Walking Challenge PLR Package


21-Day Walking Challenge PLR
21 Emails for the Challenge
Challenge Calendar
Journal & Cover
50 Journaling Prompts

New Walking Challenge, with Emails, a Calendar for the Challenge, Journal, and More

This 21-Day Walking Challenge is the perfect addition to the Walking for Health articles you just picked up! You will get everything you need for the challenge, including emails with extra tips for each day of the challenge, a challenge calendar, journal, workbook, and more. 

Challenges Are a Big Hit!

The best thing about challenges is that it keeps people motivated and on track. They are more likely to open your emails when they know they have more tips about the challenge throughout the 21 days. Both you and your audience will benefit greatly from this PLR package.

What You Get in the Walking Challenge PLR Package

  • Challenge Emails - 21 Emails, One for Each Day of the Challenge
  • Calendar - 21-Day Challenge Calendar (PowerPoint)
  • Journal - 45-Page Journal for the Challenge
  • 50 Journaling Prompts - Prompts to Use During the Walking Challenge
  • Workbook - 22-Page Workbook Created From the Journal Prompts (Word)
  • Covers - Challenge and Journal Covers (PSD files for editing)

21-Day Walking Challenge: Emails and Calendar

The Walking Challenge is a 21-Day Challenge meant for beginners, or people who are just getting started on their walking journey.  

For the challenge, you will get:

21 Emails - Each email includes the walk for the day, tip of the day, and some additional information. This is a great way to keep the challenge participants engaged and remind them of the walk for that day of the challenge.

Challenge Calendar - There is a calendar created in PowerPoint that includes the number of minutes they will walk for every day of the challenge. You can edit it however you want, convert it to PDF, then give it to the challenge participants to print.

File Format: The calendar is created in PowerPoint.

How the Challenge Works

This challenge guides your audience through 21 days of walking workouts. The workouts start at 15 minutes and go up to 45 minutes, with the time gradually going up over those 21 days. 

It is beginner-friendly, but can also be for people who want to add walking to their routine, and are just not sure where to start. 

This challenge is based on the number of minutes spent walking, not distance or steps. 

Email Topics Include:

Day 1: The Proper Walking Technique (388 words)
Day 2: What to Wear During Your Walks (306 words)
Day 3: Tracking Your Heart Rate and Steps (306 words)
Day 4: Bring Water With You (307 words)
Day 5: Entertainment (290 words)
Day 6: Your First Journal Entry (287 words)
Day 7: Head Outdoors Today (289 words)
Day 8: Try Increasing Your Walking Speed (330 words)
Day 9: Can You Walk at an Incline? (279 words)
Day 10: Find a Friend to Walk With (260 words)
Day 11: Your Biggest Challenges so Far? (272 words)
Day 12: Focus on the Right Walking Posture (310 words)
Day 13: Challenge Yourself Today (275 words)
Day 14: Find Somewhere Scenic to Walk (324 words)
Day 15: Add Some Light Jogging (354 words)
Day 16: Take a Different Path (292 words)
Day 17. Don't Forget to Stretch! (271 words)
Day 18. Try Speed Walking (284 words)
Day 19: Don't Miss Out on Your Preworkout Snacks (261 words)
Day 20. The Power of Mindful Walking (300 words)
Day 21: What Have You Learned? (261 words)

21-Day Challenge Journal

For the challenge, you will also get 45-page journal that was created in PowerPoint, It includes lined journal pages, in addition to 21 pages for the challenge, which they can fill out during their journey. This is really helpful for people who want to document their journey during this challenge.

The main pages you will get in the journal are:

Walking Challenge Calendar
Walking Challenge Log
Daily Journal Page
Blank Journal Page
Water Tracker

File Format: This journal is in PowerPoint.

eCovers - Challenge and Journal Covers

You will get 2 different eCovers in this PLR package - One for the challenge and one for the journal. The challenge cover is perfect for when you want to create an opt-in page to get people to join your walking challenge.

50 Journaling Prompts

If there is one thing I have learned about writing and researching journaling it is this: People LOVE journaling prompts. They are extremely useful to anyone who is interested in journaling their life, including when they want to make healthy lifestyle changes.

The 50 journaling prompts in this PLR bundle are both for people who are doing the challenge, and for walking in general. Your challenge participants can use them even past this walking challenge, so they have a lot of amazing benefits.

Workbook From the Prompts

The 50 journaling prompts are also put into this handy workbook, created in Microsoft Word. You can edit this, convert it a PDF, then give it to your challenge participants to journal even more during the challenge. Use the journal above, the workbook, or a combination of both. Lots of options here!

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