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I have decided to bundle 20 health and wellness PLR products from my store!

This is your chance to get hundreds of pages of articles, blog posts, reports and other bonus content, including images, graphics, covers, and more.

Keep in mind that even though it is listed as 20 products, there are actually more than 20 products total since some of them are bundled together!

These PLR products are valued at $491, allowing you to save over $474 and get them all at once versus piecing together the bundle.

Why Should You Buy This PLR Weekend Special?

By grabbing this limited time PLR special package, you are not only saving hundreds of dollars on high-quality PLR, but this will ONLY be available for a few days currently.

I am currently making some changes to the products in the store, and wanted to bundle some products together that I think complement each other well.

The good news for you is that you get to stock up while saving a lot of money on high-quality relevant content.

This is only available for a limited time – after 5 days, the special is gone, and the products are removed from this bundle at this price point.

Have a brief look at the 20 products bundled in this massive special offer:

There is an unreal amount of journaling content and printable items in this special deal.

This massive bundle of products includes:

  • ~284 Articles
  • ~14 eBooks and Reports
  • ~27 Emails
  • ~27 Printable Items (Journals, Workbooks, Planners)
  • ~381 Journal Prompts and Affirmations
  • ~165 Graphics and Other Images

Below I’ve gone ahead and put a detailed breakdown of each of the 20 packages found in this ultimate bundle.

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Special Weekend Bundle Below

PLR Product #1:
Blogger Bundle
($37 value)


Get all the content, printables, and graphics you need for a month’s worth of blogging on your health, lifestyle, or personal development blog.

This PLR package comes with 20 brand new blog posts in a variety of topics that are ideal for health and lifestyle blogs. Each blog post is over 800 words, and also comes with an accompanying email that you can use to get people over to your blog post to promote affiliate products.

I have also created a blog content planner and calendar printable using these blog posts and emails, so you have a starting off point for how to use this content.

Not only do you get this high-quality content, but you will also receive 12 printables that go along with the content in this bundle, journal prompts, a journal and workbook, and more bonuses!

The printables, journal, and workbook are all available in both Canva and PowerPoint, giving you more options to customize them.

Just take a look at the 10 modules included in this new PLR bundle:

  • Module #1: 20 Blog Posts (Variety of Topics) – 800+ Words Each
  • Module #2: 20 Emails – Corresponding With the Blog Posts
  • Module #3: Blog Content Planner and Calendar – Editable in Canva and PowerPoint
  • Module #4: 12 Printables – Editable in Canva and PowerPoint
  • Module #5: 30 Journal Prompts – Variety of Topics
  • Module #6: Stylized Journal – Editable in Canva and PowerPoint
  • Module #7: Stylized Workbook – Editable in Canva and PowerPoint
  • Module #8: 20 Blog Post Graphics – Editable in Canva
  • Module #9: 2 Custom eCovers (Journal and Workbook) – Editable in Canva
  • Module #10: List of Affiliate Products to Promote – 60 Products Total

This bundle provides you with everything you need for an entire month’s worth of blog content, including blog posts, emails, printables, graphics, content upgrades, and more.

Here is a list of the 20 blog post titles you will get:

1. How to Improve Your Relationship With Money (850 words)
2. 6 Healthy Ways to Start Your Day (806 words)
3. 7 Types of Lists for Your Journal (862 words)
4. How to Help Your Kids Start a Gratitude Practice (859 words)
5. The Anti-Vision Board: Why You Need to Know What You DON’T Want (811 words)
6. Why Snake Plants Are Perfect for New Plant Owners (813 words)
7. 6 Sunscreens That Won’t Affect Your Acne (826 words)
8. The Best Floral Essential Oils to Add to Your Collection (801 words)
9. How to Feel Less Tired During the Day (815 words)
10. Sober Living: How to Deal With Being the Sober Friend (812 words)
11. Easy Ways to Increase Serotonin Every Day (810 words)
12. How to Tune in to What Your Body Needs (817 words)
13. How to Stick to Your Wellness Routine While Traveling (882 words)
14. Daily Habits That Help You Get Better at Tarot (810 words)
15. The Red Flags You Are Ignoring (808 words)
16. 8 Daily Mental Health Habits to Live a Happier Life (933 words)
17. Calming Gift Ideas for Someone With Anxiety (805 words)
18. 6 Things New Plant Owners Should Know (1,101 words)
19. 5 Anti-Aging Habits You Need to Start Right Now (827 words)
20. Your First Steps When You’re New to Journaling (810 words)

The email topics included in this package are:

1. 3 Ways to Shift Your Money Mindset (350 words)
2. Are You Guilty of These Toxic Morning Habits? (309 words)
3. How Creating Lists Can Help You Journal (298 words)
4. 10 Gratitude Prompts for Your Kids and Teens (224 words)
5. How to Know What You Want in Life (405 words)
6. The Best Plants for Your Bedroom (367 words)
7. When to Reapply Sunscreen (305 words)
8. Ways to Use Floral Essential Oils (268 words)
9. How to Get Out of the Midday Slump (349 words)
10. 3 Sober Ways to Hang Out With Friends (387 words)
11. Daily Habits for a Serotonin Boost (301 words)
12. 4 Quick Tips for Being More Mindful (323 words)
13. Sneaking in Exercise During Your Vacation (253 words)
14. 3 Things to Add to Your Morning Tarot Routine (373 words)
15. How to Make Peace With Your Friends (278 words)
16. Simple Habits to Reduce Anxiety (269 words)
17. Affirmations That Can Help With Your Anxiety (240 words)
18. The 5 First Houseplants to Get (369 words)
19. What to Add to Your Anti-Aging Skincare Routine (316 words)
20. 10 Journal Prompts for the First Timer (280 words)

This product and every module inside of this product come with the full private label rights license.

PLR Product #2:
Life Organization Bundle
($17 value)

We’ve all been there. Life gets hectic, obligations get in the way, and then the clutter starts building up little by little.  It gets ahead of us, and before we know it organizing things becomes an extremely daunting task that we let go for way too long.

This is such a common occurrence, especially with how many people are working from home and the consumerist society that we live in today.

Being organized and not living amongst clutter, both physically and digitally can have a massive positive impact on many different aspects of your life.

The reality is that there’s a systematic way that you can approach dealing with the clutter as it builds up, and ultimately as a result, finding yourself far more organized.

Fortunately, the subject of “Life Organization” is exactly what this brand new completely exclusive PLR package explores in great detail.

Regardless of your niche, self-help, health and wellness, wellbeing, entrepreneurship, marketing – you can find somewhere to work in a bit of content related to life organization.

In this product, you’ll not only be receiving the unique professionally written content to conquer this topic, but you’ll even receive a report, a handful of graphics, and marketing materials as well.

There’s a total of 6 unique modules of content and materials in this package, plus 2 bonuses that round everything out.

This bundle includes:

  • Module #1: 10 Professionally Written Articles (600+ Words Each) – $400 Value
  • Module #2: Report From The Articles w/ Intro & Conclusion (Word Format) – $35 Value
  • Module #3: Unique eCover for The Journal (Editable In Canva) – $25 Value
  • Module #4: 2D Graphics Package (Canva & Photoshop PSD Format) – $25 Value
  • Module #5: 3D Mockup + More Graphics Package (Photoshop PSD & PNG Format) – $25 Value
  • Module #6: Classic Squeeze Page & Download Page (HTML5 & CSS Format) – $50 Value
  • Bonus #01: 10 Royalty-Free Work/Life Balance Stock Images – 100% Commercial License
  • Bonus #02: Full PDF Setup Guide For The Journal & Squeeze Page Package – Personal License

Here is a list of the 10 article titles / topics found in this module:

  1. 12 Easy Ways to Organize Your Life (1,444 words)
  2. How to Create a Master To-Do List for Life Organization (721 words)
  3. 6 Organizing Tasks You Can Do Over a Weekend (780 words)
  4. Helpful Tools for Organizing Your Life (844 words)
  5. Simple Ways to Keep Your Mail Organized (833 words)
  6. 7How to Declutter When You’re Sentimental (643 words)
  7. 7 Sunday Habits for a More Organized Life (725 words)
  8. Life Organization Tips: How to Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed (690 words)
  9. Organization Tips for Messy People (645 words)
  10. Easy Ways to Stay Organized (662 words)
Here are the 15 sections found in this report:
  1. Keep Your Mail Sorted
  2. Use a Meal Plan Every Week
  3. Create a Master To-Do List
  4. Have Routines for Organizing and Decluttering
  5. Write Everything Down
  6. Be Consistent With Decluttering
  7. Start Using a Block Schedule
  8. Figure Out Your Preferred Organization System
  9. Try 15-Minute Daily Speed Cleaning
  10. Have a Place for Everything
  11. Always Put Items Away When You’re Done Using Them
  12. Don’t Forget About Digital Organizing
  13. Have a Sunday Reset and Planning Day
  14. How to Declutter When You’re Sentimental
  15. Gather Your Organizational Tools and Accessories

PLR Product #3:
Emotional Wellbeing
($27 value)

One of the most evergreen topics of all for the health and wellness niche would have to be the concept of improving ones emotional well-being and emotional wellness as well.

That’s why there really is no better time than the present (with everything going on in the world) to start making use of content related to this very subject matter.

In this PLR product, you will be receiving content that focuses in one giving advice for acknowledging one’s emotions, accepting those emotions, and then further processing their emotions in a healthy way.

Realistically, a lot of the advice is centered around mindfulness, expressing emotions and feelings in an open, honest, and healthy manner, and above all removing judgement and shame from one’s feelings, etc.

For this particular package, you receive 25 action packed articles, a report, and then some very unique and new (to this store) items that you can use to deploy this content in your business immediately after downloading.

You will have access to 6 main modules, and then 2 bonus modules all based around the concept of emotional well-being and wellness.

What You Get in this Journaling Mega PLR Bundle:

  • Module #1: 25 PLR Articles About Emotional Wellness – 600+ Words Each
  • Module #2: Unique Report From The Articles – 49 pages, 17,133 words
  • Module #3: Original eCover for The Report – Editable in Canva
  • Module #4: 3D Mockup & More Graphics Package – Photoshop PSD & PNG Format
  • Module #5: Classic Squeeze Page & Download Page – Editable HTML & CSS Format
  • Module #6: Modern Squeeze Page & Download Page – Editable HTML & CSS Format
  • Bonus #1: 10 Royalty-Free Wellness Related Stock Images – 100% Commercial License
  • Bonus #2: Full PDF Setup Guide For The Report & Squeeze Page Packages – Personal License
Below is a list of the 25 article titles found in this package:
  1. What is Emotional Wellness? (658 words)
  2. Types of Emotional Self-Care (689 words)
  3. 6 Signs You Are Suffering From Emotional Exhaustion (742 words)
  4. Emotional Wellbeing: How to Validate Your Emotions (629 words)
  5. What Can Negatively Affect Your Emotional Wellbeing (691 words)
  6. 7 Signs of Good Emotional Health (743 words)
  7. How to Protect Your Emotions (614 words)
  8. How to Become More Resilient (737 words)
  9. Lifestyle Changes for Better Emotional Wellness (756 words)
  10. What is Emotional Intelligence? (608 words)
  11. 5 Signs You Need to Work on Your Emotional Healing (696 words)
  12. Are Other People Draining Your Energy? (623 words)
  13. Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Emotions (651 words)
  14. Healthy Ways to Process Your Emotions (677 words)
  15. How Your Emotional Wellbeing Affects Different Parts of Your Life (612 words)
  16. Natural Remedies for Improved Emotional Health (633 words)
  17. What is Toxic Positivity? (715 words)
  18. Why Journaling is Your Best Tool for Improved Emotional Wellbeing (726 words)
  19. Can You Heal Your Emotional Wounds? (619 words)
  20. Spiritual Practices That Nurture Your Emotional State (856 words)
  21. Bad Emotional Health Habits to Break (619 words)
  22. How to Make Your Emotional Health a Priority (671 words)
  23. Tips for Coping with Emotional Stress (695 words)
  24. Affirmations to Help Calm Your Mind (634 words)
  25. How to Handle Burnout and Overwhelm (842 words)
Here are the 5 sections found in this report:
  1. Understanding Your Emotional Wellbeing
  2. A Deep Dive Into Emotional Wellness
  3. Bad Habits and Toxic Influences
  4. Emotional Healing and Dealing With Your Emotions
  5. Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Emotional Wellness

Like the previous PLR package , you will receive the Private Label Rights license to all of the modules within this package.

PLR Product #4:
Living With Chronic Illness
($25 value)

Help your audience deal with chronic illness, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue with this new pack of prewritten articles.

Thesearticles address common issues experienced by people who suffer with a
chronic illness, including parenting, getting exercise, being productive, managing their mental health, sleeping, getting support, and so much more.

These articles work great as blog posts, but can also be combined into a lead magnet or content upgrade.

Article Topics Include:

1. How to Practice Self-Care When You Have Chronic Pain (469 words)
2. Coping Skills for Chronic Illness (464 words)
3. How to Enjoy Nature When You Suffer With a Chronic Illness (484 words)
4. How to Improve Your Sleep When You Are in Pain (463 words)
5. Acceptance and Chronic Illness (457 words)
6. Strategies for Explaining Your Chronic Illness to Others (450 words)
7. Chronic Illness Tips: How to Stay Productive (453 words)
8. Tips for Taking Care of Your Kids When You Have Chronic Pain (450 words)
9. You Need These Apps if You Have a Chronic Illness (428 words)
10. Chronic Illness and Burnout (457 words)
11. Chronic Pain: How to Handle the Bad Days (428 words)
12. Dealing With Grief With Your Chronic Illness (541 words)
13. Easy Strategies for Cleaning with Chronic Pain (464 words)
14. The Importance of Having a Support System (424 words)
15. Chronic Illness and Mental Health: Why it Should Be a Priority (504 words)
16. Easy Hairstyles When You Have Chronic Pain (499 words)
17. How to Handle Fatigue From Your Chronic Illness (432 words)
18. How to Ease Stress Caused By Your Illness (450 words)
19. Tips for Setting Personal Boundaries (450 words)
20. Healthy Eating Tips for People With Chronic Pain (529 words)
21. Grocery Shopping Tips When You Have a Chronic Illness (466 words)
22. How to Get Exercise When You Are Always in Pain (420 words)
23. Beginner’s Guide to Meditation for Chronic Illness Sufferers (489 words)
24. How to Say No When You’re in Too Much Pain to Go (470 words)
25. What is Spoon Theory? (438 words)

PLR Product #5:
Health, Lifestyle & Spiritual Posts
($14 value)

Engage your audience with fresh, prewritten content with the Health, Lifestyle, and Spiritual PLR pack. You get 14 articles on a variety of different subjects.

This PLR pack is great when you want to add more content to your blog, but not all on just one topic. These appeal to a general audience as well as niche groups, as it includes a great combination of health, wellness, lifestyle, and spiritual topics.

This gives you a lot more variety and even more opportunities to use the content.

This bundle comes with 14 brand new articles on different health and lifestyle topics, including spiritual practices, essential oils, journaling, gut health, and more. It is an excellent choice if you want to add more content to your blog that is related to health or lifestyle changes.

Article Topics Include:

1. Foods That Can Cause Inflammation and Bloating (474 words)
2. When is the Best Time to Meditate? (475 words)
3. The Best Appliances for Healthy Eating (477 words)
4. Daily Mindfulness Rituals (450 words)
5. 5 Ways to Simplify Your Life (515 words)
6. How to Read Tarot Cards Intuitively (470 words)
7. Why is Detachment Necessary for the Law of Attraction (564 words)
8. 5 Things to Do Every Night Before Bed (554 words)
9. Where People Go Wrong When Setting Up Daily Routines (455 words)
10. Underrated Essential Oils to Add to Your Collection (518 words)
11. Nutrition for Your Gut (456 words)
12. Tarot VS Oracle: What is the Difference? (474 words)
13. Pros and Cons of Virtual Fitness Trainers (463 words)
14. New Journaling Trends: How Journaling is Changing (453 words)

You will receive the private label rights license for every module in this product as well.

PLR Product #6:
Tarot Cards Report
($17 value)

Tarot cards are a stack of cards with different images, symbols, and numbers to help represent what each person might be thinking, feeling, or experiencing.

They are not used to predict the future, but rather help you to gain more insight, allow you to find clarity in difficult situations, and figure out which path to go down at any given time.

There are 78 cards in all, including 22 Major Arcana (The Star, The Sun, The Fool, etc) and 56 Minor Arcana (split into suits of wands, pentacles, swords, and cups).

With this report, you will get short descriptions for each of the 78 tarot cards, including the major and minor arcana. It makes it easy to start becoming familiar with how to read each type of tarot card.

What You Get in This PLR Package:

  • 15-Page Report (4,376 Words)
  • Editable Canva Cover

Tarot Card Meanings: Get to Know Your Tarot Deck
15 pages, 4,376 words

Part 1: Major Arcana
Part 2: Minor Arcana

Format: The report is provided in Microsoft Word format, while the cover is in Canva format.

This product and every module inside of this product come with the full private label rights license.

PLR Product #7:
Spiritual Blog Posts
($17 value)

Help your audience on their spiritual journey with this new PLR pack all about spiritual topics. You will get 15 new articles that work great as blog posts, or can be combined into a report or eBook about spiritual practices and growth.

This PLR pack is especially useful if you want to start adding blog posts about spirituality to your blog, but offer a wide range of topics. Instead of being about just one area of spirituality, the bundle includes different topics and ideas about spiritual practices and so much more.

This gives you a lot more variety and even more opportunities to use the content.

15 Articles About Spirituality

This bundle comes with 15 brand new articles on different spiritual-related topics, such as crystals, manifesting, meditation, spirit guides, spiritual growth, intuition, moon water, and so much more.

Article Topics Include:

1. Tips for Starting Your Spiritual Journey (506 words)
2. How to Protect Yourself From Negative Energies (515 words)
3. Crystals to Put Under Your Pillow (450 words)
4. Creating a Spiritual Morning Routine (552 words)
5. How to Develop Your Intuition (666 words)
6. How to Connect With Your Spirit Guides (617 words)
7. Self-Care Activities for Empaths (566 words)
8. 7 Tips for Spiritual Growth (664 words)
9. Signs That Your Manifestations Are Coming True (510 words)
10. Angel Numbers and Their Significance (623 words)
11. Connecting with Nature on Your Spiritual Journey (565 words)
12. How to Make Moon Water (556 words)
13. 3 Types of Smudge Sticks for Cleansing (495 words)
14. Signs You Are Having a Spiritual Awakening (682 words)
15. How to Use Dream Work as a Spiritual Practice (684 words)

This product and every module inside of this product come with the full private label rights license.

PLR Product #8:
Healthy Habits For Fall
($17 value)

Help your audience develop new healthy habits and routines this Fall season with this new prewritten content.

This content is focused on using the changing of the seasons to reassess, rest, and recharge. There is a report that lists 20 healthy habits for fall, plus 10 articles about healthy fall habits that work great as blog posts.

What You Get in This PLR Bundle:

  • Report – ‘Healthy Habits for Fall’ (7 pages, 2,525 words)
  • Articles – 10 Articles About Productivity
  • eCover – Canva Template Cover for the Report

Report – ‘Healthy Habits for Fall’

This opt-in report can be used as a lead magnet, free content upgrade, or as a long, in-depth blog post. It includes 20 healthy habits to implement during the fall season.

‘Healthy Habits for the Fall’
6 pages, 2,099 words

Includes topics like:

1. Commit to Journaling Every Day
2. Try Forest Bathing
3. Add in Gentle Movement
4. Improve Your Digestion
5. Get Cozy with Hygge
6. Slow Down
7. Unplug More Often
8. Make Time for Rest

… and more!

10 Articles About Healthy Habits In The Fall, Including The Following Article Titles:

1. Fall Fitness: Fitness Ideas for Indoors and Outdoors (411 words)
2. Why Now is the Perfect Time to Change Your Mindset (412 words)
3. Fall Productivity: Time Management Tips (432 words)
4. How to Optimize Your New Fall Schedule (405 words)
5. Ayurveda for the Fall Season (403 words)
6. How to Adapt a Meditation Practice in the Fall (418 words)
7. Autumn is the Season for Slowing Down (421 words)
8. Become a Morning Person in the Fall (463 words)
9. Natural Ways to Boost Your Happy Hormones (423 words)
10. Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Unplug (404 words)
This product and every module inside of this product come with the full private label rights license.

PLR Product #9:
Self-Care, Stress, and Sleep
($37 value)

This bundle combines three important areas of health and wellness that are often closely connected:

  • Self-Care
  • Stress
  • Sleep

When you focus on all three parts of wellness, you are able to get better sleep, reduce your stress, and do more for yourself. Suddenly, you have more energy and time for other things, are practicing more self-compassion than ever before, and you are in a better mood thanks to improved sleep.

This bundle includes high-quality content aimed at self-care, stress, and sleep, including an eBook, report, articles, journal prompts, and more.

What You Get in This PLR Bundle:

  • eBook – ‘Natural Remedies for Less Stress and Better Sleep’ – 18 pages, 4,532 words
  • Report – ‘Self-Care for Everyone’ – 8 pages, 2,731 words
  • Articles – 5 Articles About Self-Care, Stress, and Sleep
  • Email Series – 7-Day Email Series
  • Covers – Editable Canva Templates
  • 100 Journal Prompts
  • Journal – Made From the Prompts


5 Relevant PLR Articles, Including The Following Topics:

1. How to Fall Asleep When You Have Anxiety (408 words)
2. What is Your Ideal Self-Care Routine? (415 words)
3. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Self-Care Ideas (408 words)
4. Why You’re Always Stressed (415 words)
5. How to Wake Up Without Stress (414 words)

Emails: 7 Days of Healthy Habits

If you are looking for emails related to the eBook and report, this series is perfect. It is a 7-day email series offering up 7 different types of healthy habits. 

You will get:

Day 1 – Practice Self-Reflection (236 words)
Day 2 – Take the Time to Read (261 words)
Day 3 – Do a Creative Activity (292 words)
Day 4 – Get Outside (263 words)
Day 5 – Move Your Body (223 words)
Day 6 – Create a Nighttime Ritual (306 words)
Day 7 – Be Grateful (265 words)

This product and every module inside of this product come with the full private label rights license.

PLR Product #10:
101 Affirmations
($17 value)

Affirmations are one of the tools that people are often using without realizing it. They are short, powerful phrases that can provide positivity, strength, courage, and self-confidence to those who use them.

People are often telling themselves one thing or another, repeating what they believe to be “truths”. These are often negative emotions that they have convinced themselves to be true out of fear and doubt.

With positive affirmations like those included in this PLR package, your audience can learn how to reframe their thoughts and find their own power to live the best life they can.

Get 101 affirmations that help your audience tap into their subconscious and start living their dream life.

These affirmations come in 10 main categories, including:

  • Health
  • Love
  • Confidence
  • Success
  • Money and Wealth
  • Mornings
  • Empowerment
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Gratitude
  • Positive Mindset

With These Affirmations, You Can:

  • Include them in a blog post about positive mindsets.
  • Offer them as a free opt-in bonus.
  • Include them in a journal or planner.
  • Sell them as a package with other related content.
This product and every module inside of this product come with the full private label rights license.

PLR Product #11:
Life & Health Reset
($25 value)

A health and life reset is one where you take a look at your life, shift your priorities, and make small changes to your habits and routines. From creating new goals, to making your health a priority, a life reset allows you to evaluate your life and only adjust what you feel isn’t working out.

This bundle gives you the opportunity to share tips and advice about doing a complete life reset in just about every area, including physical and mental health, habits and routines, finances, home life, career, and more.

In this PLR pack, you are going to get 25 articles and 20 images, which can be used for a report or lead magnet, blog posts, email series, and so much more.

The articles cover different topics about life and health resets, giving you tons of options for how to use the content.

What You Get in This PLR Pack:

  • 25 Articles
  • 20 Images

25 Articles About Resetting Your Life, Including These Topics:

1. Reasons to Do a Health Reset in the Fall (432 words)
2. Signs You Need a Life Reset (404 words)
3. What Areas of Your Life Should You Reset? (400 words)
4. Take a Look at Your Daily Routines (418 words)
5. How to do a Weekly Reset (454 words)
6. Why You Should Consider Seasonal Life Resets (446 words)
7. Tips for Creating a Fall Bucket List (412 words)
8. Resetting Your Physical Health (419 words)
9. Resetting Your Mental Health (482 words)
10. Health Reset: Balancing Your Nutrition (425 words)
11. Focus on Your Home During a Life Reset (414 words)
12. The Importance of Slowing Down (442 words)
13. Revisit Your Goals During a Reset (417 words)
14. Tips for Finding Your Purpose (403 words)
15. Reset Your Gut Without a Detox (412 words)
16. Maintain Peace with Hygge (430 words)
17. Why You Should Reset Your Exercise Routine (460 words)
18. Improve Your Sleep Hygiene (415 words)
19. Meditation and Mindfulness During a Reset (483 words)
20. Improve Your Life with Journaling (423 words)
21. Different Areas of Wellness to Reset (422 words)
22. Have a Plan with Your Reset (420 words)
23. Affirmations to Improve a Mental Health Reset (411 words)
24. Do You Know What Your Limiting Beliefs Are? (408 words)
25. How and Why to Work on Your Finances (451 words)

This product and every module inside of this product come with the full private label rights license.

PLR Product #12:
Resetting Your Wellness
($27 value)

Get even more new content about resetting your health and wellness. This bundle focuses on different areas of wellness, including:

  • Physical Health
  • Emotional and Mental Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Environmental Health

It is a great way to show your audience how they can have a fresh start at any time, and become healthy from the inside, out.


What You Get With This PLR Bundle:

  • eBook – ‘Simple Guide to Resetting Your Wellness’ – 18 pages, 4,252 words
  • Report – ‘Developing a Sunday Reset Routine’ – 5 pages, 1,691 words
  • Covers – Editable Canva Templates
  • 50 Journal Prompts
  • Journal – Made From the Prompts
  • 3 Worksheets – Fall Bucket List, Sunday Reset Routine, Reset Your Wellness

‘Simple Guide To Resetting Your Wellness’ eBook
4,000+ Words

This brand new eBook, Simple Guide to Resetting Your Wellness, offers your audience help with choosing what areas of health they want to improve, and gives tips for each fundamental area of health and wellness

There are over 4,000 words of content, including a disclaimer, introduction, and table of contents.

It includes 5 Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Reset Your Physical Health
  • Chapter 2: Reset Your Emotional and Mental Health
  • Chapter 3: Reset Your Spiritual Health
  • Chapter 4: Reset Your Environmental Health
  • Chapter 5: Reset Your Lifestyle


‘Developing a Sunday Reset Routine’ Report
5 pages, 1,691 Words

There is also a report for people who want to start a Sunday Reset Routine. This goes over reasons to do a reset every Sunday, why it is the perfect day of the week for this type of routine, and lots of helpful tips and suggestions.

It includes 4 sections:

1. Benefits of Having a Sunday Reset Routine
2. Choosing What You Want to Work on Every Week
3. What Goes Into a Sunday Reset Routine?
4. Don’t Forget About Self-Care


Health Reset Journal & 3 Worksheets

If you want to use these journal prompts in a printable journal, I have put one together for you! This journal is created in PowerPoint, so it is easy for you to edit and customize however you want.

It includes several styles of lined journal pages, as well as a page for every prompt in this bundle.

These worksheets are perfect as content upgrades or free opt-in bonuses. Each of them is editable in Canva. 

They include:

1. Fall Bucket List
2. Sunday Reset Routine
3. Resetting Your Wellness


This product and every module inside of this product come with the full private label rights license.

PLR Product #13:
Journaling For Self-Care
($27 value)

Don’t miss this exclusive  PLR content about self-care, but not just any type of self-care. It is more about realistic self-care, going beyond the vague tips your audience has heard before.

Self-Care Should Be Intentional and Purposeful

What makes self-care different from other activities and tasks you do throughout the day is that they are optional and intentional. You choose to participate in these activities to help improve your health and wellness, including your physical, emotional, and mental health. 

This PLR pack talks about different areas of self-care, including:

  • Self-care during daily routines
  • Adding it to block schedules
  • Self-care for introverts and extroverts
  • Common mistakes people make
  • Signs you need to switch up your routine
  • … and lots more!

I wanted to create content about self-care that isn’t just about bubble baths and pampering. It really talks about a more realistic approach to self-care, without spending a lot of money or time, but still gaining the same benefits from it.

You will get 15 exclusive articles, a report about journaling for self-care, journal prompts, workbook, and journal.

What You Receive In The Journal For Self-Care PLR Package:


  • 15 Articles About Self-Care
  • 7-Page Report – ‘Journaling for Self-Care’
  • eCover (includes PSD file)
  • 50 Journal Prompts
  • Workbook (with the journal prompts)
  • Journal (PowerPoint)
15 Articles About Self-Care

Use these high quality articles as blog posts, put them into a report, or create an email series about how people can stay healthy while at home in isolation.

The article topics include:

1. Self-Care After Tragedy or Loss (475 words)
2. Who Needs Self-Care the Most? (477 words)
3. Signs That You Need to Practice More Self-Care (436 words)
4. Adding Self-Care to Your Nighttime Routine (419 words)
5. How to Know Your Self-Care Routine is Helping (404 words)
6. Being Kind to Yourself and Practicing Positive Self-Talk (429 words)
7. 5 Things to Look For in Your Self-Care Activities (476 words)
8. Is Your Self-Care Routine Serving You? (505 words)
9. Self-Care to Start Your Day (436 words)
10. Self-Care for Personal Growth (418 words)
11. 3 Ways to Add Self-Care to Your Block Schedule (429 words)
12. Activities You Didn’t Know Were Self-Care (475 words)
13. Exercise for Self-Care (531 words)
14. Healthy Eating for Self-Care (426 words)
15. Quick Tips for Self-Care Journaling (544 words)

Workbook With The Journal Prompts

This journaling for self-care PLR package includes 2 different types of workbooks – One is a text version made in Microsoft Word, and the other is done in PowerPoint with more design elements.

The workbook done in Word is text only, and has been made from the 50 journal prompts. It is a way for your readers to go through each prompt in order to work on their self-care routine and figure out how they want to incorporate journaling into it.

By using this version, it is easy to go through and edit the prompts if you want, add more lines, add bullet points, or anything else you would like to include.

Once you’re done, you can convert it to PDF, and sell or give away to your readers to print and use for themselves.

Report – ‘Journaling for Self-Care’
7 Pages, 2,175 Words

To further help your audience with the benefits of journaling for self-care, you will also get a lead magnet about this topic. This report includes 4 different sections about using a journal for self-care, the benefits, styles of journaling for self-care, and some additional tips.

Here are the sections in this report:

1. Why Journal for Self-Care?
2. Fitting Journaling Into Your Routine
3. Types of journaling for self-care
4. Journal Tips for Beginners

This product and every module inside of this product come with the full private label rights license.

PLR Product #14:
Kids & Teen Journaling
($37 value)

This new PLR bundle provides high-quality written content, journals, journal prompts, and more about Journaling for Kids and Teens.

So much content out there about journaling is aimed at adults, but the fact is, people of all ages can benefit from this practice.

This bundle goes over the benefits for kids and teens, tips, creating a routine, using it for mindfulness, setting up a journaling space, and so much more.

Here Are The Modules You Receive in This Package:

  • Articles- 15 Articles About Journaling for Kids and Teens
  • Report – Articles Put Into a Report/Opt-in
  • 3 eCovers – Editable Canva Cover Templates
  • 50 Journaling Prompts – 25 Prompts for Kids and 25 Prompts for Teens
  • 2 Workbooks – Created From the Journal Prompts
  • 2 Journals – 2 Simple Journals Created in PowerPoint (1 for kids, 1 for teens)
  • BONUS – Royalty-Free Images

15 Articles About Journaling For Kids & Teens:

The Kids and Teens Journaling PLR bundle comes with 15 articles that help your audience understand the benefits, why they should start their kids on journaling young, tips for choosing the right journal, how journaling helps with self-esteem and growing up, and so much more.

Article Topics Include:

1. Benefits of Journaling for Kids (466 words)
2. Why Journaling is Good for Teens (441 words)
3. How Kids and Teens Can Start Journaling (423 words)
4. Setting Up a Journaling Routine for Kids (404 words)
5. How Journaling is Different for Teens Than Adults (420 words)
6. Improving Self-Esteem and Confidence with Journaling (439 words)
7. Kids’ Journaling Idea: Kindness Journal (413 words)
8. Why Everyone Should Include Gratitude in Their Journal (423 words)
9. Teens Find Self-Discovery and Life Goals in Their Journal (424 words)
10. The Importance of Positivity Mindsets with Journaling (405 words)
11. Mindfulness for Kids (408 words)
12. How to Get Kids Excited About Journaling (425 words)
13. Anxiety in Teens and How Journaling Can Help (443 words)
14. Top Journals for Kids (414 words)
15. Top Journals for Teens (422 words)

Report – ‘Journaling for Kids & Teens’
18 pages, 6,429 words

The articles in this bundle have also been put into an opt-in report, so you can choose to use them as a free opt-in or content upgrade if you prefer that to blog posts.

Here are the sections in this report:

1. Introducing Journaling to Kids and Teens
2. Journaling for Kids
3. Journaling for Teens

2 Journals – Kids & Teens

In addition to the workbooks, you will also get two journals. One journal for kids, and one journal for teens. Each journal also includes pages with the journal prompts, as well as:

Lined journal pages
Notes page
Doodle page
Fill-in-the-blank worksheet pages
Daily planner pages (kid-friendly!)
… and more!

File Format: Both journals are in PowerPoint, making them easy to customize with your own colors, images, fonts, and layouts.

Journal for Kids

The Journal for Kids is done in PowerPoint, making it easy for you to customize everything. You can change the layout, add or remove pages, change fonts, colors, images, and more.

This journal is 36 pages in total, including lined journal pages you can duplicate as many times as you want, along with some added layouts, including a homework log, chore log, and doodle page.

The Kids’ Journal Includes:

  • Lined journal pages (3 styles)
  • Doodle page
  • Homework Log
  • Chart Log
  • My Favorite Things
  • Daily Planner
  • Journal Prompt Pages

It is 36 pages in total, including a page for every journal prompt.

Journal for Teens

The Journal for Teens is 36 pages long, also done in PowerPoint. You can edit absolutely everything in this journal, before you convert it to a PDF to give or sell to your list.

In addition to the lined and journal prompts pages, there is a gratitude page, homework log, daily tasks, morning and night routine, and daily planner.

The Teens’ Journal Includes:

  • Lined journal pages
  • Doodle Page
  • Daily Tasks
  • Morning and Night Routines
  • Homework Log
  • Gratitude
  • Daily Planner
  • Journal Prompts Pages

It has 35 pages in total, including the journal prompts pages.

This product and every module inside of this product come with the full private label rights license.

PLR Product #15:
Natural Health Articles
($25 value)

Don’t miss this PLR content that allows you to become an authority on the topic of natural health. 

You will get 25 new articles that work great as blog posts, emails, or can be put together into a lead magnet or eBook.

25 Articles About Natural and Holistic Health:

Use these high quality articles as blog posts, put them into a report, or create an email series about natural and holistic health.

The article topics include:

1. Natural Ways to Boost Your Serotonin Levels (408 words)
2. How to Get More Vitamin C From Your Food (405 words)
3. Easy Ways to Increase Your Magnesium (412 words)
4. Herbs to Help Balance Your Hormones (405 words)
5. Use Essential Oils to Make a Linen Spray (403 words)
6. Ways to Use Your Empty Essential Oil Bottles (412 words)
7. Masculine Essential Oil Scents (410 words)
8. Vitamins for Eye Health (404 words)
9. Vitamins for Brain Health (422 words)
10. What is Manuka Honey? (407 words)
11. Why You Should Hydrate Before You Caffeinate (410 words)
12. Fire Cider to Help Fight Illness (408 words)
13. Herbs That Help the Digestive System (408 words)
14. Why You Need to Lower Your Cortisol (492 words)
15. Natural Ways to Boost Your Libido (496 words)
16. Holistic Remedies for SIBO (453 words)
17. The Benefits of an Ayurveda Practice (407 words)
18. How to Make Your Own Beard Oil (458 words)
19. Why Everyone Needs More Vitamin D (403 words)
20. About Birch Leaf Oil (405 words)
21. What is Burdock? (437 words)
22. Essential Oils for Gut Conditions (419 words)
23. Benefits and Uses of Ginger (405 words)
24. The Surprising Benefits of Yoga (405 words)
25. How to Choose the Right Essential Oils (405 words)

This product and every module inside of this product come with the full private label rights license.

PLR Product #16:
Wellness PLR Bundle
($25 value)

If you have a health, wellness, or lifestyle blog, you know that adding high-quality, consistent content is what keeps your readers interested and helps to have a successful blog. But it can be difficult when you buy prewritten content bundles all on the same topic.

Instead, why not get a bundle with different health and self-help related content, that allow you to schedule a variety of posts more people will be interested in?

I have put together a new bundle of 25 article topics that work perfectly as blog posts, but can also be converted into emails or a blog series.

These articles are on a wide range of topics in the health, wellness, and self-help niches, including:

  • Journals and planners
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Personal development
  • Natural and holistic health
  • .. and many more!


What You Will Receive In This PLR Bundle:

Here is a look at what is included:

– 25 PLR Articles
– 400+ Words Each
– Text and Word Format

25 Articles About Overall Wellness:

You will get 25 high-quality articles about various topics in the health, wellness, and self-help spectrum.

The article topics include:

1. Health Benefits of Oat Milk (408 words)
2. What is the Mediterranean Diet? (436 words)
3. Why You Should Change Your Routine One Habit at a Time (431 words)
4. How to Lose Weight Without Dieting (449 words)
5. The Newest Keto Food Trend: How to Make Chaffles (453 words)
6. Anxiety Relief: Provide Comfort with a Weighted Blanket (529 words)
7. How to Know Your Blood Sugar is Dropping (460 words)
8. The Do’s and Don’ts of Elimination Diets (415 words)
9. What is the Difference Between Plant-Based and Vegan? (422 words)
10. Common Reasons Behind Your Bloat (505 words)
11. Subtle Signs of Stress in Your Daily Life (417 words)
12. Why Everyone Should Be Using Epsom Salt (412 words)
13. Current Fitness at Home Trends (402 words)
14. 5 Ways You Might Be Journaling Wrong (551 words)
15. Common Daily Planner Mistakes and How to Fix Them (431 words)
16. What is Moon Milk? (413 words)
17. The Importance of Slowing Down (410 words)
18. How to Use Witch Hazel for Your Skin (421 words)
19. What is PMDD? (446 words)
20. How to Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine (400 words)
21. What is a Flexitarian? (417 words)
22. Health Benefits and Uses of Kombucha (411 words)
23. How to Protect Your Vision (426 words)
24. Common Goal Setting Mistakes and How to Fix Them (461 words)
25. Healthy and Well-Balanced Snack Ideas (407 words)

This product and every module inside of this product come with the full private label rights license.

PLR Product #17:
Stress, Burnout, and Overwhelm
($29 value)

Don’t miss this brand new prewritten content package that helps your readers tackle daily stress, prevent burnout, and deal with overwhelm.

This content package offers simple tips, daily habits, and lifestyle changes to work on reducing burnout and dealing with stress.

You will get high-quality articles that are 700+ words each, an eBook made from the articles, and social media graphics to get you ready for promoting the content.

Teach your readers and subscribers that stress doesn’t have to be inevitable.

This PLR bundle includes all the content you need to introduce this topic, including an eBook, report, articles, eCovers, and images.

What You Get in This Self-Help PLR Pack:

  • 25 PLR Articles About Stress and Burnout – 700+ Words Each
  • eBook from the Articles – 60 Pages, 19,559 Words, Fully Formatted
  • Editable eCover – with PSD Files
  • 25 Social Media Graphics – with PSD Files


25 PLR Articles For Your Blog

Use these high quality articles as blog posts, put them into a report, or create an email series about Stress and Burnout. They cover a wide range of stress-related topics from taking a mental break to deal with burnout, to decluttering your mind and handling uncontrollable thoughts.

These are long articles between 700 and 900+ words each. The article topics include:

1. How to Reduce Stress with a Daily Ritual (734 words)
2. Signs You Are Not Handling Stress Well (739 words)
3. The Different Ways Stress Can Affect You (701 words)
4. Can You Be Addicted to Stress? (715 words)
5. Small Daily Changes That Can Help You Manage Stress (830 words)
6. Surprising Causes of Stress (711 words)
7. How to Use Essential Oils for Stress (792 words)
8. Dealing with Stress and Overwhelm (734 words)
9. Signs You Need a Mental Break (764 words)
10. Time Management Tips to Reduce Stress and Overwhelm (716 words)
11. Why Overthinking is a Bad Thing (809 words)
12. How to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations (753 words)
13. Mantras and Affirmations for Stress (930 words)
14. How Your Diet Impacts Your Emotional Stress (704 words)
15. Simple Ways to Declutter Your Mind (707 words)
16. Tips for Reducing Stress at Work (709 words)
17. 6 Hacks for Burnout and Overwhelm (763 words)
18. Why Sunday Should Be a Day of Rest (862 words)
19. How to Handle Uncontrollable Thoughts (837 words)
20. Mindfulness Techniques for Overwhelm (764 words)
21. Self-Care and Why It is Essential for Stress (708 words)
22. Writing it Out: Journaling for Stress, Burnout, and Overwhelm (711 words)
23. The Healing Power of Restorative Yoga (778 words)
24. 6 Ways to Relax When You’re Overwhelmed (824 words)
25. Tips for Reducing Daily Worries (704 words)

‘How To Overcome Stress, Burnout, and Overwhelm’ Ebook

If you prefer using PLR content for an opt-in page or lead magnet, I have you covered! I turned all 25 articles into an eBook, which is fully formatted with chapter images and follows an easy flow so the reader understands how to deal with stress caused by burnout.

Stress, Burnout, and Overwhelm
60 pages, 19,599 words

Chapter 1 – The Effects of Stress on Your Body and Mind
Chapter 2 – Daily Changes and Habits to Relieve Stress
Chapter 3 – Stress Relief Through Mindful Changes
Chapter 4 – Journaling and Self-Care
Chapter 5 – More Natural Remedies for Stress Relief

This product and every module inside of this product come with the full private label rights license.

PLR Product #18:
Journaling Your Goals
($17 value)

Goal setting is an important way to visualize your dreams and aspirations, and have something to look forward to. But too many people are using the wrong method to create and reach their goals.

This PLR bundle is all about using a journal to write down goals, not just once, but on a daily basis. It encourages writing them in present tense, along with explaining the benefits of setting goals, why you should use a journal for this purpose, and offers many other tips.

The Journaling Your Goals PLR bundle comes with:

  • 10 PLR Articles (800-1,000+ Words Each)
  • 20 Images

10 Articles About Journaling Your Goals:

The following 10 article topics are between 800 and over 1,000 words. They are the perfect length for detailed blog posts, or can be combined into an opt-in report or eBook.

The article topics include:

1. Journal with Intention (821 words)
2. Why You Should Use a Journal When Setting Goals (932 words)
3. Write Your Goals in Present Tense (820 words)
4. Using Positive Speak in Your Journal (801 words)
5. The Importance of Consistency (851 words)
6. Why You Should Start Your Journal with Gratitude (859 words)
7. Ideas for Types of Goals to Set (1,101 words)
8. Use Your Journal to Visualize Dreams and Goals (851 words)
9. Health Benefits of Setting Goals (1,022 words)
10. Try Setting Your Goals on a Disconnected Day (835 words)

This product and every module inside of this product come with the full private label rights license.

PLR Product #19:
Healthy Family Habits
($17 value)

Healthy habits are an important part of improving your health and wellness, not just for you, but for your entire family.

This PLR bundle provides high-quality, prewritten content all about helping your family, including your spouse and kids, to be healthier every day.

It goes over important healthy habits like focusing on health instead of dieting, proper nutrition, regular exercise, eating meals as a family, reducing stress in kids, and many other tips.

What You Receive In This Package:

  • ‘Healthy Habits as a Family’ Report
  • Editable eBook eCover w/PSD file
  • 10 Articles About Healthy Family Habits
  • 15 Images

10 PLR Articles on Walking For Better Health

Prewritten articles are great when you want to add blog posts about healthy habits for families, or to put together into an opt-in report or even an eBook. You can also turn them into an autoresponder series for your Healthy Families report.

You will get the following 10 article topics with this PLR bundle:

1. Healthy Families: Why You Should Start Early (400 words)
2. Healthy and Fun Snacks for the Kids (428 words)
3. How to Make School Lunches Your Kids Will Love (472 words)
4. Why You Should Start a Home Vegetable Garden (417 words)
5. Exercise Every Day as a Family (427 words)
6. How to Feed a Big Family on a Budget (409 words)
7. Why You Should Eat Dinner Together as a Family (430 words)
8. Cooking Together Encourages Health and Bonding (444 words)
9. Focus on Health, Not Diets or Restriction (409 words)
10. How to Talk About Food and Nutrition to Your Children (551 words)


Walking for Health Report
6 pages, 4 pages, 1,984 words

Use this new, high-quality report to create an opt-in page and show your readers and followers how they can improve their family’s health and wellness with simple habits.

It covers different areas of health, including nutrition, physical activity, being together as a family, and even relieving stress in kids.

1. Daily Habits for Your Family
2. Make it Fun for the Kids
3. Stress Relief and Safety
4. Reward Your Kids for Making Good Decisions

This product and every module inside of this product come with the full private label rights license.

PLR Product #20:
Sleep Hygiene
($37 value)

This brand new PLR package gives you high-quality content, graphics, and printables that explores sleep hygiene and how people can improve their sleep by changing their habits.

Okay, but what is sleep hygiene? Sleep hygiene is the term used for describing daytime and nighttime habits related to your sleep. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Taking naps during the day
  • Having a bedroom that is calming and relaxing
  • Whether or not you use devices in bed
  • What you choose to eat or drink before bed
  • Having a nighttime routine

With the Sleep Hygiene PLR package, you get an eBook, report, articles, printables, and more bonuses on all this emerging niche.

Here is what you receive in this PLR Package:


  • ‘Sleep Hygiene: Habits to Help You Sleep’ – 32 pages, 7,468 words
  • eCover Graphics – JPG & PSD files
  • Custom-Made Printables for Sleep
  • ‘Sleep Habits of Successful People’ – 9 pages, 2,396 words
  • Report eCover Graphics – JPG & PSD files
  • 10 Articles – 500+ Words, Text & Word Format
  • Social Media Graphics & Posts
  • Resources Page
  • Royalty-Free Images

‘Sleep Hygiene: Habits to Help You Sleep’ Ebook:

This brand new, 32-page eBook, Sleep Hygiene: Habits to Help You Sleep, introduces your readers to what sleep hygiene is and how important sleep habits are.

With this eBook, you get an in-depth beginner’s guide all about sleep hygiene, and how the daily habits and nighttime routines people have can dictate the quality of sleep they will get.

There are 7,468 words of content, including a disclaimer, introduction, and table of contents. These 4 chapters are included:

Chapter 1 – Understanding Sleep Hygiene
Chapter 2 – The Effects of Sleep Hygiene
Chapter 3 – Setting Up a Room Sanctuary
Chapter 4 – Natural Remedies for Better Sleep


‘Sleep Habits of Successful People’ Report:
9 pages, 2,396 Words

Need more sleep content? The ‘Sleep Habits of Successful People’ report is perfect to be used as an opt-in for your blog.  This new lead magnet covers a very popular topic about sleep – what successful people do differently to get adequate sleep, which allows them to become more successful.

1. Insomnia is Holding You Back
2. They Stick to a Strict Sleep Schedule
3. How Successful People Get Better Sleep
4. The Dangers of Neglecting Your Sleep
5. Bad Sleep Habits to Avoid
6. More Good Habits

Custom Sleep Tracker Printables
Give your readers what they are really looking for – printables! With these printables, you can edit them in PowerPoint, then save as PDF files, and provide them as a bonus or an opt-in incentive for signing up for your list. 

There are 5 main types of sleep tracker and sleep log printables, including the following:

1. Sleep Quality Tracker (Weekly)
2. Weekly Sleep Log
3. Sleep Quality Tracker (Monthly)
4. Bedtime Routine Planner
5. Weekly Sleep Notes

Then there are multiple variations of each, including different colors, styles, images, and backgrounds used.

This product and every module inside of this product come with the full private label rights license.

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