Smoothie Bowls PLR Bundle


Smoothie Bowls PLR Bundle
10 Smoothie Bowl Articles
10 Smoothie Bowl Recipes
10 Graphics for Recipes
10 Royalty-Free Images
10 Social Media Posts


Smoothie Bowls PLR Bundle - 10 new smoothie bowl recipes, 10 articles or blog posts, 10 graphics, 10 images, and 10 social media posts

One of the hottest trends in food and healthy eating right now is the smoothie bowl. Just browse through Instagram and Pinterest, and you will see hundreds of posts dedicated to smoothie bowls with decorative toppings like coconut shavings and chia seeds.

Not only are smoothie bowls beautiful to look at, but they are delicious, and they pack a powerful nutritious punch. This PLR bundle includes plenty of content to get you started with posting about smoothie bowls, including articles, recipes, and graphics.

With this bundle, you can promote blenders, knives, and various other kitchen tools and accessories, while jumping on the smoothie bowl bandwagon.​

What You Get in the Smoothie Bowls PLR Bundle

With this smoothie bowl PLR bundle, you are going to get 20 pages of written content, plus 10 images, graphics, and social media posts. Here is a look at what is included:

  • 10 articles about smoothie bowls
  • 10 smoothie bowl recipes
  • 10 graphics for the recipes
  • 10 social media posts for the articles
  • 10 royalty-free images

10 Articles About Smoothie Bowls

The smoothie bowls PLR bundle comes with the following 10 article topics:

1. How to Make Dessert Smoothie Bowls (406 words)
2. Options for Making a Plant-Based Smoothie Bowl (409 words)
3. The Classic Acai Bowl (407 words)
4. 4 Ideas for Lower Carb Smoothie Bowls (433 words)
5. Green Smoothie Bowl Variations (401 words)
6. The Best Toppings for Your Smoothie Bowls (412 words)
7. Health Benefits of Smoothie Bowls (424 words)
8. Tips for Prepping Your Smoothie Bowls (408 words)
9. How to Make a Smoothie Bowl Without Bananas (405 words)
10. Smoothie Bowl Variations With Veggies (408 words)

10 Smoothie Bowl Recipes

You will get these 10 smoothie bowl recipes:

1. Age-Defying Smoothie Bowl (329 words)
2. Avocado Kiwi Bowl (361 words)
3. Strawberry Chia Smoothie Bowl (322 words)
4. Banana Cream Smoothie Bowl (360 words)
5. Tropical Mango and Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl (327 words)
6. Blueberry Kale and Pineapple Bowl (321 words)
7. Mango Coconut Smoothie Bowl (341 words)
8. Strawberry Almond Smoothie Bowl (332 words)
9. Blueberry Flax Smoothie Bowl (384 words)
10. Peach Berry Smoothie Bowl (332 words)

10 Graphics for the Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Additional Content Included:

The smoothie bowl PLR bundle also has:

  • 10 royalty-free images
  • 10 social media posts

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