Spiritual Habits and Routines Upgrade PLR Bundle


The ‘Spiritual Habits and Routines’ Upgrade PLR Bundle Contains:

  • Editable Report
  • Email Series: 7-Day Sequence
  • 8 Customizable Worksheets
  • 10 Unique PLR Articles
  • 50 Original Journal Prompts
  • Fully Designed Journal
  • 2 Report eCovers

All of the printable items and the product covers are fully editable in Canva (for free) upon purchase.

Spiritual Habits & Routines Upgrade PLR Bundle
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Everything You Need To Jump Into This Topic and Provide Your Audience With Massive Value

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Tying closely in with Habits and Routines for a Happy Life, this bundle explores further into subject matter related to spirituality, meditation, and even more routines.

In this new spiritual upgrade package you will receive an editable report, unique PLR articles, an email series, topic-related journal prompts, a stylized journal (using the prompts), customizable eCovers, and even more worksheets. 

All of this for a discounted price, for a limited time only, as a thank you for your support of the front end package. Don't miss out on scoring a ton of exclusively unique content and printable items for a fraction of the cost.

What You'll Receive in the

Spiritual Habits & Routines

Upgrade PLR Content & Printables Bundle

  • Report: 10 Habits for Your Spiritual Morning Routine (8 pages, 2,533 words)
  • Email Series: 7-Day ‘Manifest Your Desires’ Sequence (2300+ words)
  • 10 Unique PLR Articles: Average of 700+ Words Each
  • 2 eCovers: 1 Report, 1 Journal - Fully Editable in Canva (for free)
  • 50 Original Journal Prompts: Based On The Subject Matter
  • Designed Journal: Canva-designed Journal Created From the Prompts
  • 8 Worksheets: To Perfectly Accompany The Email Series

PLR Report:
'10 Habits For Your Spiritual Morning Routine'

(8 pages, 2,533 words)

This brand new done-for-you report covers a great jumping point topic which PERFECTLY accompanies the front end package that you just saw (Habits and Routines For A Happy Life).

Professionally written in the casual and conversational tone that you've come to expect from the Health & Wellness PLR brand, this report is both easy to edit and customize too.

There are over 2,533 words of never before read content, ready to be used however you see fit in your business.

This completely unique report covers 10 habits, including the following:

  • Habit #1: Write In Your Dream Journal
  • Habit #2: Meditate
  • Habit #3: Practice Visualization
  • Habit #4: Scripting
  • Habit #5: Morning Tarot Cards
  • Habit #6: Smudge Your Space
  • Habit #7: Cleanse With Crystals
  • Habit #8: Set Intentions
  • Habit #9: Write in a Gratitude Journal
  • Habit #10: Morning Yoga

Below you can see a preview of the report pages, and click for a slightly larger preview:

7-Part Email Series:
Manifest Your Desires

Whether you already have an email list or you're trying to build an email list, having content that's written solely to be utilized as auto-responder content can be especially helpful.

That's why this module boasts a 7-part (day) email sequence that you can load up, customize (or leave as is), and plug into your preferred autoresponder for some high quality original content to keep your subscribers engaged.

Here's a brief breakdown of the 7-part email series included in this upgrade bundle:

  • Day #1: Welcome Email (240 Words)
  • Day #2: Visualize What You Want (396 words)
  • Day #3: Script Your Desires (311 words)
  • Day #4: The 2 Cup Method (289 words)
  • Day #5: The 55x5 Method (286 words)
  • Day #6: The 369 Method (313 words)
  • Day #7: Live As If (468 words)

As you can see based on the subjects and the word length, these are perfectly suited to be implemented as emails while remaining entertaining.

10 Article Series:
Spiritual Habits, Routines & More

In this module, you're receiving 10 expertly written private label rights articles covering all sorts of spiritual related topics from routines and habits, to crystals, visualization and cleansing.

These articles in particular can perfectly compliment the front end package you just purchased, with a number of angles (as you'll see from the titles).

The article topics include:

  1. How Your Mindset Can Impact Your Physical Health (405 words)
  2. Why You Need More Self-Compassion Before Finding Love (406 words)
  3. Easy Ways to Build Your Confidence (405 words)
  4. How to Use the Law of Attraction for Success (412 words)
  5. Mindset Changes You Need for Money and Wealth (436 words)
  6. Creating a Morning Routine for Positivity (408 words)
  7. Why Self-Empowerment is so Important (424 words)
  8. Simple Daily Practices for Stress and Anxiety (454 words)
  9. How to Be More Grateful Every Day (446 words)
  10. 6 Ways to Develop a Positive Mindset (449 words)

These work great when you want to promote your habits & routines opt-in product on your blog or website. Each of these articles were created to cover a different sub-set of the material that you're receiving and even just receiving (in the front end).

2 Editable eCovers:
1 Report Cover, 1 Journal Cover

This bundle wouldn't be complete at all if there weren't 2 fully editable eCovers included, which accompany the report and the journal you'll be receving.

These covers were created in Canva, so you can quickly and easily edit them (for free) and change things like the text, fonts, colors, images, titles, names, and more.

50 Journal Prompts:
Covering Spirituality & Similar Topics

To make the content in this upgrade even more engaging and useful, there are also 50 journal prompts that are based all around the very same subject matter. This allows your audience to evoke certain ways of thinking when it comes to spirituality.

Here are just a few of the prompts covered in this module:

  • What are your main goals with your spiritual growth?
  • What are you currently trying to manifest?
  • Do you ever remember your dreams?
  • What is your new moon spiritual routine?
  • What would you put on your vision board?
  • How is journaling a part of your spiritual routine?
  • What is your experience with meditation?
  • How do you cleanse energies from your aura?

File Formats Included: Microsoft Word and Plain Text.

Beautiful Journal Template:
52-Page Long Stylized Journal

Piggybacking off of the prior module crammed full of original journal prompts, this module takes it a step further - doing even more work for you.

You'll be receiving a beautifully formatted and stylized journal template created in Canva, based off of the 50 journal prompts you're receiving in this package.

This module is ready for you to put into action, edit it any way you'd like, customize it, add your branding, add on to it, break it up, do whatever you please.

Just take a sneak peak at the template below, and you'll see that how engaging it looks:

Worksheets Package:
8 Editable Worksheets

Bringing this entire upgrade bundle together, you'll be receiving a gorgeously stylized and ready to distribute package of 8 completely editable worksheets.

Not only are these pleasing to look at, but they effectively tie in flawlessly with the 7-part email follow-up sequence that's also included in this upgrade.

As a result, you can include these as gifts or downloadable items when you send out your emails - or really you can give them away however you like.

Just to reiterate, here is a list of the 8 editable worksheet topics below:

  • Worksheet #1: Choose Your Manifestation
  • Worksheet #2: Visualization Practice- Description
  • Worksheet #3: Scripting
  • Worksheet #4: Scripting (Continued)
  • Worksheet #5: The '2 Cup' Method
  • Worksheet #6: The 55x5 Method
  • Worksheet #7: The 369 Method
  • Worksheet #8: Living As If

These 8 worksheets were created in Canva, meaning you can effortlessly edit them (for free) without having to learn any clunky software at all. Change fonts, colors, add text, stamp them with your branding - they're yours to do with as you please.

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Spiritual Habits and Routines Upgrade PLR Bundle