this.

  • Update the old post with new information that is trending today
  • Write a brand new postĀ about the same subject, but from a new angle
  • Use old posts as inspiration for sub-topics you have yet to talk about on the blog

Local News Outlets

Looking through the news is by no means a new way of finding trending topics, but sometimes people don’t realize the potential that is there. I don’t recommend going to CNN or other major news websites, because they are going to be riddled with politics, finance, and a lot of other topics that might not fit within your niche. A better option is to find the sub-categories on the news website, particularly with your local newspaper. I live in San Diego, so I popped over to SanDiegoUnionTribune.com to see what was there. Instead of looking at the front page, I went to the categories, clicked on Lifestyle, and Home and Garden. There I noticed that two of the top stories were on growing mini roses and fall gardening. A quick Google search told me that when the weather gets cold, you can’t grow these roses outdoors, but there were resourcesĀ one could use to write about growing mini roses indoors. There you have your next blog topic if you have a home and garden-type blog.

Other Blogs

I don’t generally recommend duplicating blog posts others have put out already since you want to be original, but blogs in your niche or related niches can provide the inspiration you are looking for. Check out websites that will list a lot of the recent blog posts so you can do a quick scan and look for what is most relevant to you. Bloglovin.com is one of my favorites to use since it is easy to add blogs or just browse through the latest posts.

My Own Life

Yes, I am one of those people that gets inspiration for topics from my own life. Not all topics I write about are directly related to things I have gone through, but I do like to use things I do and see, or people I know, as a way to guide me toward the next blog topic. When you start paying more attention to the environment and people around you, the ideas will never stop flowing.