Year of Journaling PLR Bundle


A Year of Journaling PLR Bundle
53 Articles/Blog Posts
53 Journaling Prompts
Journal & Workbook (made with the prompts)
4 Cover Options


A Year of Journaling PLR Bundle - 53 NEW Articles - Enough for the Entire Year + Custom Journal and Workbook Included

Get your hands on this new Journaling PLR bundle, and provide your audience with quality content all year long.

With this bundle, you will get 53 articles – one for every week of the 2020 calendar year. They go in order of importance between what your audience might want to explore about journaling in the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

From starting the year off with blog posts about using their journal to create their New Years’ Resolutions and goals for the year, to finishing off with gratitude and self-reflection, a little bit of everything is included in this prewritten content package.

Engage your audience about the benefits of journaling, teach them how to use journals effectively, and educate them on the power of personal growth and setting intentions. 

What You Get in the Year of Journaling PLR Bundle

  • 53 PLR Articles About Journals - One for Every Week in 2020
  • 53 Journaling Prompts
  • 2020 Journal - 373 pages, editable with Powerpoint
  • 2020 Workbook - Made from the 53 journaling prompts
  • Royalty-Free Images - 32 images to create your own graphics or blog images.

53 PLR Articles About Journaling

There are 53 articles in this bundle - enough for you to add one new post to your blog every week for an entire year. They can also be turned into a long eBook or report about journaling, or split up into blog posts, an email series, and an opt-in report.

The article topics include:

1. Start Your Journal with a Positive Headspace (465 words)
2. How to Use a Journal for Your New Years’ Resolutions (495 words)
3. First Quarter Journaling Tips and Ideas (426 words)
4. What to Journal About in the Beginning of the Year (447 words)
5. How to Journal in Just 5 Minutes a Day (417 words)
6. Personal Growth Questions to Help You Journal (413 words)
7. How Journaling Can Help Your Relationships (419 words)
8. How to Journal Just Once a Week (404 words)
9. The Different Phases of Journaling (444 words)
10. Why You Should Have a Journaling Routine (401 words)
11. Setting Intentions with Your Journal (409 words)
12. Topics for Journaling Monthly (402 words)
13. What People Get Wrong About Journaling (469 words)
14. Tips for Reducing Stress with Your Journal (490 words)
15. Check in on Yourself with Your Journal (402 words)
16. Journal Your Way to a Healthy Financial Plan (454 words)
17. Buying a New Journal? The Best Features to Look For (419 words)
18. How to Create a Basic Journal Practice (446 words)
19. Preserve Memories With Your Journal (415 words)
20. How to Use Lists in Your Journal (507 words)
21. Why it Can Be Hard to Stick to a Journaling Routine (573 words)
22. How to Use Your Journal to Create a Bucket List (438 words)
23. 3 Tips for Taking Your Journaling to the Next Level (401 words)
24. Why Your Journaling Needs a WHY (416 words)
25. Reflecting on Your Life With a Journal (423 words)
26. Journaling is Not About Perfection (403 words)
27. Understanding the Versatility of Journaling (439 words)
28. Can Journaling Solve All Your Problems? (408 words)
29. Why Journaling Might Be Easier Than You Think (430 words)
30. Crush Your Goals With Your Journal (432 words)
31. How to Make Journaling Work for You (468 words)
32. Helpful Tips for Keeping a Travel Journal (431 words)
33. Journaling Tips for Kids (397 words)
34. Journaling Tips for Teens (404 words)
35. Why You May Need to Rethink Your Journaling Process (472 words)
36. Surprising Benefits of Journaling (453 words)
37. Finding the Right Journal Writing Prompts (403 words)
38. What Should Your First Journal Entries Be? (519 words)
39. Understanding Mindful Journaling (428 words)
40. Journaling Evolves With You (412 words)
41. Tips for Starting an Art Journal (409 words)
42. Types of Journals to Consider Using (467 words)
43. Flush Out Your Ideas With a Journal (434 words)
44. It is Never Too Late to Start Writing in a Journal (413 words)
45. How to Finish the Year Strong with Your Journal (415 words)
46. How Stream of Consciousness Writing Works (408 words)
47. How Often to do Stream of Consciousness Journaling (409 words)
48. You Are Not Limited to One Style of Journaling (423 words)
49. Boost Your Confidence With Your Journal (423 words)
50. Using a Journal for a Brain Dump (450 words)
51. Journaling Means Something Different to Everyone (432 words)
52. What Your Journal Reveals About Your Life (480 words)
53. Begin the Year Strong with Journaling (403 words)

53 Journaling Prompts

I have also written 53 brand new journaling prompts, each catering to a different time of year. These provide a great way for you to continue engaging your audience throughout the year, or you can offer all of them in one package a free gift for signing up to your email list. 

'Year of Journaling' Printable Journal

 There is also a journal for the entire year of 2020, offering 53 weeks of journaling pages, one for every week of the year. This is a total of 373 pages, including 7 pages for every week, plus the cover page and the 'This Journal Belongs to..." page.

Each of the journaling prompts was turned into a journaling page, plus you get a variety of other lined and doodle pages as well.

This was created with PowerPoint, making it easy to customize the colors, layout, font, and order of the pages.

Journal Pages Include:

Cover Page
"This Journal Belongs To" Page
Journal Prompts Pages (1 for every week)
Lined Pages
Lined Pages with Image Spaces
Doodle Pages
Stream of Consciousness Pages

'Year of Journaling' Printable Workbook

If you prefer giving your audience the journal prompts in a workbook-style journal, I have that for you as well! This was made in Microsoft Word, so it is super easy to customize in any way you want. 

Bonus: 32 Royalty-Free Images

Create your own social media graphics, promote your blog posts, add images to your posts or opt-in pages, and more with these royalty-free images.

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