[UPGRADE] A Year of Self-Love Bundle


This Upgrade PLR Bundle Contains:

  • 365 More Unique Journal Prompts
  • 365 More Unique Affirmations
  • 367-Page Stylized Planner
  • 185-Page Stylized Workbook
  • 367-Page Stylized Journal
  • 3 Unique eCovers (Editable In Canva)

Gain Access To 365 Days of Self-Love Content & Printable Upgrade With Private Label Rights License Included!

6 Modules of Content & Printable Items For A Huge Discount

For this upgrade, I went the extra mile to assemble a “Year of Self-Love” bundle that provides you with enough journal prompts and affirmations for an entire year. This package in particular has an excellent balance of both printable content and written content, that you’ll be ready to go immediately after downloading it.

You will receive 6 modules of completely new and original content and printable items directly related to the subject of a ‘Self-Love’ that you cannot find anywhere else on the market.

With these, you will be prepared to market your business, product, program, or even your clients in a fraction of the time it would take you to start from scratch.

Just take a look at the 6 modules bundled into this limited time upgrade offer:

I couldn’t decide between a journal, workbook, or planner style template, so I did all 3. Slightly different styled cover and template for each one.

The same prompts are used for each one, but you can choose how to want to utilize it and if you want to tweak any of the printable items, the content, and so on.

Below I’ve gone ahead and created a detailed breakdown of each of the 6 modules found in this upgrade.

View A Full Breakdown of This Bundle Below

PLR Module #1:
365 ‘Self-Love’ Journal Prompts

In this upgrade module, you will be receiving 365 journal prompts about self-love and self-care, which you can distribute to your audience however you see best fit.

These are meant to cover an entire year’s worth of journal prompts.

These prompts focus on various topics, here is just 25 of the 365 prompts:

  • When you think about yourself, what is the first thing that comes to mind?
  • What is a topic that always makes you cry?
  • Who do you think you could never be?
  • What accomplishment did you work hardest for?
  • In what ways do you need to be kinder to yourself?
  • Imagining yourself achieving a victory; what does it look like?
  • What are you shy about?
  • How can you step out of your own shadow?
  • Have you set your own rules?
  • What makes you feel powerful?
  • Does your anxiety trigger negative self-talk?
  • What do you feel bound to in your life?
  • How often do you use affirmations?
  • Is it hard to forgive yourself?
  • What do you need to forgive yourself for?
  • What do you have trouble letting go of?
  • Do you tend to hold grudges?
  • What causes you the most stress?
  • When you look in the mirror, what do you smile at?
  • List some habits that can use affirmations.
  • How are you nurturing your mind?
  • Are you mindful during meals?
  • What is your mindset when you don’t love yourself enough?
  • How do talk to yourself in general?
  • How do you talk to yourself compared to others?
  • Plus more (there’s 365 of these)

File Format(s) Included: *.docx, *.txt

PLR Module #2:
365 ‘Self-Love’ Based Affirmations

Stacking even further onto the value of this upgrade, you will be gaining access to 365 completely unique to this bundle affirmations.

These affirmations are focused around self-love, personal improvement, and self-love. Because of that, they are the perfect addition to all of the content and other printable items in this upgrade.

These are meant to cover an entire years worth of affirmation based content.

Here are just 25 of the 365 affirmations you’ll be receiving:

  • I fully embrace self-love.
  • I am unaffected by negative circumstances.
  • I am strong.
  • My life has made me strong enough to endure anything.
  • I am stronger than my own anxieties.
  • My age does not define me.
  • I am in control.
  • I am grateful to be alive.
  • I invest in myself.
  • I choose to love myself unconditionally.
  • I have good common sense.
  • I deserve to live an ideal life.
  • I don’t let mistakes pull me back.
  • I have complete adoration for myself.
  • I rise above pressures.
  • I choose to live a simple, happy life.
  • Other people’s opinions are none of my business.
  • I attract opportunities every day.
  • The scale doesn’t define my worth.
  • I decide how I feel about myself.
  • I adore the reflection looking back at me.
  • I embrace what I have accomplished.
  • My limiting beliefs don’t hold me back.
  • I love how hard I work.
  • My confidence shines through me.
You can distribute these with the printable items, intersperse them into your content, in your emails, on social media, or really any place else.

File Format(s) Included: *.txt (Text File)

PLR Module #3:
365-Day Planner

Moving right in line with the 365 days theme, we kick off the printables section of this upgrade with a planner that features 365-days worth of journal prompts (from module #1).

Each page includes a journal prompt and journal section, affirmation, and then 3 boxes for a daily self-love habit, gratitude, and notes.

This planner was created in Canva, which means you don’t need to buy any software or watch a ton of tutorials to change any aspect of the planner pages or content.

You can distribute this planner in any way you desire, because it comes with the full PLR license.

Right below this text, you will see a preview of the ‘365-Days of Self-Love’ planner:

File Format(s) Included: Canva Template which can be exported to PDF, etc.

PLR Module #4:
365-Day Workbook

Making things even easier for you, the journal prompts were ALSO placed into a workbook created entirely in Canva for ease of use.

The workbook is 185 pages long. There is a cover page, blank template, and then 183 pages to fill out. There are 2 journal prompts per page (no affirmations added to this one).

You can modify this workbook however you see fit, and also distribute it to your audience in any way that you please to benefit your business.

Here is a screenshot overview of the included workbook:

File Format(s) Included: Editable Canva Template

PLR Module #5:
365-Day Journal

What printable upgrade would be complete without a flawlessly stylized journal?

You’ll also be receiving a journal that was created in Canva (so you can edit it easily and for free), using the journal prompts that are included in module #1.

This journal spans 367-pages total, including the cover and a blank journal page as the first 2 pages, and has 1 journal prompt for each page there after.  Each page includes the journal prompt and affirmation.

Directly underneath this text, you can see a preview of the ‘Self-Love’ journal:

You can click the image above to enlarge it and see a bigger preview.

File Format(s) Included: Editable Canva Template

PLR Module #6:
3 Editable Canva eCovers

You may have already noticed that there’s 3 eCovers in this package, and they correspond to the workbook, the planner, and the journal.

Well, taking things a step further, you’ll also be receiving the fully editable Canva source files for all of these professionally designed eCover images.

This means that you can open either of them up, change fonts, colors, styles, images, or anything else you’d like – including branding and the titles.

All of this is easily done without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank by opening them in Canva, for 100% free. This means no clunky confusing software like Photoshop or GIMP.

File Format(s) Included: Canva Templates which can be edited for 100% FREE.

Bonus Module:
Tutorial For Merging Templates in Canva

Also included in this package is a tutorial on how to merge multiple Canva templates into one PDF.

Canva only goes up to 100 pages. So these are split into multiple templates, that they merge themselves into one PDF. I am including instructions on how to do that. It’s super easy.



You will receive all 6 of the action-packed PLR modules listed on this page, for a one-time low price in comparison to what it may cost you to create even just one module of this upgrade package.

Here Are The Modules Included In This Upgrade

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