[UPGRADE] Year of PLR Content, Affirmations, and Prompts


This Upgrade Contains The Following PLR Products:

  • Year of Affirmations ($45)
  • Positive Affirmations Upgrade ($37)
  • 101 Affirmations ($17)
  • Year of Journal Prompts ($49)
  • 365 Journal Prompts ($47)
  • Year of Health Content ($59)
  • Year of Journaling ($69)
  • Year of Self-Love ($47)

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Give even more value to your audience with hundreds of unique positive affirmations and journal prompts , as well as hundreds of pages of high-quality content. with this PLR package – for just a fraction of the cost that it would run you to purchase them individually outside of this bundle.

All of this content can ONLY be found and purchased with PLR from this store, so you will only find this offer here on this page – nowhere else.

Just take a look at the 8 products bundled in this limited time upgrade bundle offer:

These 8 PLR products give you so much high-quality content, including:

  • 831 affirmations
  • 1,300+ journal prompts
  • 3 Journals
  • 2 Workbooks
  • 365-Page Planner
  • 9 Canva eCovers
  • 115 articles
  • 7-day email series
  • More bonuses

Below you will find a detailed breakdown of each of the 8 packages found in this upgrade.

View A Full Breakdown of This Bundle Below

PLR Product #1:
Year of Affirmations ($45 Value)
365 Affirmations, Bonus Journal Template

Get enough positive affirmations to give your audience for an entire year! 

With this PLR package, you will get a total of 365 positive affirmations – words of affirmation that empower and bring more optimism into people’s life.

These PLR affirmations include a variety of categories, including manifesting and law of attraction, gratitude, daily habits, mental health, setting goals, and more.

This bundle also comes with a Canva blank journal template that you can customize with affirmations and journal prompts.


Details About the 365 Affirmations in This Bundle:

Positive affirmations allow you to change your mindset to a more positive one, when it comes to how you think about manifesting, setting goals, health, relationships, habits, and so much more.

These affirmations are short statements that can be said out loud, written down, added to journal entries, and so much more. 


  • I am powerful.
  • I radiate positivity.
  • I am deserving of love and kindness.
  • I am a magnet for abundance.

What are Affirmations?

A positive affirmation is a short phrase that offers positivity, encouragement, and uplifting energy. They can invoke positive emotions, help you overcome fears, and allow you to feel stronger and more confident. 

Affirmations do two powerful things: they encourage a positive mindset and help you reframe your thoughts, and they challenge negative thoughts, fears, and worries. Together, they can be very powerful in helping you to believe in yourself and live your best life.

With These Affirmations, You Can:

  • Include them in a blog post about positive mindsets.
  • Offer them as a free opt-in bonus.
  • Include them in a journal or planner.
  • Sell them as a package with other related content.

Free Bonus: Blank Journal Template

As a free bonus, you will get a Canva journal template that allows you to put a journal prompt at the top of the journal page, and a positive affirmation at the bottom. This is a great way to use affirmations and combine them with journal prompts.

This is really easy for you to customize with your own branding logo, colors, images, fonts, and more. 

The journal template is 32 pages long, so you can use a different journal for each month out of the year. 

Once customized, it is easy to convert to a PDF to make them printable for your audience.

File Format: Canva

You will receive the full Private Label Rights license to everything here.

PLR Product #2:
Positive Affirmations Upgrade Bundle ($37 Value)
Articles, Emails, Journal Prompts, Journal, Graphics

This bundle takes the 101 positive affirmations in the previous module and puts them to use. 

You will get articles and an email series about affirmations and helping your audience to improve their positive mindset, plus some awesome graphics to be used on Instagram, Pinterest, and more. 

This bundle comes with the following:

Articles: In this upgrade, you will get 10 articles about positive mindsets, each of which include a section about using affirmations.

These work great when you want to promote your affirmations opt-in product on your blog. Each of these articles was created to cover a different category of affirmations you just received, including health, love, confidence and more.

The article topics include:

1. How Your Mindset Can Impact Your Physical Health (405 words)
2. Why You Need More Self-Compassion Before Finding Love (406 words)
3. Easy Ways to Build Your Confidence (405 words)
4. How to Use the Law of Attraction for Success (412 words)
5. Mindset Changes You Need for Money and Wealth (436 words)
6. Creating a Morning Routine for Positivity (408 words)
7. Why Self-Empowerment is so Important (424 words)
8. Simple Daily Practices for Stress and Anxiety (454 words)
9. How to Be More Grateful Every Day (446 words)
10. 6 Ways to Develop a Positive Mindset (449 words)

Email Series – 
If you are looking for an autoresponder series to follow up with the affirmations opt-in, this one is perfect.

It is a 7-day series about using affirmations, explaining what they are, how they are useful, and different ways to use them.

The email topics include:

  • Day One – What are Positive Affirmations? (249 words)
  • Day Two – 3 Easy Ways to Use Affirmations (271 words)
  • Day Three – How Often Should You Use Affirmations? (307 words)
  • Day Four – Daily Practices Using Positive Affirmations (271 words)
  • Day Five – What Do You Need Today? (261 words)
  • Day Six – Signs That Affirmations are Working (262 words)
  • Day Seven – How to Write Your Own Affirmations (299 words)

Pinterest Graphics – The 101 positive affirmations you have just received have been put into Pinterest graphics, which are perfect for promoting the affirmations or related blog posts on your website.

The affirmations were broken up into 10 different categories, including:

  • Health
  • Love
  • Confidence
  • Success
  • Money and Wealth
  • Mornings
  • Empowerment
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Gratitude
  • Positive Mindset

You will get 10 Pinterest graphics, with 10 affirmations for each category (11 in the positive mindset category). These are the 1080 x 1920 size graphics. 

The graphics are available in Canva, making it easy to edit and customize them. Change the affirmations, colors, fonts, and layouts. 

Social Media Graphics
– In addition to Pinterest graphics, the 101 affirmations have also been put into smaller social media graphics. These work great for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and more. 

Each affirmation is on a different graphic, for 101 total. 

You will get them in Canva, making it super quick and easy to customize them with your own images, colors, and font styles.

Each of the graphics measures 1080 x 1080 and includes a space at the bottom to add your website.

File format: Canva


Journal Prompts
 – To give you more options for delivering the affirmations to your audience, there are also 101 journal prompts that were created from the affirmations. 

For each of the affirmations in this package, you get a journal prompt that goes along with it. This makes it more interactive and allows your audience to write about the prompt in their journal for more self-awareness and to help them change their mindset.

File Formats: Microsoft Word and Plain Text.


Journal – Last but not least, you will get a Canva journal that has been created with these journal prompts. It is 53 pages long, with the cover, blank template page, and 2 prompts per page. 

You can easily customize this journal in Canva, then convert it to PDF before delivering to your audience. They will be able to print it and fill it out to use in combination with the affirmations.


PLR Product #3:
101 Affirmations PLR Pack ($17 Value)
101 Affirmations in 10 Categories

Affirmations are one of the tools that people are often using without realizing it. They are short, powerful phrases that can provide positivity, strength, courage, and self-confidence to those who use them. 
People are often telling themselves one thing or another, repeating what they believe to be “truths”. These are often negative emotions that they have convinced themselves to be true out of fear and doubt.
With positive affirmations like those included in this PLR package, your audience can learn how to reframe their thoughts and find their own power to live the best life they can.

101 Affirmations

Get 101 affirmations that help your audience tap into their subconscious and start living their dream life. 

These affirmations come in 10 main categories, including:

  • Health
  • Love
  • Confidence
  • Success
  • Money and Wealth
  • Mornings
  • Empowerment
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Gratitude
  • Positive Mindset

Format: Microsoft Word and Text

Like the previous PLR package , you will receive the Private Label Rights license to all of the articles within this package.

PLR Product #4:
Year of Journal Prompts ($49 Value)
365 Journal Prompts, Canva Journal Templates

Get enough journal prompts for an entire year! 

With this PLR package, you will get a total of 365 journal prompts – which includes enough for every day of 2022 (or any year you decide to use them). 

They are split up into 12 different topics, one topic for each month.

This bundle also comes with both a Canva and PowerPoint blank journal template that you can customize with the prompts.

365 Journaling Prompts

Set yourself up for success in the next year by getting all the journal prompts your audience will need. 

These writing prompts give your audience ideas for what to write about in their journal, but not just any topic. These are organized with a different topic for each month of the year that they can focus on. 

The topics include:

  • January: Goals and Plans
  • February: Love and Relationships
  • March: Confidence and Self-Love
  • April: Find Your Purpose
  • May: Manifesting
  • June: Mental Health
  • July: Physical Health
  • August: Emotional Healing
  • September: Find Clarity
  • October: Keeping You Stuck
  • November: Gratitude
  • December: Mindset

You can of course mix and match, using any prompts for any month out of the year, or even sell the entire package of 365 prompts all in one. There are so many options available!

Format: The journal prompts are provided in Microsoft Word and Text formats.

Blank Journal Templates

As a free bonus, you will get 2 different blank journal templates – one in Canva and one in PowerPoint. These are really easy for you to customize with your own branding logo, colors, images, fonts, and more. 

They each provide 31 pages, so you can use a different journal for each month out of the year. 

Once they are customized, it is easy to convert them to a PDF to make them printable for your audience.

Formats: Canva and PowerPoint

Preview of the Canva and PowerPoint templates:

As expected, you receive the full Private Label Rights license to every article listed here.

PLR Product #5:
Journal Prompts PLR Package ($47 Value)
365 Journal Prompts in 15 Categories

Get even more journal prompts to give away, sell, use in journals, and so much more. These are unique from the other prompts in this PLR bundle. 

This PLR package has 365 journaling prompts in 15 different categories. These categories include:

  • Daily Thoughts & Ideas
  • Work and Business
  • Personal Goals
  • Health & Wellness
  • Family & Friends
  • Memories
  • Seasonal & Holiday
  • Self-Care
  • Gratitude
  • Travel
  • Lists
  • Write a Letter
  • Creative Writing
  • Calendar Months

PLR Product #6:
Year of Health & Wellness Content ($59 Value)
52 articles, 52 journal prompts, journal, workbook

Get your hands on this new Health and Wellness PLR bundle, and provide your audience with quality content all year long.

With this bundle, you will get 52 articles – one for every week of the 2021 calendar year. They cover a wide range of topics within the health and wellness niche, from journaling and self-help, to holistic health, nutrition, and exercise. 

From starting the year off with blog posts about organizing their space for optimum health and productivity, to finishing off with staying active in cold weather, this bundle truly covers it all.

Engage your audience with a brand new article posted to your blog every week next year. PLUS, you will get a lot of great bonuses, including a 52-week journal, journal prompts, journal cover, and bonuses.

What You Get in the Year of Health and Wellness PLR Bundle:

  • 52 PLR Articles – One for Every Week in 2021
  • 52 Journaling Prompts
  • Journal – 54 pages, editable with Canva
  • Canva Journal Cover Template
  • 10+ Printables and Graphics (Canva)
  • Royalty-Free Images – 25 images to create your own graphics or blog images.

52 PLR Articles About Journaling

There are 52 articles in this bundle – enough for you to add one new post to your blog every week for an entire year. Many of them can also be combined into opt-ins, lead magnets, or an eBook about health and wellness.

The article topics include:

1. 6 Ways to Have a Healthy New Year (449 words)
2. The Best 6 Healing Herbs and Spices (447 words)
3. Do You Have Quarantine Fatigue? (409 words)
4. Cleaning for the Beginning of the Year (418 words)
5. How to Start a Happiness Journal (439 words)
6. New Ways to Deal with Heightened Anxiety (446 words)
7. To-Do List for Stressful Days (438 words)
8. Tips for Dealing with Your Negative Feelings (425 words)
9. The Top Lists to Add to Your Planner (408 words)
10. The Benefits of Journaling for Personal Growth (441 words)
11. Tips for Time-Batching Your Life (439 words)
12. What is Guided Hypnosis? (416 words)
13. Why You Need to List Your Most Important Tasks (397 words)
14. Why Habits are Built One at a Time (464 words)
15. How to Reduce Screen Fatigue (456 words)
16. Benefits of Going Organic (401 words)
17. How to Improve Your Work-Life Balance (406 words)
18. 3 Things You Are Doing Wrong with Your Brain Dump (449 words)
19. What Does it Mean to Live Sustainably? (473 words)
20. How to Use EFT to Your Advantage (406 words)
21. Characteristics of Highly Sensitive People (417 words)
22. Using Visualization to Reach Your Goals (471 words)
23. What is Mental Fitness? (401 words)
24. How to Gain Momentum in Life (444 words)
25. Benefits of Revisiting Your Old Journals (436 words)
26. Understanding the Wheel of Life (421 words)
27. Natural Health Trends: Acerola (404 words)
28. The 7 Dimensions of Wellness (456 words)
29. Everything You Wanted to Know About Oat Milk (413 words)
30. Cut Back on Sugar Without Feeling Deprived (419 words)
31. Protect Your Hair and Skin During and After Workouts (402 words)
32. Why You Need an Affirmation Log (398 words)
33. What You Need for a Healthy Scalp (409 words)
34. Different Ways to Use Your Winter Produce (400 words)
35. Why You Should Sign Up for a CSA (405 words)
36. 7 Ways to Stay Active in Cold Weather (511 words)
37. Easy Ways to Get More Vitamin C (426 words)
38. Keep Your Home Organized Year-Round (430 words)
39. Tips for Getting Out of a Creative Slump (452 words)
40. Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas (465 words)
41. What are the signs of allergic rhinitis? (454 words)
42. Don’t Underestimate These Healthy Ingredients (404 words)
43. Common Mistakes You Are Making in Your Sleep Routine (435 words)
44. Why Your Energy Drops in the Afternoon (417 words)
45. Do You Need to Detox After the Holidays? (426 words)
46. Try These Natural Air Fresheners (400 words)
47. 6 Simple Ways to Use Collagen (490 words)
48. Surprising Causes of Bloating (415 words)
49. Improve Your Health with the Law of Attraction (464 words)
50. Why Taking a Pause Help with Emotional Eating (416 words)
51. Organizing for the End of the Year (401 words)
52. How to Set Realistic New Years’ Resolutions (492 words)

Journal Prompts and Journal – ’52 Weeks of Health and Wellness’

You will get 52 journal prompts that are also used in the included ’52 Weeks of Health and Wellness’ journal.

This journal was created in Canva, making it easy for you to customize with your own images, fonts, and colors. 

The prompts ask different questions that pertain to improving one’s health and setting health goals and priorities throughout the year. It is a great way for your audience to stay on track and remain aligned with their health goals.

The Journal is 54 pages in length, with one journal page for each of the journal prompts in this bundle.

Editable Canva Templates

The journal and journal cover are completely editable and customizable. These templates are created with Canva, so you will get access to an editable version that you are able to customize for your brand. 

There are 10 templates in total, including:

1. Daily Health Log
2. Food Diary
3. Weekly Activity
4. Health Goals This Week
5. Gratitude Journal
6. Important Lists
7. Affirmation Log
8. Habits Worksheet
9. Routines Worksheet
10. Editorial Calendar

PLR Product #7:
Year of Journaling ($69 Value)
52 articles, 52 journal prompts, journal, workbook

Get your hands on this new Journaling PLR bundle, and provide your audience with quality content all year long.

With this bundle, you will get 53 articles – one for every week of the 2020 calendar year. They go in order of importance between what your audience might want to explore about journaling in the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

From starting the year off with blog posts about using their journal to create their New Years’ Resolutions and goals for the year, to finishing off with gratitude and self-reflection, a little bit of everything is included in this prewritten content package.

Engage your audience about the benefits of journaling, teach them how to use journals effectively, and educate them on the power of personal growth and setting intentions. 

What You Get in the Year of Journaling PLR Bundle:

53 PLR Articles About Journals – One for Every Week in 2020
53 Journaling Prompts
Journal – 373 pages, editable with Powerpoint
Workbook – Made from the 53 journaling prompts
Royalty-Free Images – 32 images to create your own graphics or blog images.

53 PLR Articles About Journaling

There are 53 articles in this bundle – enough for you to add one new post to your blog every week for an entire year. They can also be turned into a long eBook or report about journaling, or split up into blog posts, an email series, and an opt-in report.

The article topics include:

1. Start Your Journal with a Positive Headspace (465 words)
2. How to Use a Journal for Your New Years’ Resolutions (495 words)
3. First Quarter Journaling Tips and Ideas (426 words)
4. What to Journal About in the Beginning of the Year (447 words)
5. How to Journal in Just 5 Minutes a Day (417 words)
6. Personal Growth Questions to Help You Journal (413 words)
7. How Journaling Can Help Your Relationships (419 words)
8. How to Journal Just Once a Week (404 words)
9. The Different Phases of Journaling (444 words)
10. Why You Should Have a Journaling Routine (401 words)
11. Setting Intentions with Your Journal (409 words)
12. Topics for Journaling Monthly (402 words)
13. What People Get Wrong About Journaling (469 words)
14. Tips for Reducing Stress with Your Journal (490 words)
15. Check in on Yourself with Your Journal (402 words)
16. Journal Your Way to a Healthy Financial Plan (454 words)
17. Buying a New Journal? The Best Features to Look For (419 words)
18. How to Create a Basic Journal Practice (446 words)
19. Preserve Memories With Your Journal (415 words)
20. How to Use Lists in Your Journal (507 words)
21. Why it Can Be Hard to Stick to a Journaling Routine (573 words)
22. How to Use Your Journal to Create a Bucket List (438 words)
23. 3 Tips for Taking Your Journaling to the Next Level (401 words)
24. Why Your Journaling Needs a WHY (416 words)
25. Reflecting on Your Life With a Journal (423 words)
26. Journaling is Not About Perfection (403 words)
27. Understanding the Versatility of Journaling (439 words)
28. Can Journaling Solve All Your Problems? (408 words)
29. Why Journaling Might Be Easier Than You Think (430 words)
30. Crush Your Goals With Your Journal (432 words)
31. How to Make Journaling Work for You (468 words)
32. Helpful Tips for Keeping a Travel Journal (431 words)
33. Journaling Tips for Kids (397 words)
34. Journaling Tips for Teens (404 words)
35. Why You May Need to Rethink Your Journaling Process (472 words)
36. Surprising Benefits of Journaling (453 words)
37. Finding the Right Journal Writing Prompts (403 words)
38. What Should Your First Journal Entries Be? (519 words)
39. Understanding Mindful Journaling (428 words)
40. Journaling Evolves With You (412 words)
41. Tips for Starting an Art Journal (409 words)
42. Types of Journals to Consider Using (467 words)
43. Flush Out Your Ideas With a Journal (434 words)
44. It is Never Too Late to Start Writing in a Journal (413 words)
45. How to Finish the Year Strong with Your Journal (415 words)
46. How Stream of Consciousness Writing Works (408 words)
47. How Often to do Stream of Consciousness Journaling (409 words)
48. You Are Not Limited to One Style of Journaling (423 words)
49. Boost Your Confidence With Your Journal (423 words)
50. Using a Journal for a Brain Dump (450 words)
51. Journaling Means Something Different to Everyone (432 words)
52. What Your Journal Reveals About Your Life (480 words)
53. Begin the Year Strong with Journaling (403 words)

53 Journaling Prompts

I have also written 53 brand new journaling prompts, each catering to a different time of year. These provide a great way for you to continue engaging your audience throughout the year, or you can offer all of them in one package a free gift for signing up to your email list. 

‘Year of Journaling’ Printable Journal

 There is also a journal for the entire year of 2020, offering 53 weeks of journaling pages, one for every week of the year. This is a total of 373 pages, including 7 pages for every week, plus the cover page and the ‘This Journal Belongs to…” page.

Each of the journaling prompts was turned into a journaling page, plus you get a variety of other lined and doodle pages as well.

This was created with PowerPoint, making it easy to customize the colors, layout, font, and order of the pages.

Journal Pages Include:

Cover Page
“This Journal Belongs To” Page
Journal Prompts Pages (1 for every week)
Lined Pages
Lined Pages with Image Spaces
Doodle Pages
Stream of Consciousness Pages

PLR Product #8:
Year of Self-Love ($47 Value)
365 journal prompts, 365 affirmations, planner, journal, workbook

For this upgrade, I went the extra mile to assemble a “Year of Self-Love” bundle that provides you with enough journal prompts and affirmations for an entire year. This package in particular has an excellent balance of both printable content and written content, that you’ll be ready to go immediately after downloading it.

You will receive 6 modules of completely new and original content and printable items directly related to the subject of a ‘Self-Love’ that you cannot find anywhere else on the market.

With these, you will be prepared to market your business, product, program, or even your clients in a fraction of the time it would take you to start from scratch.

Just take a look at the 6 modules bundled into this limited time upgrade offer:

  • Module #1: 365 Journal Prompts – Word & Text format
  • Module #2: 365 Affirmations – Word & Text format
  • Module #3: 365-Page Stylized Journal Based On The Prompts – Editable in Canva
  • Module #4: 185-Page Workbook Made From The Prompts – Editable in Canva
  • Module #5: 365-Page Planner Based On The Prompts – Editable in Canva
  • Module #6: 3 Unique eCovers; 1 Workbook, 1 Journal, 1 Planner – Editable In Canva

I couldn’t decide between a journal, workbook, or planner style template, so I did all 3. Slightly different styled cover and template for each one.

The same prompts are used for each one, but you can choose how to want to utilize it and if you want to tweak any of the printable items, the content, and so on.

365 Journal Prompts

In this upgrade module, you will be receiving 365 journal prompts about self-love and self-care, which you can distribute to your audience however you see best fit.

These are meant to cover an entire year’s worth of journal prompts.

These prompts focus on various topics, here is just a few of the 365 prompts:

When you think about yourself, what is the first thing that comes to mind?
What is a topic that always makes you cry?
Who do you think you could never be?
What accomplishment did you work hardest for?
In what ways do you need to be kinder to yourself?
What do you feel bound to in your life?
How often do you use affirmations?
Plus more (there’s 365 of these)

365 Affirmations:

Stacking even further onto the value of this upgrade, you will be gaining access to 365 completely unique to this bundle affirmations.

These affirmations are focused around self-love, personal improvement, and self-love. Because of that, they are the perfect addition to all of the content and other printable items in this upgrade.

These are meant to cover an entire years worth of affirmation based content.

Here are just a few of the 365 affirmations you’ll be receiving:

I fully embrace self-love.
I am unaffected by negative circumstances.
I am strong.
My life has made me strong enough to endure anything.
I am stronger than my own anxieties.
My age does not define me.
I am in control.
I am grateful to be alive.
I invest in myself.
I choose to love myself unconditionally.

You can distribute these with the printable items, intersperse them into your content, in your emails, on social media, or really any place else.

365-Day Planner

Moving right in line with the 365 days theme, we kick off the printables section of this upgrade with a planner that features 365-days worth of journal prompts (from module #1).

Each page includes a journal prompt and journal section, affirmation, and then 3 boxes for a daily self-love habit, gratitude, and notes.

This planner was created in Canva, which means you don’t need to buy any software or watch a ton of tutorials to change any aspect of the planner pages or content.

You can distribute this planner in any way you desire, because it comes with the full PLR license.

Right below this text, you will see a preview of the ‘365-Days of Self-Love’ planner:

365-Day Workbook

Making things even easier for you, the journal prompts were ALSO placed into a workbook created entirely in Canva for ease of use.

The workbook is 185 pages long. There is a cover page, blank template, and then 183 pages to fill out. There are 2 journal prompts per page (no affirmations added to this one).

You can modify this workbook however you see fit, and also distribute it to your audience in any way that you please to benefit your business.

Here is a screenshot overview of the included workbook:

365-Day Journal

What printable upgrade would be complete without a flawlessly stylized journal?

You’ll also be receiving a journal that was created in Canva (so you can edit it easily and for free), using the journal prompts that are included in module #1.

This journal spans 367-pages total, including the cover and a blank journal page as the first 2 pages, and has 1 journal prompt for each page there after.  Each page includes the journal prompt and affirmation.

Directly underneath this text, you can see a preview of the ‘Self-Love’ journal:

Yes, This Is A MASSIVE Value…

You will receive all 8 of the PLR products listed on this page, for a one-time low price compared to what it would cost you to purchase any of these packages individually on any given day of the year.

How Much Would This Package Cost You Outright?

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Total Cost To You:
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Terms & Conditions

Private Label Rights Terms:

1. Don’t put my name or the Health & Wellness PLR brand name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.

[UPGRADE] Year of PLR Content, Affirmations, and Prompts