Walking for Health PLR Bundle


Walking for Health PLR Bundle
25 Articles
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Walking for Health PLR Bundle - Articles, Report, Images

High quality health PLR content to help you become an authority on this popular topic.

Don't miss this brand new prewritten content package ​that ​helps ​your readers understand the many benefits of walking for exercise. 

Show Your Readers That Walking is So Much More Than for Weight Loss.. it Provides A Wide Range of Physical and Mental Health Benefits

This evergreen prewritten content is perfect for any blog that talks about health or wellness. 

Your audience will understand the importance of developing a regular walking routine, see why everyone should be walking more, and get tons of tips and advice as well.

You will get 25 brand new articles, which are also put into a report for your convenience.

What You Get in the Walking for Health PLR Package

  • 25 PLR Articles About Health Benefits of Walking - 450+ Words Each
  • Report from the Articles - 32 Pages, 5 Sections
  • Editable eCover - with PSD Files
  • 20 Royalty-Free Images

25 Articles About Walking for Health

Use these high quality articles as blog posts, put them into a report, or create an email series about the physical and mental health benefits of walking for exercise.

The article topics include:

​1. The Many Health Benefits of Walking Every Day (480 words)
2. How You Can Easily Incorporate More Walking Into Your Routine (476 words)
3. Ways to Walk More Indoors (476 words)
4. Ways to Walk More Outdoors (453 words)
5. Should You Be Tracking Your Steps? (455 words)
6. The Benefits of Increasing Your Walking Speed (464 words)
7. Why Walk at an Incline on the Treadmill? (458 words)
8. The 6 Best Treadmill Tips (625 words)
9. Why Hiking is a Great Form of Exercise (508 words)
10. Is Walking Every Single Day Necessary? (449 words)
11. Walking for Weight Loss: What You Should Know (537 words)
12. Benefits of Walking in the Morning (473 words)
13. Benefits of Walking in the Evening (457 words)
14. How Walking Can Improve Your Mental Health (455 words)
15. Walking When You Have Bad Knees (494 words)
16. Fitness Gear for Your Walking Routine (484 words)
17. Tips for Finding the Right Walking Shoes (461 words)
18. Helpful Accessories When Walking Outdoors (453 words)
19. How to Prepare for Different Weather Conditions While Walking (466 words)
20. How to Relieve Stress with Walking (505 words)
21. Pre and Postworkout Snack Ideas (481 words)
22. Walking to Jogging Your First 5K (465 words)
23. Dealing with Leg Cramps from Walking (462 words)
24. Benefits of Stretching Before and After Your Walks (460 words)
25. How to Stay Motivated with Your Walking Journey (579 words)

'Walking for Health' Report

If you prefer using PLR content for an opt-in page or lead magnet, I have you covered! I turned the 25 articles about walking for health into a report for you. It also includes editable covers you can customize with your own report title and images, or leave as-is.

Walking for Health

32 pages, 12,026 words

1. Health Benefits of Walking
2. Developing a Walking Routine
3. Preparing for Your New Walking Routine
4. How to Challenge Yourself
5. Tips and Tricks for an Effective Walking Routine

Bonus: Royalty-Free Images

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