Using Planners Vol.2 PLR Bundle


Using Planners Vol.2
3 Reports
3 Covers
10 Articles
10 Planner Printables


Using Planners Vol.2 - Bundle with Reports, Articles, and Planner Printables

Following the release of my Using Planners PLR bundle, I decided to add a brand new bundle to expand on this topic.

This PLR bundle includes a combination of reports and eCovers, articles, and new printables to edit and sell or give away. 

You will get everything you need to show your readers and list how many benefits there are to using planners.

What You Get With This PLR Bundle

The 'Using Planners Vol.2' PLR bundle gives you the resources you need to show your readers how to use planners, why, and some additional tips. Here is what is included in this package:

  • 'Using Daily Planners' - Report
  • 'Using Weekly Planners' - Report
  • 'Using Monthly Planners' - Report
  • 3 Editable eCovers
  • 10 Articles About Using Planners
  • 10 New Planner Printables - Editable with PowerPoint

Using Daily Planners - 5-Page Report

You will get 3 opt-in reports in this PLR bundle, all about using planners. This first report is about using the daily pages in your planner, offering information about what to track, how to use them in daily routines, and providing some extra tips.

Using Daily Planners​

5 pages, 4 sections, 1,485 words

1. What to Track Daily
2. Creating a Daily Routine with Your Planner
3. Daily Planners and Self-Care
4. Tips for Using Your Daily Planner

Using Weekly Planners - 5-Page Report

The weekly planner report goes into using the weekly layouts, including how to customize them, what to track or list, and how to use them for meal planning, health, and many more benefits.

Using Weekly Planners​

5 pages, 4 sections, 1,579 words

1. Benefits of Using Weekly Planner Spreads
2. What to Track on a Weekly Basis
3. Health and Meal Planning Benefits
4. More Tips for Using Weekly Planners

Using Monthly Planners - 5-Page Report

The third report is about using the monthly layouts and spreads in a planner or bullet journal. This 5-page report gives your readers information about why they should use monthly layouts, how to personalize them, and choosing the best types of layouts.

Using Monthly Planners

5 pages, 4 sections, 1,467 words

1. Planning Your Month
2. Customizing Monthly Planner Pages
3. Layouts That are Ideal for Monthly Planners
4. Monthly Challenges with the Monthly Planner

10 PLR Articles

These 10 high-quality articles provide even more tips and information for using planners. You can use them as posts for your blogs, turn them into an email series, or even create another report or eBook.

The 10 article topics include:

1. How to Stop Giving Up on Daily Planners (468 words)
2. How to Define Your Planner Style (445 words)
3. Using Your Planner for Inspiration (411 words)
4. Planners and Self-Care (422 words)
5. Why Your Planner Should Be Tech-Free (403 words)
6. Setting Up Your Perfect Planner Environment (418 words)
7. Common Planner Mistakes to Avoid (431 words)
8. Surprising Benefits of Using a Daily Planner (413 words)
9. What to do When Using a Planner Isn’t Working Out (447 words)
10. Your Daily Routine Starts with a Planner (417 words)

Planner Printables - Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Pages

You will also get 10 new planner pages for daily, weekly, and monthly planner layouts that are mentioned in the reports and the articles. 

Here is a look at all the planner pages included in this bundle:

The slides are very easy to move around, delete, and duplicate however you want them.

These are all done in PowerPoint, making it really easy to customize! 

Close Up Look at the Planner Pages

To see more of what you get with the planner printable pages, here is a look at the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly layouts you receive:

Daily Planner Pages

Weekly Planner Pages

Monthly Planner Pages

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