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This Upgrade Contains The Following PLR Products:

  • Nurturing Your Mental Health ($19)
  • Journaling for Mental Health ($10)
  • Mental Health in the New Year ($27)
  • Living with Anxiety ($7)
  • Stress Journal ($49)
  • Personal Growth Journal ($14)
  • Positive Thinking Challenge ($17)

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Just take a look at the 7 products bundled in this limited time upgrade bundle offer:

There’s so much high-quality Emotional & Mental Health PLR content and a huge variety of printable items in this bundle that you’ll be set to do so many things including:

  • put out tons of new content
  • create your next product or lead magnet
  • cultivate an email list
  • build out your blog
  • supplement your coaching program
  • establish a social media presence
  • or anything else that you choose with these products.

Below I’ve gone ahead and put a detailed breakdown of each of the 7 packages found in this upgrade.

View A Full Breakdown of This Bundle Below

PLR Product #1:
Nurture Your Mental Health ($19 Value)
PLR Articles, Report, Journal, Prompts, & eCovers

This PLR bundle provides high-quality written content, journal prompts, and a planner about nurturing your mental health. 

It provides helpful information for anyone struggling with their emotional or mental health, including anxiety, depression, stress, and burnout. You will get articles, a report, writing prompts, a planner, and more. 


Here is a list of the modules in this particular bundle:

This PLR package comes with the following articles:

1. Bad Mental Health Habits to Avoid (478 words)
2. Warning Signs That You Are Headed for Burnout (465 words)
3. How Changing Your Mindset Can Help With Your Mental Health (428 words)
4. Ways to Rest When You Deal with Burnout and Overwhelm (489 words)
5. Journaling Ideas for Anxiety (458 words)
6. Find a Creative Outlet to Deal with Anxiety (497 words)
7. Know What You Need to Nurture Your Own Mental Health (497 words)
8. Finding a Support System on Good and Bad Days (419 words)
9. Misconceptions About Anxiety (412 words)
10. Why You Need a Mental Health Routine (413 words)

As always, each article comes in at a minimum 400 words in length of well researched and professionally written content.

Report – You will also get an opt-in report called ‘How to Nurture Your Mental Health’. This report is made from the articles in this bundle. It gives you the option to use the written content as a content upgrade or opt-in, instead of as blog posts.

Journal Prompts and Journal – This bundle comes with 25 writing prompts about mental health, anxiety, and self-care. They are also used in the journal and planner in this bundle (see below).

File Format: Canva

You will receive the full Private Label Rights license to everything here.

PLR Product #2:
Journaling For Mental Health ($10 Value)
10 Unique PLR Articles of 400+ Words Each

Don’t miss this high-quality PLR pack about Journaling for Mental Health, covering triggers, anxiety, stress, and depression. Each article in this PLR pack talks about a different type of journal you can tell your readers or list about, all of which pertain to using it for mental health.

Here is a list of the articles found in this PLR package:

1. Mood Journal (421 words)
2. Trigger Tracking Journal (494 words)
3. Emotional Eating Journal (479 words)
4. Gratitude Journal (460 words)
5. Bullet Journal (414 words)
6. Stress Relief Journal (483 words)
7. Reflective Journal (448 words)
8. Art Journal (406 words)
9. Mindfulness Journal (445 words)
10. Anxiety Journal (469 words)

PLR Product #3:
Mental Health in the New Year ($27 Value)
Report, Journal Prompts, Journal, Images, and eCovers

Mental health should always be taken seriously, but far too many people overlook its importance. This new PLR bundle provides amazing content geared toward improving your mental health in the new year.
It includes a brand new, 8-page report about improving depression symptoms with daily habits, plus an Anxiety Journal for the entire year. There is a combination of lined journal pages, anxiety logs, and many more pages your list will love.
You will also get free bonuses, including journaling prompts and images.

Look at everything you get in this PLR bundle:

Report – Show your readers and coaching clients how they can make simple daily changes to start managing their depression. This is a high-quality, 8-page report that works great as a free content upgrade, opt-in report, or broken up into blog posts.

This report is 8 pages and 2,423 words.

Journal –  This Anxiety Journal provides enough journaling pages for an entire year. 

They will get 7 lined pages for each week, plus bonus pages like doodle pages, stream of consciousness page, anxiety log, trackers, to-do lists, and more.

The journal is created in PowerPoint, making it really easy for you to customize.

Like the previous PLR package , you will receive the Private Label Rights license to all of the articles within this package.

PLR Product #4:
Living With Anxiety ($7 Value)
7 Unique PLR Articles of 400+ Words Each

More than 40 million people are suffering from anxiety in the U.S. alone. You have people who read your blog and subscribe to your email list who are not only struggling with anxiety, but looking for ways to cope.

This PLR pack goes beyond the basics of anxiety and offers solutions for dealing with anxiety on a daily basis. There are simple tips that help people understand how they can cope with anxiety and get control of their lives.

Here is a breakdown of the titles of the 5 included PLR articles in this product:

1. Create a Daily Self-Care Routine (427 words)
2. Find the Right Distractions (436 words)
3. Be Mindful and Learn Acceptance (416 words)
4. Analyze Your Thoughts and Fears with a Journal (411 words)
5. Understand and Prepare for Panic Attacks (417 words)
6. Learn to Cope with Other Mental Health Issues (407 words)
7. Stop Avoiding Your Anxiety (408 words)

As expected, you receive the full Private Label Rights license to every article listed here.

PLR Product #5:
Stress Journal ($49 Value)
Journal, Journal Prompts, Reports, and eCover

Become an authority in the stress niche, beyond the basics, by the unique benefits of printable journals!

This new PLR package gives you a custom-made Stress Journal that is perfectly curated for people who want to reduce their stress, overcome burnout, and create healthier daily habits. Each page is fully customizable, where you can change everything from the colors and images, to the entire layout.

There are also 50 journaling prompts to go with the stress journal – these will be a huge hit!

Provide More Value with the Stress Journal, Reports, and Journaling Prompts

Also included are 4 opt-in reports that expand on stress, journaling, and daily habits, each with an editable cover.

This is a great package you don’t want to miss..


Have a glance over the 6 modules packed into this awesome PLR bundle:

Stress Journal – This is a 44-page printable and customizable journal that comes in a color and black/white version. 

It includes the following types of pages:

Simple Lined Pages
Lined Pages with Graphics
To-do List
Stream of Consciousness page
Daily Planner (multiple versions)
Weekly Planner
Journal Prompt Pages
Doodle Pages

File Format: PowerPoint

There are 4 stress-related reports included in this PLR package, as well as 4 eCovers (PSD). The reports include:

Report #1: ‘How to Live a Stress-Free Life’ – This first report is about teaching your audience how to live a stress-free life. It talks about how to reduce distractions, why daily routines are important, and the importance of having fun. This report is 12 pages and 4,136 words.

Report #2: ‘Burnout: What it is and How to Overcome it’ – The Burnout PLR report gives details about burnout, from recognizing the symptoms, to figuring out how to overcome it and reduce stress in the process. This report is 11 pages and 4,113 words.

Report #3: ‘Daily Habits to Help Manage Stress’ – Share this ‘Daily Habits to Help Manage Stress’ PLR report with your list, use it as a free opt-in, or sell it right from your blog. It is 10 pages long, with two main parts: Managing Stress and Avoiding Stress. This report is 11 pages and 3,772 words.

Report #4: ‘Reduce Stress With a Daily Planner or Journal’ – This last report is about using a planner or journal every day as part of a daily routine to help manage stress. This report is 11 pages and 4,225 words.

You will receive the private label rights license for every module in this product as well.

PLR Product #6:
Personal Growth Journal ($14 Value)
Journal Prompts, Journal, Workbook, and eCover

This PLR package is perfect for an audience looking to improve their lives through the practice of journaling. 

You will get 100 journal prompts about personal growth and development, along with an editable workbook using those prompts, and a journal that can also be customized with your brand look and design preferences.

Writing in a journal is an amazing way to find more clarity about your life, set goals, and seek personal fulfillment, but getting started is often where people get stuck.

The journal prompts in this PLR package will help your audience know what to write about through questions and statements that get the creative juices flowing.


Have a glance over the 4 modules packed into this awesome PLR bundle:

Journal and Workbook – This PLR package comes with a journal and workbook created in PowerPoint.

This makes it really easy to customize the layout, colors, fonts, add images, and so much more. 

Not only are there lined journal pages you can duplicate as many times as you want, but there is a page for each of the 100 journal prompts included in the workbook and journal.

Journal Prompts – In this PLR package, you are getting 100 journal prompts that you can use to give away as a free opt-in, include in another package as a bonus with personal development content, split up to be used in blog posts, or even sell on your blog. 

All 100 prompts are unique, and go over various areas within personal development, including:

  • Confidence
  • Self-Esteem
  • Personal Growth
  • Personal Fulfillment
  • Goal Setting
  • Self-Help

You will receive the private label rights license for every module in this product as well.

PLR Product #7:
Positive Thinking Challenge ($17 Value)
Challenge Emails, Articles, Affirmations, and Images

This brand new PLR bundle is all about positive thinking! You will get a 7-day email challenge (with 2 bonus emails) all about Positive Thinking, along with 7 articles that work perfectly as blog posts for each day of the challenge.

Each day of the challenge offers a different assignment for your followers to adapt more positive thinking. They will learn about gratitude, turning negative thoughts into positive ones, using a journal, and so much more.


Have a glance over the 4 modules packed into this awesome PLR bundle:

Challenge Emails –
The first part of this bundle includes the Positive Thinking Challenge. I have included 9 emails in total – which include the 7 days of the challenge, as well as an introduction and conclusion email.

The challenge includes the following:

Intro to the Positive Thinking Challenge (273 words)
Day One – List Reasons to Be More Positive (278 words)
Day Two – Choose Daily Positive Affirmations (281 words)
Day Three – Write in Your Journal (322 words)
Day Four – Reframe Your Negative Thoughts (365 words)
Day Five – Think Positive All Day (348 words)
Day Six – Express Gratitude (261 words)
Day Seven – Spread Around the Positivity (340 words)
Conclusion to the Positive Thinking Challenge (275 words)

Articles – You will also get 7 articles, which I think work perfectly as blog posts. There is one article that corresponds with each day of the challenge.

The article topics include:

1. Benefits of Thinking Positively (444 words)
2. Ways to Use Daily Affirmations (492 words)
3. Why You Should Journal for Positive Thinking (413 words)
4. Turning Negative Into Positive When You Have a Bad Day (491 words)
5. Tips for Thinking More Positively Every Day (424 words)
6. 5 Simple Ways to Express Gratitude (497 words)
7. How to Help Others with their Positive Thinking (418 words)

You will receive the private label rights license for every module in this product as well.

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