Year of Journal Prompts PLR


Year of Journal Prompts
365 Journal Prompts – 1 Topic for Each Month

Year of Journal Prompts
Get 365 Journal Prompts - Enough for All of 2022!

Get enough journal prompts for an entire year! 

With this PLR package, you will get a total of 365 journal prompts - which includes enough for every day of 2022 (or any year you decide to use them). 

They are split up into 12 different topics, one topic for each month.

Free Bonus: This bundle also comes with both a Canva and PowerPoint blank journal template that you can customize with the prompts.

365 Journal Prompts

Set yourself up for success in the next year by getting all the journal prompts your audience will need. 

These writing prompts give your audience ideas for what to write about in their journal, but not just any topic. These are organized with a different topic for each month of the year that they can focus on. 

The topics include:

January: Goals and Plans
February: Love and Relationships
March: Confidence and Self-Love
April: Find Your Purpose
May: Manifesting
June: Mental Health
July: Physical Health
August: Emotional Healing
September: Find Clarity
October: Keeping You Stuck
November: Gratitude
December: Mindset

You can of course mix and match, using any prompts for any month out of the year, or even sell the entire package of 365 prompts all in one. There are so many options available!

Format: The journal prompts are provided in Microsoft Word and Text formats.

What Are Journaling Prompts?

Journal prompts are a type of writing prompts that ask a question of the reader, giving them a specific topic to write about. While many people have a topic in mind or prefer stream of consciousness style journaling, others want to find clarity about something specific.

With These Journaling Prompts, You Can:

Use them yourself in your own journal.
Turn them into a workbook.
Create prompts pages in a printable journal.
Add them to blog posts or emails.
Sell them or give them away to your list.

Free Bonus: Blank Journal Templates

As a free bonus, you will get 2 different blank journal templates - one in Canva and one in PowerPoint. These are really easy for you to customize with your own branding logo, colors, images, fonts, and more. 

They each provide 31 pages, so you can use a different journal for each month out of the year. 

Once they are customized, it is easy to convert them to a PDF to make them printable for your audience.

Formats: Canva and PowerPoint

Canva Journal:

For the Canva journal, you will be given a link to add this journal to your Canva account. You can then edit it and convert it to a PDF.

All colors, fonts, layouts, images, and more are customizable in both Canva and PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Journal:

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Year of Journal Prompts PLR