Stress Management Challenge


This PLR Bundle Contains:
– 21 Challenge Emails
– 21 Blog Posts
– Challenge Workbook
– Challenge Lead Magnet
– 77 Journal Prompts
– 21 Affirmations
– Prompted Journal
– 3 eCovers

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Expand on the topic of stress management with this brand new 21-day challenge, complete with emails, blog posts, a workbook, journal, prompts, and more.

The 21-Day Stress Management Challenge is meant for people who don’t just want to read about how to manage their stress, but actually have a step-by-step guide to begin developing techniques and habits.

You will get an email and blog post for each day of the challenge, a printable workbook they can use along the way, journal, and more.

You will receive 8 unique, high-quality modules including 21 emails for the challenge with corresponding 21 blog posts, a workbook for the challenge, journal prompts, affirmations, a journal, lead magnet, and eCovers all for one low price!

Just take a look at the 8 modules that are included below:

Below I’ve gone ahead and created a detailed breakdown of each of the 8 modules found in this very exclusive package.

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PLR Module #1:

21-Day Stress Management Challenge

– 21 Emails Total –

The 21-Day Stress Management Challenge is designed to help your audience not only relieve stress, but have actionable steps. Each day is dedicated to a different habit they can add to their routine for stress relief.

There are a total of 21 emails in this challenge, one for each day. Each email also corresponds to a blog post (see next module).
You will get the following emails:
  • Day 1 – Journal About Your Stress (228 words)
  • Day 2 – Try Breathing Exercises (253 words)
  • Day 3 – List Your Most Important Tasks (260 words)
  • Day 4 – Take a Walk (267 words)
  • Day 5 – Do Nothing (256 words)
  • Day 6 – Purge and Organize (270 words)
  • Day 7 – Get Out in Nature (234 words)
  • Day 8 – Practice Positive Self-Talk (267 words)
  • Day 9 – Do Some Light Reading (274 words)
  • Day 10 – Limit Your Screen Time (271 words)
  • Day 11 – Try a Brain Dump (300 words)
  • Day 12 – Make Yourself a Healthy Meal (280 words)
  • Day 13 – Distract Your Mind With Something Fun (279 words)
  • Day 14 – Use Affirmations (255 words)
  • Day 15 – Meditate (249 words)
  • Day 16 – Do Something Creative (275 words)
  • Day 17 – Complete a Digital Detox (309 words)
  • Day 18 – Call a Friend (264 words)
  • Day 19 – Finish Something You Have Been Putting Off (324 words)
  • Day 20 – Write a Gratitude List (249 words)
  • Day 21 – Self-Reflect (279 words)

Each email includes a greeting, introduction, content for that day’s challenge, as well as a CTA about using the workbook (also included in this bundle). 


File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Plain Text

PLR Module #2:

21 Blog Posts for the Challenge

– 500+ Words Each –

To give your readers even more information about each technique and habit for stress management, there is a blog post that goes with every single email in this challenge. 

You will get 21 blog posts in total, which are 500+ words each. They all have a related topic to that day’s email. 

You will get the following blog post topics:

  • How to Benefit the Most From Journaling (561 words)
  • Breathing Exercises and Tapping for Stress Relief (696 words)
  • How to Utilize MITs in Your Daily Routine (537 words)
  • The 5 Best Workouts for Relieving Stress (504 words)
  • The Power of Doing Nothing (529 words)
  • How to Stay Productive When You Are Highly Stressed (508 words)
  • 7 Things You Can Do in Nature for Healing (567 words)
  • What is Positive Self-Talk and Why Do You Need it? (554 words)
  • Quiet, Calming Activities for Stress Management (503 words)
  • How to Start a Habit of No Screen Time (516 words)
  • Is the Brain Dump the BEST Form of Journaling? (559 words)
  • Try These Foods if You’re Feeling Stressed (530 words)
  • Easy Ways to Distract Your Stressed and Anxious Mind (524 words)
  • Try These 5 Methods for Using Affirmations (530 words)
  • How to Start Meditating for Stress Relief (520 words)
  • 8 Creative Activities for the Stressed Mind (693 words)
  • Stressed? Try Cleaning Up Your Social Media (530 words)
  • The Amazing Emotional Healing Powers of Friendships (504 words)
  • How to Finally Get Stuff Done (545 words)
  • How to Incorporate Gratitude Into Your Routine (559 words)
  • 12 Questions to Ask Yourself for Self-Reflection (569 words)

Not interested in adding blog posts? You can also put these into a lead magnet! They would work great to provide more information to your audience about the topic of stress management.


File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Plain Text

PLR Module #3:

101-Page Challenge Workbook

– Editable in Canva & PowerPoint –

You will get a Stress Management Challenge Workbook that you can customize, convert to PDF, and have your readers print out to be used with this 21-day challenge.

The workbook is 101 pages total, offering templates not only for the challenge days, but also journaling pages for every journal prompt in this bundle.

This includes:

  • Cover
  • Blank Calendar
  • Checklist
  • Challenge Day Template (21 total)
  • Journaling Page Templates (77 total, for each journal prompt)
 The challenge day templates list the day of the challenge, have a short description at the top for that challenge day’s habit and instruction, to-do list and notes section (depending on the day), and the daily affirmation at the bottom.

Here is a preview of the inside of this workbook:

You will also get this workbook in PowerPoint format:

File Format(s) Included: Canva and PowerPoint

PLR Module #4:

Challenge Lead Magnet

– 14 Pages, 4,315 Words –

The challenge emails from this 21-day Stress Management Challenge have also been turned into a lead magnet!

This gives your list another option for going through the challenge if they prefer to have all 21 days at once, instead of waiting for the emails each day. 

It is all set up and formatted for you, including an editable eCover. 

The Stress Management Challenge lead magnet includes 14 pages and 4,315 words with one section for every day in this 21-day challenge.


Here is a preview of the inside of this report:

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Text Format

PLR Module #5:

77 Journal Prompts

(Word and Text Format)

Journaling is the perfect way to relieve stress, so of course I had to include some brand new journal prompts for this bundle.

You will get a total of 77 journal prompts in this package. This includes 7 journal prompts to give your list before the challenge begins, 3 prompts for each of the 21 days, and a final 7 prompts for the end of the challenge. 

Here are just a few of the 77 prompts included:

  • What is your current stress on a scale of 1-10?
  • What do you hope to learn from this challenge?
  • How often have you been getting stressed lately?
  • Where is your favorite place to walk?
  • What are your best stress-relieving activities?
  • What are some of your favorite ways to relax?
  • If you had a free afternoon, how would you spend it?
  • What were your first signs of stress?
  • How have you been coping with stress?

These prompts have also been used in both the challenge workbook and journal included in this bundle.

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Text.

PLR Module #6:

21 Affirmations

(Word and Text Format)

In addition to the journal prompts, you will also receive 21 unique affirmations, with one affirmation for each day of the challenge.

These positive affirmations are written to help your audience focus on their mindset for each day of the challenge.

Here are just a few of the 21 affirmations included:

  • I am ready for any new challenge.
  • I feel peaceful while out in nature.
  • I value all my friendships.
  • I am grateful for everything in my life.
  • I love everything about myself.

These affirmations are also used in the workbook in this bundle.

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word and Text.

PLR Module #7:

Stress Management Challenge Journal
(79 Pages)

– Editable in Canva and PowerPoint –

For your convenience, the 100 journal prompts in this package have been turned into a customizable, printable journal for your audience to use.

This journal is created in both Canva and PowerPoint, so you can edit it using either program, including changing the background, colors, layouts, font, and the prompts themselves. Once you are done customizing any part of the journal, just save and convert it to a PDF to be sent to your list.

Your audience can then print the journal out and use these prompts for daily journal entries when they want to gain clarity about their stress management and relief journey.

Below are some previews of the journal included in this module:

The Stress Management Challenge Journal also comes in PowerPoint format.

See the preview below:

You can click any of the images above to enlarge them and see bigger previews.

File Format(s) Included: Editable in Canva and PowerPoint.

PLR Module #8:

3 Professionally-Designed eCovers

– Editable in Canva –

You will also receive access to 3 professionally-designed eCovers, all of which are created in Canva. 

The images and colors chosen for these covers complement each other perfectly, so you can use any for a course or product you are selling or giving to your audience, and the style will be consistent throughout.

You can also customize every element of the covers by using Canva, including the images, design elements, fonts, colors, and layouts. There is nothing complicated about Canva which is why it’s so perfect to use for your business.

Below is a preview of the 4 covers you receive in this particular module of this bundle:

File Format(s) Included: Editable in Canva.


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