Reasons to Use PLR

Reasons to Use PLR

If you are new to the world of PLR, one of your biggest questions might be why exactly you want to use it? This is a very common question in addition to: “Isn’t PLR plagiarized content?” This is where it gets very tricky.

PLR is Not Plagiarized Content

The first thing you should know is that using PLR is not the same thing as using plagiarized content. You are not stealing content someone else wrote, then claiming you wrote it yourself. You are purchasing rights to that content. It is very important that you understand this distinction. This blog post goes more in-depth about what PLR is. You have full rights to this content and are able to use it however you like, whether you take a pack of articles and turn them into blog posts or you have some product reviews you include in your marketing emails. The amount of customization you do is entirely up to you.

PLR Saves You Time and Money

One of the top reasons to consider using PLR for your own content is that it saves you both time and money. When you are trying to get more content on your blog, it can take up a lot of your time, even if you aren’t doing the researching and writing yourself. You still need to come up with blog topics, find a good writer, arrange a time for them to write and deliver the content, then hope it is good enough quality. This doesn’t even begin to cover how much it is going to cost you. If you want high-quality content, you should be paying more for it. This in turn can cause content to be considerably more expensive than PLR content. With PLR, you are getting content that is well-written and just needs a little tweaking to become unique for your blog or website. Most PLR is only going to run you about $1 a page, so you’re definitely saving money.

You Don’t Have to Choose the Blog Topics

Have you ever spent hours just trying to come up with some good topics for your blog? If so, you’re not alone! Just coming up with fresh content for your blog can be a hassle. It often feels like you have written about everything in your niche and are simply recycling the same basic ideas. PLR providers do this for a living and are good at coming up with fresh takes on your niche. You can find providers that offer a wide range of topics on their PLR site, or a provider like us, who specializes in one niche. Keep checking back with them to purchase more content for your site and keep it updated.

The Content is Delivered Immediately

Another drawback to hiring a professional writer for custom content is that you won’t get it right away. Depending on their schedule, you could be waiting hours, days, or even a week or longer just to get a few blog posts or a report returned to you. It takes time coming up with unique content, so the time frame isn’t at all unusual. However, with PLR content, it is already written and ready to go. Most providers make it to where you can download it instantly after making the purchase.

Don’t forget that there are many ways to use PLR. You can add it to pages on your website, keep your blog updated, give away a free product in return for email subscribers, or send out quality emails with fresh content for your subscribers. The options really are endless!