Stress Journal PLR Bundle


Stress Journal PLR Bundle
44-Page Stress Journal
Journal Cover
Journaling Prompts
4 Reports
4 Report Covers


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New Stress Journal, 4 Opt-in Reports, and Journaling Prompts

Become an authority in the stress niche, beyond the basics, by the unique benefits of printable journals!

This new PLR package gives you a custom-made Stress Journal that is perfectly curated for people who want to reduce their stress, overcome burnout, and create healthier daily habits. Each page is fully customizable, where you can change everything from the colors and images, to the entire layout.

There are also 50 journaling prompts to go with the stress journal - these will be a huge hit!

Provide More Value with the Stress Journal, Reports, and Journaling Prompts

Also included are 4 opt-in reports that expand on stress, journaling, and daily habits, each with an editable cover.

This is a great package you don't want to miss.

What You Get in the Stress Journal PLR Package

  • Sleep Journal - 44 pages, color and black/white versions
  • Journaling Prompts - 50 Journaling prompts about stress
  • Report - How to Live a Stress-Free Life (12 pages, 4,137 words) 
  • Report - Burnout: What it is and How to Overcome it (11 pages, 4,113 words) 
  • Report - Daily Habits to Help Manage Stress (10 pages, 3,772 words) 
  • Report - Reduce Stress with a Daily Planner or Journal (11 pages, 4,225 words) 

Stress Journal

This stress journal is a great way to show your audience how they can improve their daily habits and reduce stress simply by writing in a journal. It includes not just lined journaling pages, but daily and weekly planner pages, to-do lists, journal prompt pages, and more.

About the Journal

This is a 44-page printable and customizable journal that comes in a color and black/white version. 

It includes the following types of pages:

Simple Lined Pages
Lined Pages with Graphics
To-do List
Stream of Consciousness page
Daily Planner (multiple versions)
Weekly Planner
Journal Prompt Pages
Doodle Pages

'How to Live a Stress-Free Life' Report

This first report is about teaching your audience how to live a stress-free life. It talks about how to reduce distractions, why daily routines are important, and the importance of having fun.

How to Live a Stress-Free Life

12 pages, 4,137 words

1. Setting Up a New Routine
2. Daily Activities to Reduce Stress
3. Distractions and Multi-Tasking
4. Spending Time with Others
5. Have Some Fun with Life
6. Moving Forward with a Stress-Free Life

'Burnout: What it is and How to Overcome it' Report

The Burnout PLR report gives details about burnout, from recognizing the symptoms, to figuring out how to overcome it and reduce stress in the process.

Burnout: What it is and How to Overcome it

11 pages, 4,113 words

1. How to Identify Signs of Burnout
2. Your First Steps Toward Overcoming Burnout
3. Engage in Activities That Help Manage Stress
4. Saying No and Setting Limitations
5. Final Steps to Overcoming Burnout

'Daily Habits to Help Manage Stress' Report

Share this 'Daily Habits to Help Manage Stress' PLR report with your list, use it as a free opt-in, or sell it right from your blog. It is 10 pages long, with two main parts: Managing Stress and Avoiding Stress.

Daily Habits to Help Manage Stress

10 pages, 3,772 words

Part One: What to Do to Manage Stress

Part Two: What to Avoid to Manage Stress
Caffeine and Stimulants
Lack of Daily Routine
Procrastinating and Running Late
Over-Booking Your Schedule
Lack of Exercise
Not Getting Enough Rest

'Reduce Stress With a Daily Planner or Journal' Report

This last report is about using a planner or journal every day as part of a daily routine to help manage stress. 

Reduce Stress with a Daily Planner or Journal

11 pages, 4,225 words

1. Reduce Stress with a Journal
2. Tips for Using a Journal
3. Reduce Stress with a Planner
4. Tips for Using a Planner

Bonus: 50 Journaling Prompts

Who doesn't love journaling prompts?! These will be hugely popular with your list, I can promise you that!

You will get a list of 50 journaling prompts, each of which will help your audience to address their stress. Some prompts are about avoiding burnout and figuring out why they feel so overwhelmed, while others help them discover other stress triggers, develop better daily habits to reduce stress, and distract their mind a little from their stress.

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