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This Upgrade Contains The Following PLR Products:

1. Wellness Pack Vol. 1 ($25)
2. Wellness Pack Vol. 2 ($25)
Resetting Your Wellness eBook Bundle ($37)
4. Fall Health and Wellness ($20)
5. Self-Care, Stress, and Sleep ($37)
6. Getting Back on Track ($17)
7. Journaling For Health ($17)
Healthy Lifestyle Planner & Journal ($27)
9. Sleep, Exercise, and Diet ($27)
10. Life and Health Reset ($25)

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Stacking on to the value of the main “Wellness Journal & Prompts” PLR package, you now have the opportunity to grab 10 content-laden PLR products at a fraction of the cost (just $7) that it would be to purchase them outright individually.

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Just take a look at the 10 products bundled in this limited time upgrade offer:

There are so many printable items and so much content in this bundle that you’ll be ready to churn out new content, create your next product, cultivate an email list, build out your blog, or really anything else you choose to do with these products.

Of course you don’t have to guess what’s in these each of PLR products, because below you’ll find a detailed breakdown of every single pack included in this upgrade.

View A Full Breakdown of This Bundle Below

PLR Product #1:
Wellness Pack Vol. 1

25 PLR Articles Covering Top Trending Topics In Health

If you have a health, wellness, or lifestyle blog, you know that adding high-quality, consistent content is what keeps your readers interested and helps to have a successful blog. But it can be difficult when you buy prewritten content bundles all on the same topic.

Instead, why not get a bundle with different health and self-help related content, that allow you to schedule a variety of posts more people will be interested in?

Here is a list of the article titles in this pack:

  1. Health Benefits of Oat Milk (408 words)
  2. What is the Mediterranean Diet? (436 words)
  3. Why You Should Change Your Routine One Habit at a Time (431 words)
  4. How to Lose Weight Without Dieting (449 words)
  5. The Newest Keto Food Trend: How to Make Chaffles (453 words)
  6. Anxiety Relief: Provide Comfort with a Weighted Blanket (529 words)
  7. How to Know Your Blood Sugar is Dropping (460 words)
  8. The Do’s and Don’ts of Elimination Diets (415 words)
  9. What is the Difference Between Plant-Based and Vegan? (422 words)
  10. Common Reasons Behind Your Bloat (505 words)
  11. Subtle Signs of Stress in Your Daily Life (417 words)
  12. Why Everyone Should Be Using Epsom Salt (412 words)
  13. Current Fitness at Home Trends (402 words)
  14. 5 Ways You Might Be Journaling Wrong (551 words)
  15. Common Daily Planner Mistakes and How to Fix Them (431 words)
  16. What is Moon Milk? (413 words)
  17. The Importance of Slowing Down (410 words)
  18. How to Use Witch Hazel for Your Skin (421 words)
  19. What is PMDD? (446 words)
  20. How to Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine (400 words)
  21. What is a Flexitarian? (417 words)
  22. Health Benefits and Uses of Kombucha (411 words)
  23. How to Protect Your Vision (426 words)
  24. Common Goal Setting Mistakes and How to Fix Them (461 words)
  25. Healthy and Well-Balanced Snack Ideas (407 words)

As you can see, these cover a wide range of wellness topics, and are all at minimum 400 words in length of well researched and professionally written content. You will receive the PLR license to all 25 of these articles.

PLR Product #2:
Wellness Pack Vol. 2

25 PLR Articles Covering Evergreen Health Topics

Add more unique, high-quality content to your health or wellness blog with this new pack of PLR articles.

This bundle offers you variety, so no matter what niche you’re in, they will be suited to your audience.

You will get articles for nearly all areas of health and wellness, including:

Here is a breakdown of the titles for each of these articles in this pack:

  1. Why Should You Switch to Mineral Sunscreen? (435 words)
  2. Summer Journaling: How to Switch Up Your Routine This Season (429 words)
  3. Easy Ways to Incorporate New Daily Habits (408 words)
  4. When You Know It’s Time to Change Your Daily Routine (442 words)
  5. Defining Healthy Eating for You (406 words)
  6. 5 Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Workout Routine (407 words)
  7. Post-Workout Hair Care Tips (416 words)
  8. What is Holding You Back From Success? (420 words)
  9. 7 Quick and Easy Budgeting Tips (527 words)
  10. How to Find the Best Workout App For You (424 words)
  11. Why Healthy Habits Can Be Hard to Stick to (455 words)
  12. What is a Plant-Forward Diet? (467 words)
  13. The Popularity of Natural Makeup and Why It’s Here to Stay (496 words)
  14. Easy Grounding Techniques for Anxiety (420 words)
  15. Tips for Having a More Productive Day (463 words)
  16. 6 Self-Care Tips for the Summer (446 words)
  17. How to Find the Right Elimination Diet (466 words)
  18. Calming Rituals for Stress (444 words)
  19. Tips for Sticking to Your Healthy Lifestyle Changes (440 words)
  20. Finding the Motivation to Eat Healthier (455 words)
  21. How to Feed Your Emotions Without Food (414 words)
  22. Tips for Getting Your Energy Back (446 words)
  23. What is Toxic Positivity? (549 words)
  24. The Key Fundamentals of Personal Growth (426 words)
  25. 7 Bloat-Busting Tips for a Flatter Stomach (456 words)

Based on the titles, you’ll see that these are not exclusive to one sub-niche but rather cover a broad sector of wellness. Additionally every article comes in at a minimum of 400 words in length of well researched and professionally written content. Like vol. 1, you will receive the PLR license to all 25 of these unique articles.

PLR Product #3:
Resetting Your Wellness eBook Bundle

eBook, Report, Covers, Worksheets, Journal, and Prompts

With this unique bundle of wellness content, you’ll be able to teach your audience all about resetting their health and wellness

This product focuses on multiple different areas of wellness, including the following:

This is an excellent way to show your audience how they can turn the page for a fresh start at any time, and become healthy from the inside to the outside.

You will receive a number of different modules of content and printable items in this pack, so let’s briefly break them down below:

Brief breakdown of this private label rights product:

Summing this product up, you can see it’s a big bundle of wellness content centered around health in particular, but not too specific that you can’t utilize it in other aspects.

You will receive the private label rights license for every module in this package.

PLR Product #4:
Fall Health & Wellness PLR Pack

20 PLR Articles Focused On Health In The Fall Season

For many people, the Fall/Autumn season feels like a new start. After what was probably a busy and hectic summer, it is time for the kids to go back to school, for you to go back to work, and everyone to get back to normal routines.

This particular PLR pack is all about health and wellness in the Fall months. It provides a variety of different topics about fall health, including nutrition and superfoods, holistic health, using a journal and planner, supplements, hygge, reducing stress, and so much more.

You will get a little bit of everything, making this a great pack for creating a fall-themed blog series or to put together your own fall health opt-in report.

Below you’ll find a list of the article topics found in this PLR product:

  1. Start Using a Daily Planner in the Fall (488 words)
  2. Ideas for Fall Self-Care Activities (470 words)
  3. Building Healthy Habits This Season (437 words)
  4. The Top 6 Essential Oils for a Healthy Fall (448 words)
  5. Affirmations and Why You Should Use Them (499 words)
  6. Fall Exercise: Is it Time to Upgrade Your Fitness Routine? (427words)
  7. Tips for Starting a New Diet This Fall Season (431 words)
  8. Hygge Activities to Be Cozy in the Fall (402 words)
  9. How to Get the Best Sleep Ever (407 words)
  10. Find Relief from Fall Allergies (414 words)
  11. Reduce Stress and Enjoy Your Autumn (497 words)
  12. Why Anxiety and Depression Can Get Worse in the Fall (490 words)
  13. Fall Eating: Seasonal Foods to Add to Your Diet (504 words)
  14. The Best Supplements to Take in the Fall (408 words)
  15. Fall Skincare Tips (417 words)
  16. Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Wake Up Early (455 words)
  17. Journaling in the Fall – It’s Not Too Late to Start (493 words)
  18. Healthy Ways to Use Pumpkin (558 words)
  19. Start a New Routine in the Fall (449 words)
  20. How to Get Your Kids Active This Season (424 words)

Unlike the previous 3 products in this upgrade, you can see that this takes a different approach, which provides you with even more useful content that you can deploy in your business.

As always. each article comes in at a minimum 400 words in length of well researched and professionally written content. You will receive the PLR license to all 20 of these articles.

PLR Product #5:
Self-Care, Stress, and Sleep PLR Bundle

eBook, Report, Articles, Journal Prompts, Printables & More

For this particular product, it combines 3 important aspects of health and wellness that are often closely connected.

These are the 3 main areas that are covered in this product:

When you focus on all three parts of wellness, you are able to get better sleep, reduce your stress, and do more for yourself. Suddenly, you have more energy and time for other things, are practicing more self-compassion than ever before, and you are in a better mood thanks to improved sleep.

This bundle includes high-quality content aimed at self-care, stress, and sleep, including an eBook, report, articles, journal prompts, and more.

Below you’ll find a brief breakdown of this private label rights package:

This entire product covers a unique element of wellness which involves stress and self-care, and how they relate to the overall body of health. Because of that, this is a perfect compliment to the front end package that you just purchased.

Like before, you will also receive the private label rights license for every module in this specific package.

PLR Product #6:
Getting Back On Track PLR Bundle Pack

Articles, Writing Prompts, Journal, Social Media Graphics & More

Help your audience get back on track with their goals, be consistent again with routines, and develop healthy habits with this new PLR bundle.

You will get 5 articles about getting back on track, including specific tips for health and fitness, general goals, and habit-building.

The bundle also comes with writing prompts, a journal, and Instagram slides all made in Canva.

Below is a brief breakdown of the included modules that you’ll find in this PLR product:

Just glancing over those 5 modules, it’s obvious that this pack is well-rounded on a specific topic that you can plop right into your business and benefit from with minimal effort and time invested.

And as always, you’re probably wondering what the articles cover, so without further ado.

Here is a list of the article titles in this pack:

  1. How to Get Back on Track (633 words)
  2. Get Back on Track with Your Health (451 words)
  3. Get Reinspired to Create Healthy Habits (419 words)
  4. Revisiting Your Goals (400 words)
  5. Find Your Creative Spark Again (492 words)

Similar to the previous PLR packs found in this massively discounted upgrade deal, you will receive the full private label rights license to all of the modules inside of this particular package. You’re receiving a stack of well researched content and beautifully designed printable items ready to go upon purchasing.

PLR Product #7:
Journaling For Health PLR Package

Report, PLR Articles, Writing Prompts, Stylized Journal, and eCovers

Get high-quality content all about using a daily journal to improve your physical and mental health.

This prewritten content bundle includes a report about using a journal for health, articles that work perfectly as blog posts on this topic, as well as journal prompts and an editable journal created in Canva.

It is everything you need to start introducing your audience to the topic of journaling for health.

Directly below this text, you will see a brief breakdown of the modules found in this PLR product:

This topic, Journaling for Health, is wildly popular and based on trends, is only increasing in popularity as the years pass. This package is a direct dive into the subject matter surrounding journaling for health and wellness, with very little left untouched. Which is why it perfectly compliments the other packs found in this upgrade bundle as well as the freebie package that you just received.

Just like before, you may be wondering what the titles of the articles in this package are, and I won’t waste your time prattling any further.

Below is a list of the PLR article titles covered in this package:

  1. Create a Healthy Routine With Your Journal (522 words)
  2. Journaling for Mental Health (420 words)
  3. Journaling for Physical Health (434 words)
  4. Relinquishing Control and Gaining Perspective (486 words)
  5. Top-Selling Journals for Physical and Mental Health (555 words)

Just like all of the other packs found in this upgrade bundle, you will receive the same high quality of content and unique printable items as expected from the Health & Wellness PLR brand.

And identical to the previous PLR packs found in this upgrade you will receive the full private label rights license to all of the modules listed in this section.

Additionally, you can edit all of the printable items using Canva for 100% FREE.

PLR Product #8:
Healthy Lifestyle Planner & Journal PLR

Stylized Planner & Journal, Writing Prompts, Editable eCovers

Compounding onto the already massive value of this bundle, you’ll also be receiving a completely original healthy lifestyle planner and journal package in this product.

This comes with a variety of low-content items that you can only find on this store, and that are ready to utilize in your business however you see most fitting.

There are a few modules in this package, and below you’ll see a short breakdown of each module:

Seeing as this package is based around low-content, there’s very little written content outside of the journal prompts, it gives you a myriad of strategies you can use to put these items into action in your business.

Additionally, the lifestyle planner has a variety of editable pages inside of it that will give you a great selling or downloading point for your audience, should you distribute it.

The Healthy Lifestyle Planner comes with 15 FULLY editable pages, including:

  1. Monthly Calendar (blank)
  2. Daily Planner
  3. Meal Planner
  4. Kitchen Inventory
  5. Grocery List Template
  6. Healthy Eating Goals
  7. Fitness Goals
  8. Healthy Lifestyle Habits
  9. Habit Tracker
  10. Daily Routines
  11. Weight Tracker
  12. Measurements Tracker
  13. Water Tracker (Weekly)
  14. Water Tracker (monthly)
  15. Workout Routine

Just because this is low-content doesn’t mean it’s not quality – all of the items found in this particular package were assembled with the same level of care and quality as the kind you’ve come to expect from this brand and this store.

And similar to the last 7 packages, you will also be receiving the complete private label rights license to every single module in this awesome package.

Plus you can edit all of the items in this pack without paying a cent, since they’re all based in Canva.

PLR Product #9:
Sleep, Exercise, Diet PLR Bundle

20 PLR Articles, Journal Prompts & Stylized Journals

Starting a wellness journey this year is all about balance, sustainable habit changes, and setting up healthy routines. That is exactly what this content and printable packed PLR product presents you with.

It is all about the 3 Pillars of Health, which cover the following:

When you combine all 3 on your health and wellness journey, amazing things can happen.

Best of all, with this bundle, you have 20 articles to use in any way you want, from blog posts to an email series or a report. The journal prompts are used in workbook-style journals that are ready for you to customize as well.

Keep reading, because below you’ll see a brief breakdown of this entire PLR package:

You can jump right into action with any of these 4 modules, editing the printable items however you see fit, customizing the written content to fit your voice (or leaving it as is). There’s really no limit to how you can implement any of this content into your business.

And of course, I’ll break down the article titles so you know exactly what you’re getting into as well.

Directly below is a list of the titles for each of the PLR articles included in this pack:

  1. How Sleep, Exercise, and Diet Improve Your Health (418 words)
  2. How Your Healthy Habits Boost Your Productivity (400 words)
  3. Create a Fast and Effective Morning Routine (409 words)
  4. Why You Keep Going Back to Old Habits (412 words)
  5. Setting Up a New Nighttime Ritual (424 words)
  6. Tricks for Falling Asleep Faster (417 words)
  7. What Might Interrupt Your Sleep in the Middle of the Night (402 words)
  8. Do You Struggle with Nighttime Anxiety? (406 words)
  9. The Best Exercises to Start Your Day (409 words)
  10. Relaxing Exercises for Before Bed (403 words)
  11. Benefits of Breaking Up Your Workouts (410 words)
  12. Change the Way You Think About Exercise (408 words)
  13. Yoga Tips for Plus-Size Bodies (410 words)
  14. How to Get Back Into Exercise After Taking a Break (409 words)
  15. How to Have a Healthy Balance (416 words)
  16. Foods That Improve Your Sleep (404 words)
  17. The Key to Eating Healthy Without Depriving Yourself (432 words)
  18. Should You Track the Nutrients You Consume? (407 words)
  19. What is the Healthiest Diet? (417 words)
  20. Ways to Curb Calories Without Counting (441 words)

Similar to all of the other PLR packages found in this upgrade, you will also be receiving the full private label rights license to all of the content and printable items in this package.

PLR Product #10:
Life & Health Reset PLR Articles

PLR Articles About Resetting Your Life, Health, Wellness, and More

A health and life reset is one where you take a look at your life, shift your priorities, and make small changes to your habits and routines. From creating new goals, to making your health a priority, a life reset allows you to evaluate your life and only adjust what you feel isn’t working out.

This bundle gives you the opportunity to share tips and advice about doing a complete life reset in just about every area, including physical and mental health, habits and routines, finances, home life, career, and more.

Here is a list of the article titles in this pack:

  1. Reasons to Do a Health Reset in the Fall (432 words)
  2. Signs You Need a Life Reset (404 words)
  3. What Areas of Your Life Should You Reset? (400 words)
  4. Take a Look at Your Daily Routines (418 words)
  5. How to do a Weekly Reset (454 words)
  6. Why You Should Consider Seasonal Life Resets (446 words)
  7. Tips for Creating a Fall Bucket List (412 words)
  8. Resetting Your Physical Health (419 words)
  9. Resetting Your Mental Health (482 words)
  10. Health Reset: Balancing Your Nutrition (425 words)
  11. Focus on Your Home During a Life Reset (414 words)
  12. The Importance of Slowing Down (442 words)
  13. Revisit Your Goals During a Reset (417 words)
  14. Tips for Finding Your Purpose (403 words)
  15. Reset Your Gut Without a Detox (412 words)
  16. Maintain Peace with Hygge (430 words)
  17. Why You Should Reset Your Exercise Routine (460 words)
  18. Improve Your Sleep Hygiene (415 words)
  19. Meditation and Mindfulness During a Reset (483 words)
  20. Improve Your Life with Journaling (423 words)
  21. Different Areas of Wellness to Reset (422 words)
  22. Have a Plan with Your Reset (420 words)
  23. Affirmations to Improve a Mental Health Reset (411 words)
  24. Do You Know What Your Limiting Beliefs Are? (408 words)
  25. How and Why to Work on Your Finances (451 words)

This particular package covers another interesting aspect of health and wellness, focusing in specifically on the concept of a “life and health” reset. This will give you plenty of original content to supplement your business with, however you choose to use the content.

Each of the articles clock in at a minimum 400 words in length of perfectly researched and professionally written content. You will receive the Private Label Rights license to all 25 of these articles.

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