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Winter Beauty – Premium PLR
(November 2017 membership content)
25 Articles
25 Graphics
Short Report
Long Report
10 Autoresponders


Winter Beauty - Premium PLR Bundle

Now is a great time to start preparing for your premium winter content with this Winter Beauty PLR bundle.

It talks about skincare, hair care, and other concerns about winter beauty and battling dry, cracked skin from the cold weather.

Please Note: This is from my monthly membership, Natural Healing PLR Club. If you are part of the membership, you have this content from November 2017.

What You Get With This PLR Bundle

Buy the Winter Beauty PLR bundle to get the following content:

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    25 Articles About Winter Beauty
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    25 Social Graphics
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    Short Report - Natural Hair Care in the Winter
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    Long Report - Winter-Proof Your Beauty Routine
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    10 Autoresponders - Winter Beauty Essentials

25 Articles About Winter Beauty

This Winter Beauty PLR bundle comes with 25 high-quality articles to be used as blog posts, reports, or an eBook.

1. Do’s and Don’ts for Hydrated Winter Skin (438 words)
2. Tips for Keeping Your Winter Skin Glowing (434 words)
3. How to Provide More Hydration to Your Dry Winter Skin (407 words)
4. Foods for Winter Beauty (414 words)
5. DIY Products to Care for Your Winter Skin (429 words)
6. Using Micellar Water for Skin Care (415 words)
7. How Ayurveda Helps with Natural Beauty (410 words)
8. Overnight Beauty Tips in Cold Weather (401 words)
9. Why You Should Wear Sunscreen in the Winter (408 words)
10. 4 Hair Masks for Moisture in Cold Weather (424 words)
11. Natural Ways to Reduce Hair Frizz (402 words)
12. Important Self-Care Tips for the Winter (451 words)
13. Natural Remedies for Dry Skin (401 words)

14. Vitamins for Inner and Outer Beauty (449 words)
15. Coconut Oil: The Miracle Cure for Beauty (405 words)
16. Top Skin Care Products for the Cold Weather Season (420 words)
17. Health Benefits of a Facial Massage (400 words)
18. What is Rice Water? (404 words)
19. Benefits of Shea Butter for Beauty (405 words)
20. Makeup Tips for the Winter Season (401 words)
21. How to Use Honey for Natural Beauty (408 words)
22. Taking Care of Your Dry Winter Lips (402 words)
23. Nourish Your Hair with These Tips (409 words)
24. How to Have Beautiful Feet in Cold and Dry Weather (404 words)
25. Spa Treatments for Cold Weather (408 words)

25 Social Media Graphics

Promote your new blog posts or articles on social media with these custom social media graphics.

Short Report - Natural Hair Care in the Winter

Get this 5-page report about natural hair care in the winter, something your readers will definitely want to know.

Natural Hair Care in the Winter​

5 pages, 5 sections, 2,246 words

1. Shampooing the Right Way
2. Use a Deep Conditioning Treatment
3. See Your Hair Stylist
4. Don’t Forget the Oils
5. Reduce the Heat

Long Report - Winter-Proof Your Beauty Routine

There is also a longer report that will allow your readers and subscribers to winter-proof their beauty routine.

Winter-Proof Your Beauty Treatments​

10 pages, 7 sections, 3,894 words

1. Hydrate from the Inside Out
2. Keep Your Diet in Check
3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
4. DIY Masks for Your Skin
5. Let Honey Hydrate Your Skin
6. Try Gentle Exfoliation
7. Makeup Tips for Cold, Winter Air

10 Autoresponders - Winter Beauty Essentials

You will also get these 10 autoresponders written about 10 different winter beauty essentials. These are great when you want to have a follow-up series and link the emails to a related blog post.

1. Skin and Body Scrub Ingredients (324 words)
2. Skin Moisturizers (329 words)
3. Hair Moisturizers (347 words)
4. Water Supplies (273 words)
5. Healthy Oils (258 words)

6. Nail and Cuticle Supplies (264 words)
7. Lip Scrubs (271 words)
8. Hand Cream (305 words)
9. Foot Exfoliators (371 words)
10. Natural Herbs (273 words)

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