Vegan Diet PLR Package


Vegan Diets PLR Package
Report – 8 Tips for Transitioning to a Vegan Diet
Report – Vegan Diet Tips for People Who Hate to Cook
10 Articles
Email Series


Looking for More PLR Content? I have another Brand New Bundle for you about VEGAN Diets

People who are interested in plant-based diet often end up looking into the vegan lifestyle. I have done all the work for you by thinking ahead and putting together a new prewritten bundle about vegan diets. 

In this bundle, you will get a combination of reports, articles, and an email challenge, all geared toward people who are considering transitioning to a vegan diet.

What You Get in the Vegan Diets PLR Package

  • Report #1 - '8 Steps to Transitioning to a Vegan Diet' (9 pages, 2,895 words)
  • Report #2 - 'Vegan Diet Tips for People Who Hate to Cook' (6 pages, 2,081 words)
  • Covers - Editable Covers for Both Reports (Include PSD files)
  • Articles-  10 New Articles About Vegan Diets
  • Email Series - 5-Day 'Vegan Lifestyle Tips' Email Series

Report - '8 Steps for Transitioning to a Vegan Diet'

The first opt-in report is geared toward people who are just now thinking about the vegan diet, and want to go for a slower transition, instead of going cold turkey. It offers 8 simply, strategic steps for going from meat eater to full vegan.

8 Steps for Transitioning to a Vegan Diet

9 pages, 2,895 words

1. Do Your Research and Educate Yourself
2. Start Your Vegan Diet Planning
3. What Vegan Foods Do You Already Love?
4. Use the Crowding Out Approach
5. Keep it Simple in the Beginning
6. Focus More on Whole Foods
7. Find New Recipes to Try
8. Make a Plan for Going Out and Social Occasions

Report - 'Vegan Diet Tips for People Who Hate to Cook'

The second report you will get offers advice, tips, and suggestions for meals to make that are vegan-friendly, but require no or very minimal cooking.

Vegan Diet Tips for People Who Hate to Cook

​6 pages, 2,081 words

1. Salads to the Rescue
2. You Don’t Have to Turn on the Stove
3. Pre-packaged Vegan Options
4. Minimal, Easy Cooking Perfect for Novices
5. Vegan Food That is Easier Than You Think

10 Articles About Vegan Diets

Add more content to your blog about vegan diets with these 10 new articles about following a vegan lifestyle. Each of them is informative and helpful for someone new to this type of lifestyle.

The article topics include:

1. Affordable Vegan Food Options (525 words)
2. 7 Veggies That Have Protein (529 words)
3. Adjusting Your Vegan Diet if You Exercise (450 words)
4. How to Deal With Low Energy on a Vegan Diet (474 words)
5. Vegan Diet Tips: Getting All Your Nutrients Through Your Food (442 words)
6. The Do’s and Don’ts of Vegan Diets (448 words)
7. How Your Body Changes on a Vegan Diet (421 words)
8. Tips for Eating a Balanced Vegan Diet (439 words)
9. How to Have a Healthy Vegan Pregnancy (455 words)
10. How Your Lifestyle Changes with a Vegan Diet (443 words)

Email Series - Vegan Lifestyle Tips

This bundle also includes a 5-day email series about lifestyle changes your audience needs to go through in order to adapt a vegan diet.

The emails provide a great way to create follow-up autoresponders for one of the reports in this bundle, or can be combined into one long, informative blog post.

It includes:

1. Get Used to Reading Nutrition Labels (288 words)
2. Balance, Nutrients, and Supplementation (346 words)
3. How to Make Your Vegan Meals Interesting (354 words)
4. Eating Out and Choosing Restaurants (430 words)
5. Social Situations and Finding Vegan Friends (408 words)

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