Spring Reset Journal Bundle


Spring Reset Journal Bundle PLR

· 25 Unique Journal Prompts (Word and Text Format)
· 25 Unique Affirmations (Word and Text Format)
· Editable Stylized Journal (Made in Canva)
· Editable eCover (Made in Canva)

Download This Brand New Spring Reset Journal, Prompts & Affirmations, All With Private Label Rights Included

25 Unique Journal Prompts & 25 Affirmations + A Workbook-Style Journal

With journal popularity being at a peak, and knowing that printable items are a massive sticking point in the health & wellness niche – these will be a hot asset to stick in your toolkit of resources.

Spring is all about renewals, fresh starts, refreshing and detoxing your body, mind, home, and life. That makes the present a perfect time to dish out this material to your audience.

There are countless ways you can actually implement these journal prompts, affirmations, and the journal based around a spring reset.

As you may already know, a journal is an excellent way to encourage yourself (or your audience) to write their thoughts down and do some self-reflection as a result.

That’s exactly where this package and these journal prompts come into play.

Top it off with the affirmations and you have a powerful PLR package that will provide use for many Spring seasons to come.

Prompts Breakdown:
25 Journal Prompts

This package comes with 25 unique journal prompts based around all things ‘Spring Reset’ related.

For this subject matter, the prompts are geared towards helping somebody decide how they’d like to go about setting goals, detoxing, reflecting on areas of life, looking at mental and physical health, and just a cover of overall health and wellness.

The prompts cover various topics involving some of the following:

Formats Included: Microsoft Word (.docx), Text File (.txt).

What On Earth Are Journaling Prompts?

If you’re not familiar with this type of printable item, you may be scratching your head wondering what a journal prompt is.

Journal prompts are basically a type of writing prompt that asks a question of the reader, which in turn presents them with a specific topic to write about.

While plenty of people have a topic or subject already in mind or prefer their own stream of consciousness style journaling, many others want to find clarity about something in specific when using their journal.

With these journaling prompts in your arsenal, you can:

In recent years, these have become one of the hottest printable items in the self-help, personal development, health, and wellness niches.

Best of all, you can grab these for a limited time for no cost to you whatsoever!

Affirmations Breakdown:
25 Reset Affirmations

In addition to the prompts, you will also be receiving 25 unique affirmations based all around self-improvement, reflection, and renewing of life (perfect for the spring season).

Affirmations are a great tool that have become increasingly popular in the digital age, and they can be implemented into any business in so many different ways. They are great for helping to inspire and encourage an individual on their progress and keep their mind thinking positively towards the future.

Below is a list of just 5 of the 25 affirmations that come in this package:

You can include these with the journal prompts and journal (shown below), use them in your emails, distribute them as a gift, use them in blog posts, or really deploy them any way you see fit.

But that’s not everything in this bundle…

Stylized Printable:
Spring Reset Journal

28-Page Stylized Journal

(Made & Editable in Canva)

In this package, you’re also receiving a Canva based stylized journal that has been created from using these 25 journal prompts that are also included.

You can completely edit every element of this journal, including the layout, the pages, the templates, the fonts, colors, images, add your branding, and more.

Additionally, this eCover was designed in Canva as well, for ease of access.

Best of all, because this was all made in Canva, you’re able to edit this for 100% free without giving yourself a headache.

That means no clunky software like Photoshop or Gimp just to change a few things.

This also comes with an editable eCover that you can easily modify in Canva as well.

Check Out A Preview of The Canva Designed Journal Below:

You will receive this stylized journal created in Canva, plus the eCover you’re seeing above as well, and the 25 journal prompts & 25 affirmations all included in this bundle package.

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Spring Reset Journal Bundle