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Jenn here from Health & Wellness PLR. I have an awesome opportunity for you to get a big bundle of health PLR packs, reports, and bundles from my store at a huge discount.

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The retirement special is to help make room for new content, which unfortunately means retiring some of the current content. 

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What You Get in this Health PLR Special

When you buy the Summer Retirement PLR Special, you will get 17 health PLR products for one low price. That is just $1 each! 

Here is a full list of what is included:

  • Family Juicing - 5 Articles
  • Paleo While Traveling - 8-Page Report
  • Thyroid Bundle - 15 Articles, 6-Page Report + Bonuses
  • Holiday Weight Loss Bundle - 20 Articles, 8-Page Report + Bonuses
  • Arthritis - 10 Articles
  • Boosting Fertility - 10 Articles 
  • Men's Health - 8 Articles 
  • 21-Day Fix - 15 Articles, 5-Page Report + Bonuses
  • Insomnia Bundle - 15 Articles, 5-Page Report + Bonuses
  • Quit Smoking - 10 Articles 
  • Instant Pot - 5 Articles 
  • check-circle
    Breaking Sugar Addiction - 6-Page Report 
  • check-circle
    Type 2 Diabetes - 10 Articles 
  • check-circle
    Intro to Pilates - 10 Articles 
  • check-circle
    Raising Healthy Kids - 15 Articles, 5-Page Report + Bonuses
  • check-circle
    Low Carb Diets - 10 Articles
  • check-circle
     Reiki - 10 Articles

These PLR packs and bundles are worth $235, saving you $217 with this retirement special. You are getting over $200 worth of high-quality content, plus images, social media posts, covers, and other bonuses.

Summer Health PLR Retirement Package Details

 Here are more details about the 17 health PLR products you will be getting in this PLR special.

'Family Juicing' - 5 PLR Articles

Promote juicing products like juicers, blenders, produce scrubbers, knives, cups, and pitchers with this article pack. It covers juicing as a family, encouraging your readers to start juicing with their kids and getting the entire family involved.

  • 1. How Juicing is a Great Family Activity (427 words)
  • 2. Kid-Friendly Juicing Recipes (410 words)
  • 3. Fruits and Vegetables That Kids Enjoy (574 words)
  • 4. Juicing Recipes to Help Your Kids’ Health (455 words)
  • 5. Juicing Recipes That Help With Kids’ Focus (418 words)

'Paleo While Traveling' - 8-Page PLR Report

The paleo diet is typivally easy to keep up with at home because there is a full kitchen and lots of cooking options. However, when people are traveling, they are limited with what they can bring or eat. The following report offers some easy suggestions for traveling on the paleo diet, from road trips and airplanes, to traveling by bus or train.

'Paleo While Traveling' Report
8 Pages, 7 Sections, 2,718 Words

1. The Importance of Preparation
2. What to Look For in a Hotel
3. How to Keep Food Cold
4. Foods You Can Keep at Room Temperature
5. Snacks to Bring On the Plane
6. Road Trip Paleo Foods
7. Selecting the Right Restaurants

'Thyroid' - Bundle w/Articles, Report, Bonuses

This big thyroid PLR bundle includes articles, a report, social media posts, images, and more all rolled into one bundle. You get a variety of content for all different types of thyroid conditions, helping you to promote everything from supplements to Fitbits and essential oils. It fits with any type of health, wellness, fitness, diet, and holistic blog or website.

What You Get

6-Page Report
15 Articles
30 Social Media Posts
10 Images
Top 10 Products to Promote

6-Page Report About Thyroid Conditions

'Diet and Nutrition For Thyroid Conditions'
6 Pages, 6 Sections, 2,013 Words

1. Recommended Foods
2. Foods to Avoid
3. Superfoods For Thyroid Conditions
4. Tips For Creating Balanced Meals
5. The Hashimoto’s Diet
6. Why You Should Juice

15 Articles About Thyroid Conditions:

  • 1. Types of Thyroid Disorders (412 words)
  • 2. About Hypothyroidism (444 words)
  • 3. About Hyperthyroidism (413 words)
  • 4. Treatment Options For Hypothyroidism (406 words)
  • 5. Treatment Options For Hyperthyroidism (396 words)
  • arrow-right
    6. How to Use Essential Oils For Thyroid Conditions (413 words)
  • arrow-right
    7. When to See a Doctor For Your Thyroid (429 words)
  • arrow-right
    8. Medical Conditions Caused by Hypothyroidism (424 words)
  • 9. Tips For Losing With With an Underactive Thyroid (412 words)
  • 10. What is Hashimoto’s? (406 words)
  • 11. Juicing For Thyroid Conditions (450 words)
  • 12. Tips For Eating Healthy to Treat Your Thyroid (413 words)
  • 13. Less Common Symptoms of Hypothyroidism (391 words)
  • arrow-right
    14. Warning Signs of Hyperthyroidism (435 words)
  • arrow-right
    15. Top Home Remedies For Hypothyroidism (400 words)

'Holiday Weight Loss Bundle' - Articles, Report, Bonuses

Weight loss is something just about every adult deals with, making it a HOT evergreen topic year-round. Many people are looking for ways to lose weight during the holidays, due to all the temptations that are out there. This PLR bundle offers you lots of unique, quality content all about losing weight or preventing weight gain during the holiday season.

What You Get With This PLR Bundle

8-Page Report
20 Articles
20 Tweets
20 Facebook Posts

8-Page Report About Holiday Weight Loss

'Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain' Report
8 Pages, 5 Sections, 2,894 Words

1. Start Eating Healthy Before the Holidays
2. Focus on Health, Not ‘Dieting’
3. Get Plenty of Exercise Throughout the Holiday Season
4. Cook Alternatives to Your Holiday Favorites
5. Be Careful With Holiday Parties

20 Articles About Holiday Weight Loss

  • 1. 5 Low-Calorie Cocktails to Try (426 words)
  • 2. Tips For Handling Holiday Parties (414 words)
  • 3. Good Exercises to Try During the Holidays (405 words)
  • 4. How to Set Goals For Holiday Weight Loss (412 words)
  • 5. Guide to Choosing the Right Weight Loss Plan (417 words)
  • arrow-right
    6. Common Mistakes When Losing Weight During the Holidays (438 words)
  • arrow-right
    7. 5 Healthier Christmas Dinner Ideas (428 words)
  • arrow-right
    8. Why You Should Have a Weight Loss Buddy (403 words)
  • arrow-right
    9. The Importance of Using a Weight Loss Journal (442 words)
  • arrow-right
    10. Get Your Family Involved to Help Lose Weight (422 words)
  • 11. Focus More on Health and Nutrition (405 words)
  • 12. How Often You Should Weigh and Measure Your Progress (436 words)
  • 13. Delicious Holiday Smoothies For Weight Loss (411 words)
  • 14. Drink More Water With These Holiday Infused Water Recipes (440 words)
  • 15. Juicing During the Holidays (420 words)
  • arrow-right
    16. Dealing With Cravings During the Holiday Season (421 words)
  • arrow-right
    17. Tips and Tricks For Not Overeating (402 words)
  • arrow-right
    18. Start Losing Weight Before the Holidays (402 words)
  • arrow-right
    19. Top Fat-Burning Foods (408 words)
  • arrow-right
    20. Ways to Track Your Eating and Exercise Daily (411 words)

'Arthritis' - 10 PLR Articles

This arthritis PLR pack is perfect if you are in the health or senior niche. Arthritis is more common among older adults, but many other people also struggle with it, so there is a lot of potential for promoting it. You will also see lots of opportunities within these article topics to promote products, such as arthritis gloves and essential oils.

  • 1. Foods That Can Help With Your Arthritis (414 words)
  • 2. Natural Remedies For Arthritis Pain (420 words)
  • 3. Tips For Living With Arthritis (435 words)
  • 4. How to Help Arthritis With Yoga (406 words)
  • 5. Essential Oils For Arthritis (411 words)
  • 6. How to Workout When You Have Arthritis (405 words)
  • 7. Recommended Products For People With Arthritis (442 words)
  • 8. Things to Avoid When You Have Arthritis (405 words)
  • 9. Top Superfoods For Arthritis (423 words)
  • 10. How to Work When You Have Arthritis (403 words)

'Boosting Fertility' - 10 Articles

While in the past, getting pregnant and facing infertility has been a bit of a taboo subject, more people are starting to talk about it. As a marketer, you have the opportunity to promote to a massive audience that are willing to do and try just about anything to conceive.

This PLR pack provides 10 articles that go over ways to boost a man and woman’s fertility. It can be used for general fertility, getting pregnant, infertility, and natural health, since most recommendations do include some natural and holistic health options.

  • 1. Superfoods That Help Boost Your Fertility (498 words)
  • 2. Tips For Starting a Healthy Fertility Diet (503 words)
  • 3. Why Exercise is Important For Your Fertility (415 words)
  • 4. Yoga Poses That Help Boost Your Fertility (482 words)
  • 5. The Caffeine Debate: Is it Bad For Your Fertility? (468 words)
  • 6. Top Foods With Folic Acid (421 words)
  • 7. 5 Healthy Smoothie Recipes For Fertility (517 words)
  • 8. Top Herbs to Take When You Want to Improve Your Fertility (410 words)
  • 9. Reasons to Consider Hydrotherapy For Fertility (444 words)
  • 10. Avoid These Unhealthy Habits (421 words)

'Men's Health' - 8 Articles

This PLR pack is all about men’s health. It covers a lot of different aspects of it, including diet and exercise, medical tests, herbs, vitamins, and even improving your lifespan.

The great thing about men’s health is that it can be used for so many different micro-niches within the health and wellness category. It is used for special diets, holistic and natural health, medical topics, fitness, protein drinks and shakes, cookbooks, and tons more. There really is a lot you can do with it and tons of products to promote.

  • 1. The Most Important Vitamins For Men (420 words)
  • 2. How Men Can Live Longer (418 words)
  • 3. The Easiest Ways For Men to Lose Belly Fat (427 words)
  • 4.Top Herbs That Improve Men’s Health (423 words)
  • 5. The Importance of Saw Palmetto (403 words)
  • 6. Foods That Can Help Improve Prostate Health (402 words)
  • 7. Why Every Man Should Be Doing Yoga (419 words)
  • 8. Essential Medical Tests Every Man Needs (404 words)

'21-Day Fix Bundle' - Articles, Report, Bonuses

Get this big, high-quality PLR bundle all about the 21-Day Fix. It includes a combination of articles, report, product reviews, images, and social media posts.

What You Get in This PLR Bundle

15 PLR Articles (or Blog Posts)
5-Page Report w/cover
5 Product Reviews
15 Tweets
15 Facebook Posts
15 Images

5-Page Report About the 21-Day Fix

'Guide to Starting the 21-Day Fix' Report
5 pages, 4 sections, 1,971 words

1. What Additional Products Will Make 21 Day Fix Easier?
2. Tips for Beginners Starting the 21 Day Fix Workouts
3. 4 Ways to Stay Accountable for Your 21 Day Fix Workout
4. 5 Foods You Can Always Find for 21 Day Fix

15 Articles About the 21-Day Fix

  • 1. What is the 21-day Fix? (404 words)
  • 2. Why You Should Try the 21-Day Fix (409 words)
  • 3. What You Need to Start the 21-Day Fix (410 words)
  • 4. Tips For Starting the 21-Day Fix Workout Program (396 words)
  • 5. The 21-Day Fix Diet (425 words)
  • arrow-right
    6. What Is Included in the 21-Day Fix Workout Program? (411 words)
  • arrow-right
    7. Coping with Double Work Out Days (458 words)
  • arrow-right
    8. Meal Prep For the 21-Day Fix Diet Plan (417 words)
  • 9. Guide to Freezing Your Food Ahead of Time (418 words)
  • 10. How to Lower Your Grocery Bill (422 words)
  • 11. Simple Grocery List For the 21-Day Fix Diet (572 words)
  • 12. Wake Up to These 21-Day Fix Breakfasts (413 words)
  • 13. Try These 21-Day Fix Snacks and Desserts (405 words)
  • arrow-right
    14. Quick and Easy 21-Day Fix Lunches (440 words)
  • arrow-right
    15. Healthy and Filling 21-Day Fix Dinners (473 words)

The 21-Day Fix bundle also comes with 5 product reviews.

'Insomnia Bundle' - Articles, Report, Bonuses

According to the Sleep Health Foundation, about 1 in 3 people suffer from insomnia. As a marketer, this gives you a massive audience to promote to when it comes to having trouble sleeping. There are a lot of products you can promote, from essential oils and healing crystals, to yoga and fitness supplies.

This PLR bundle gives you a great place to start when adding content for promoting to people with insomnia. It includes 15 articles, a report, social media posts, and images that can be used for blog posts, opt-ins, and autoresponders.

What You Get With This PLR Bundle

15 Articles
6-Page Report
Editable Report Cover
15 Images
15 Tweets
15 Facebook Posts

6-Page Report About Insomnia

'Creating a Bedtime Ritual' Report
6 Pages, 5 Sections, 2,280 Words

1. Why You Should Create a Sleep Ritual
2. Bedtime Teas For Better Sleep
3. Yoga Poses For Deep Sleep
4. Breathing Techniques For Better Sleep
5. Reasons to Set a Nighttime Temperature

15 Articles About Insomnia

  • 1. The Common Causes of Insomnia (415 words)
  • 2. Create a Cozy Bedroom Space For Better Sleep (497 words)
  • 3. Why You Should Try Yoga For Insomnia (470 words)
  • 4. Exercise to Improve Your Sleeping Habits (453 words)
  • 5. Foods That Can Help With Your Sleeping Problems (503 words)
  • arrow-right
    6. Use Herbs as a Natural Remedy For Insomnia (437 words)
  • arrow-right
    7. 3 Essential Oils For Insomnia (480 words)
  • arrow-right
    8. How to Use Healing Crystals For Insomnia (453 words)
  • 9. Healthy Habits That Encourage Better Sleep (481 words)
  • 10. Avoid These Mistakes if You Have Insomnia (512 words)
  • 11. When to See a Doctor For Your Insomnia (502 words)
  • 12. How Journaling Can Help With Sleeping Problems (478 words)
  • 13. Try Meditation For Insomnia (531 words)
  • arrow-right
    14. The Link Between Stress and Insomnia (510 words)
  • arrow-right
    15. House Plants That Can Help You Sleep Better (481 words)

'Quit Smoking' - 10 Articles

This PLR pack includes 10 articles that provide help for quitting smoking. They cover a variety of different methods, from the cold turkey method, to using natural remedies. There are a lot of products you can promote with this content. You can use them as blog posts, turn them into an opt-in for your list, or create a report that you can sell right on your blog or website

  • 1. Why You Should Quit Smoking Now (456 words)
  • 2. How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey (523 words)
  • 3. Natural Remedies For Quitting Smoking (409 words)
  • 4. Potential Withdrawal Side Effects to Overcome (423 words)
  • 5. How to Handle Withdrawals From Quitting Smoking (439 words)
  • 6. Ways Your Body Will Change When You Quit Smoking (446 words)
  • 7. These 3 Things Can Help With Your Cravings (425 words)
  • 8. Quit Smoking Gradually With These Tips (420 words)
  • 9. Ways to Flush the Nicotine From Your Body (431 words)
  • 10. Smoke-Free Ways to Deal With Stress (401 words)

'Instant Pot' - 5 Articles

The Instant Pot is a HOT appliance right now. people love it for the fact that it helps to cook foods extremely quickly, while also helping to make healthier meals at the same time. This PLR pack is all about using the Instant Pot, but also doing so for healthy, low-fat, and low-carb meals. This PLR pack is a great way to add more content to your blog and promote this popular product to the masses.

  • 1. Beginner’s Guide to Instant Pots (468 words)
  • 2. Tips for Cooking Healthy Foods With an Instant Pot (451 words)
  • 3. Healthy Breakfasts With an Instant Pot (447 words)
  • 4. Lunches to Try Out With Your Instant Pot (461 words)
  • 5. Instant Pot Healthy Dinner Ideas (495 words)

'Breaking Sugar Addiction' - 6-Page Report

When people think about getting healthy and losing weight, they often try to choose a type of diet to follow, reduce their carbs, and choose whether or not to vegetarian or not. However, one thing too many people forget about is the link between sugar consumption and obesity, not to mention the many other health problems associated with having too much sugar.

This report goes into the dangers of sugar and provides some tips for breaking sugar addiction. It is a 6-page report with an intro, 4 sections, and 2,312 words. Since a lot of people prefer splitting up a report into articles, I have done that for you! Included is this same report, but in 5 articles instead. So it is easy to use either one.

'Breaking Sugar Addiction' Report
6 Pages, 4 Sections, 2,312 Words

1. The Dangers of Being Addicted to Sugar
2. Hidden Sources of Sugar
3. The Stages of Quitting Sugar
4. Tips for Getting Through Sugar Cravings

'Type 2 Diabetes' - 10 PLR Articles

This PLR pack includes 10 articles (or blog posts) all about type 2 diabetes. The content relies heavily on healthy lifestyle changes to manage this form of diabetes, so even if you have a diet or fitness blog, it works great there too.

  • 1. Type 2 Diabetes 101: An Overview (455 words)
  • 2. Add These Foods and Supplements to Your Diabetes Diet (402 words)
  • 3. Foods You Should Avoid With Type 2 Diabetes (405 words)
  • 4. Tips For Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle With Diabetes (407 words)
  • 5. What to do After Being Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes (405 words)
  • 6. Why a Low-Carb Diet is Helpful With Diabetes (459 words)
  • 7. How Type 2 Diabetes Affects Your Body (415 words)
  • 8. What to Expect From Type 2 Diabetes Treatment (409 words)
  • 9. Common Signs of Having Type 2 Diabetes (406 words)
  • 10. The Dangers of Being Pre-Diabetic (406 words)

'Intro to Pilates' - 10 PLR Articles

Get 10 high-quality articles all about Pilates. These cover the basics and all the FAQs your readers will be wondering about, including what it is, the health benefits, how to do it, equipment to use, and different forms of Pilates.

  • 1. Pilates 101: An Overview (404 words)
  • 2. The Benefits of Doing Pilates (405 words)
  • 3. Tips For Pilates Beginners (416 words)
  • 4. Different Types of Pilates (402 words)
  • 5. The Best Pilates Moves For Beginners (405 words)
  • 6. Accessories Used in Pilates (430 words)
  • 7. Using a Ball For Pilates (416 words)
  • 8. What is a Pilates Reformer? (400 words)
  • 9. Ways to Use a Pilates Ring (402 words)
  • 10. Foam Rolling Pilates Moves (407 words)

'Raising Healthy Kids Bundle' - Articles, Report, Bonuses

This PLR bundle is perfect if you are in the health or family niche. It not only talks about the importance of eating healthy and exercising, but it has a kids and family twist to it. You can use the blog posts as-is, or put them into a report. The content in this bundle can also be used as an opt-in upgrade for your list or an autoresponder series.

What You Get With This PLR Bundle

15 Articles
5-Page Report
Report Cover
15 Images
15 Tweets
15 Facebook Posts

5-Page Report About Raising Healthy Kids

'Kid-Friendly Healthy Lunches' Report
5 pages, 5 sections, 2,092 words

1. Faux Lunchables For Kids
2. Self-Serve Bento Lunch Ideas
3. Fun and Healthy Wraps For Kids
4. Turning Leftovers Into Kid Lunches
5. Super Easy Snack Foods

15 Articles About Raising Healthy Kids

  • 1. Important Healthy Habits For Kids (406 words)
  • 2. How to Make Eating Fruits and Veggies Fun (408 words)
  • 3. The Benefits of Cooking More at Home (411 words)
  • 4. How to Encourage Healthy Eating in Kids (427 words)
  • 5. Family Fitness: Workouts to do as a Family (435 words)
  • arrow-right
    6. Keep Kids Active During TV Time (407 words)
  • arrow-right
    7. Find Local Events to Keep Kids Active (407 words)
  • arrow-right
    8. Try These Fun Outdoor Games (404 words)
  • 9. Why You Should Reduce Screen Time (413 words)
  • 10. Set a Good Example For Your Kids Health (414 words)
  • 11. Teach Your Kids About Having a Positive Body Image (410 words)
  • 12. Take Care of Your Kids Mental Health (404 words)
  • 13. Reduce Distractions to Stay Engaged With Your Kids (409 words)
  • arrow-right
    14. Be Careful About Environmental Toxins (410 words)
  • arrow-right
    15. Tips For Teaching Good Manners (406 words)

'Low-Carb Diets' - 10 PLR Articles

These days, it seem like it is all about going low-carb. While there are a lot of specific diets like Atkins, Keto, and Paleo, you might want to just promote general low-carb diets to your audience. That is what this PLR pack is going to help you with.

It includes 10 PLR articles about starting and following a low-carb diet, including what to eat, some recipe ideas, and tips for getting started. You can promote tons of products, including cooking tools and appliances, cookbooks, and lots more.

  • 1. Types of Low-Carb Diets (438 words)
  • 2. Tips For Starting a Low-Carb Diet (453 words)
  • 3. Low-Carb Fruits (520 words)
  • 4. Low-Carb Veggies (434 words)
  • 5. Easy Low-Carb Food Swaps (531 words)
  • 6. Low-Carb Crockpot recipes (452 words)
  • 7. Instant Pot Recipes That Are Low-Carb (466 words)
  • 8. Top Rated Low-Carb Cookbooks (430 words)
  • 9. Benefits of Following a Low-Carb Diet (435 words)
  • 10. Filling Low-Carb Snack Ideas (426 words)

'Reiki' - 10 PLR Articles

During a reiki session, hands are used to channel energy and help to heal your body, mind, and soul. It can be used for everything from physical pain to emotional distress. With natural and holistic health being such a HOT topic right now in the health niche, this pack will be the perfect way to promote products. You can use it to promote products like essential oils and oil diffusers, instructional books on reiki and chakras, and even mats or pillows for resting while doing reiki.

  • 1. The Benefits of Reiki (461 words)
  • 2. What Are Chakras? (430 words)
  • 3. Healing Hand Positions to Know About (469 words)
  • 4. How to Use Essential Oils With Reiki (477 words)
  • 5. Tips For Using Reiki in Your Everyday Life (483 words)
  • 6. How to Perform Reiki (416 words)
  • 7. Learn About These Chakra Gemstones (428 words)
  • 8. Cleanse Your Aura By Using Reiki (448 words)
  • 9. Raise Your Vibrations With Reiki (423 words)
  • 10. Signs That Your Energy is Flowing During Reiki (460 words)
Summer Health PLR Retirement Sale

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Get these 17  PLR products before they retire and are gone for good.

You will get instant access to the following 17 topics:

  • Family Juicing
  • Paleo while Traveling
  • Thyroid
  • Holiday Weight Loss
  • Arthritis
  • Boosting Fertility
  • Men's Health
  • 21-Day Fix
  • Reiki
  • Insomnia
  • Quit Smoking
  • Instant Pot
  • check-circle
    Breaking Sugar Addiction
  • check-circle
    Type 2 Diabetes
  • check-circle
    Intro to Pilates
  • check-circle
    Raising Healthy Kids
  • check-circle
    Low-Carb Diets


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