Using Planners Vol.3 PLR Bundle


Using Planners Vol.3
20 Articles
20 Planner Pages


Using Planners Vol.3 PLR Bundle - 20 NEW Articles and Customizable Planner Printable Pages

High quality prewritten content about using planners - volume 3. This is the third in my popular series about using daily planners to regain focus, reach your goals, and organize your life. 

You will get 20 brand new articles about using planners, offering more tips and hacks for setting up your planner, setting up a morning and nighttime planner routine, getting motivation to keep using your planner every day, and so much more.

What You Get in the Using Planners Vol.3 PLR Package

  • 20 PLR Articles About Using Planners
  • Customizable Printable Pages - 20 Planner Pages, editable with Powerpoint
  • Royalty-Free Images - 17 images to create your own graphics or blog images.

20 PLR Articles About Using Planners

Use these high quality articles as blog posts, put them into a report, or create an email series about using planners, both physical and printables. 

Article topics include:

​1. Fitting Planner Time Into Your Schedule (423 words)
2. Your Daily Planner is Not Just a Calendar (453 words)
3. Daily Planners: Personal VS Business Use (426 words)
4. Why Size is Important (When it Comes to Your Planner) (417 words)
5. How to Make Your Planner Work for You (446 words)
6. Deciding How to Use the Blank Notes Pages (409 words)
7. Hacks and Tricks for Your Daily Planner Setup (483 words)
8. Tips for Planner Newbies (416 words)
9. Why You Should Always Start with a Pencil (409 words)
10. Color Coding in Your Planner: Why it’s a Good Idea (428 words)
11. Planner Time Should Be Quiet Time (470 words)
12. Choosing a Physical Planner: Ring VS Binding (472 words)
13. How to Make Your Planner Customizable (405 words)
14. The Importance of Researching Before Buying a Planner (424 words)
15. Morning Routine with a Daily Planner (425 words)
16. Nighttime Routine with a Daily Planner (420 words)
17. The Top Planners on Amazon (451 words)
18. Seasonal Planning with Your Daily Planner (469 words)
19. How to Fix These Common Planner Issues (585 words)
20. What Not to Use Your Planner for (Hint: It’s Not a Phone) (426 words)

20 Planner Printable Pages

I have also created 20 printable planner pages for you using Powerpoint. These are easy for you to customize with your own colors and images, and everything from the font to the layouts can be changed. Add these pages to a current planner, create a brand new planner for your list, or create a journal/planner bundle.

Planner Pages Included:

Monthly calendar (blank)
Monthly calendar (blank with notes section)
Daily Planner (2 versions)
Weekly Planner (2 versions)
Lined journal pages (4 versions)
4 Week Tracker
Morning and Nightime Routine
Goals Tracker
Task Tracker
To-Do List
Trigger Log
Worry Log
Weekly Meal Plan

Bonus: 17 Royalty-Free Images

Create your own social media graphics and blog post images with these royalty-free images. You will get 17 planner-related images that come with free commercial rights.

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