Year of Health & Wellness PLR


A Year of Health PLR Bundle
52 Articles/Blog Posts
Journaling Prompts
Journal – 52 Weeks of Health and Wellness (Canva)
Editable Canva Template Cover
10+ Canva Templates (including blog editorial calendar)
+ More Bonuses!

A Year of Health and Wellness PLR Bundle - 52 NEW Articles - Enough for the Entire Year + Custom Journal and Printables Included

Get your hands on this new Health and Wellness PLR bundle, and provide your audience with quality content all year long.

With this bundle, you will get 52 articles – one for every week of the 2021 calendar year. They cover a wide range of topics within the health and wellness niche, from journaling and self-help, to holistic health, nutrition, and exercise. 

From starting the year off with blog posts about organizing their space for optimum health and productivity, to finishing off with staying active in cold weather, this bundle truly covers it all.

Engage your audience with a brand new article posted to your blog every week next year. PLUS, you will get a lot of great bonuses, including a 52-week journal, journal prompts, journal cover, and even a Free Copy of last year's Year of Journaling Bundle.

What You Get in the Year of Health and Wellness PLR Bundle

  • 52 PLR Articles - One for Every Week in 2021
  • 52 Journaling Prompts
  • 2020 Journal - 54 pages, editable with Canva
  • Canva Journal Cover Template
  • 10+ Printables and Graphics (Canva)
  • Year of Journaling Bundle - FREE Copy of the 'Year of Journaling' Bundle from 2020
  • Royalty-Free Images - 25 images to create your own graphics or blog images.

52 PLR Articles About Journaling

There are 52 articles in this bundle - enough for you to add one new post to your blog every week for an entire year. Many of them can also be combined into opt-ins, lead magnets, or an eBook about health and wellness.

The article topics include:

1. 6 Ways to Have a Healthy New Year (449 words)
2. The Best 6 Healing Herbs and Spices (447 words)
3. Do You Have Quarantine Fatigue? (409 words)
4. Cleaning for the Beginning of the Year (418 words)
5. How to Start a Happiness Journal (439 words)
6. New Ways to Deal with Heightened Anxiety (446 words)
7. To-Do List for Stressful Days (438 words)
8. Tips for Dealing with Your Negative Feelings (425 words)
9. The Top Lists to Add to Your Planner (408 words)
10. The Benefits of Journaling for Personal Growth (441 words)
11. Tips for Time-Batching Your Life (439 words)
12. What is Guided Hypnosis? (416 words)
13. Why You Need to List Your Most Important Tasks (397 words)
14. Why Habits are Built One at a Time (464 words)
15. How to Reduce Screen Fatigue (456 words)
16. Benefits of Going Organic (401 words)
17. How to Improve Your Work-Life Balance (406 words)
18. 3 Things You Are Doing Wrong with Your Brain Dump (449 words)
19. What Does it Mean to Live Sustainably? (473 words)
20. How to Use EFT to Your Advantage (406 words)
21. Characteristics of Highly Sensitive People (417 words)
22. Using Visualization to Reach Your Goals (471 words)
23. What is Mental Fitness? (401 words)
24. How to Gain Momentum in Life (444 words)
25. Benefits of Revisiting Your Old Journals (436 words)
26. Understanding the Wheel of Life (421 words)
27. Natural Health Trends: Acerola (404 words)
28. The 7 Dimensions of Wellness (456 words)
29. Everything You Wanted to Know About Oat Milk (413 words)
30. Cut Back on Sugar Without Feeling Deprived (419 words)
31. Protect Your Hair and Skin During and After Workouts (402 words)
32. Why You Need an Affirmation Log (398 words)
33. What You Need for a Healthy Scalp (409 words)
34. Different Ways to Use Your Winter Produce (400 words)
35. Why You Should Sign Up for a CSA (405 words)
36. 7 Ways to Stay Active in Cold Weather (511 words)
37. Easy Ways to Get More Vitamin C (426 words)
38. Keep Your Home Organized Year-Round (430 words)
39. Tips for Getting Out of a Creative Slump (452 words)
40. Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas (465 words)
41. What are the signs of allergic rhinitis? (454 words)
42. Don’t Underestimate These Healthy Ingredients (404 words)
43. Common Mistakes You Are Making in Your Sleep Routine (435 words)
44. Why Your Energy Drops in the Afternoon (417 words)
45. Do You Need to Detox After the Holidays? (426 words)
46. Try These Natural Air Fresheners (400 words)
47. 6 Simple Ways to Use Collagen (490 words)
48. Surprising Causes of Bloating (415 words)
49. Improve Your Health with the Law of Attraction (464 words)
50. Why Taking a Pause Help with Emotional Eating (416 words)
51. Organizing for the End of the Year (401 words)
52. How to Set Realistic New Years’ Resolutions (492 words)

Journal Prompts and Journal - '52 Weeks of Health and Wellness'

You will get 52 journal prompts that are also used in the included '52 Weeks of Health and Wellness' journal.

This journal was created in Canva, making it easy for you to customize with your own images, fonts, and colors. 

The prompts ask different questions that pertain to improving one's health and setting health goals and priorities throughout the year. It is a great way for your audience to stay on track and remain aligned with their health goals.

The Journal is 54 pages in length, with one journal page for each of the journal prompts in this bundle.

Editable Canva Templates

The journal and journal cover are completely editable and customizable. These templates are created with Canva, so you will get access to an editable version that you are able to customize for your brand. 

There are 10 templates in total, including:

1. Daily Health Log
2. Food Diary
3. Weekly Activity
4. Health Goals This Week
5. Gratitude Journal
6. Important Lists
7. Affirmation Log
8. Habits Worksheet
9. Routines Worksheet
10. Editorial Calendar

Bonus #1: 'Year of Journaling' Free Copy

As a free bonus, you will get free access to last year's 'Year of Journaling' PLR bundle when you pick up the new Year of Health and Wellness PLR bundle. 

This includes:

53 articles about journaling
53 journal prompts
Workbook (with the prompts)
360+ page Journal (PowerPoint)

This sells for $69 at regular price that you get completely free when you purchase this bundle during the Black Friday weekend.

Bonus #2: 25 Royalty-Free Images

Create your own social media graphics, promote your blog posts, add images to your posts or opt-in pages, and more with these royalty-free images.

Get Your Copy Now! Scroll up and click 'Add to Cart' for instant access to this new content.

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2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.