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Spring Journal and Prompts PLR
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Spring Journal Prompts and Journal PLR - Get 100 Journal Prompts, and a Workbook-Style Journal Perfect for the Spring Season

Spring is coming up fast, which means your audience will be looking for new journal prompts to set goals, reflect on their life, and move forward.

With this PLR package, you get 100 new journal prompts for the Spring season, as well as a workbook-style journal using the prompts, made in CANVA.

100 'Spring' Journal Prompts

Get 100 new journal prompts for the Spring season, which is enough for daily writing prompts throughout these 3 months.

Included are many questions, concerns, challenges, and goals related to this season, like:

Weather changes
Spring holidays
Spring bucket list
Setting goals this season
... and many more!

Format: The journal prompts are provided in Microsoft Word and Text formats.

What Are Journaling Prompts?

Journal prompts are a type of writing prompts that ask a question of the reader, giving them a specific topic to write about. While many people have a topic in mind or prefer stream of consciousness style journaling, others want to find clarity about something specific.

With These Journaling Prompts, You Can:

Use them yourself in your own journal.
Turn them into a workbook.
Create prompts pages in a printable journal.
Add them to blog posts or emails.
Sell them or give them away to your list.

Spring Journal

53-Page Canva Journal

You will also get a Canva journal that has been created from these 100 journal prompts.

There are 2 prompts per page in the journal, which has presented in workbook-style.

You can edit this right in Canva, then convert to a PDF to have your audience print. 

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