Sleep, Exercise, and Diet PLR Bundle


Sleep, Exercise, and Diet PLR Bundle
20 Articles
75 Journal Prompts
3 Canva Journals (workbook-style)
3 Canva Cover Templates

Sleep, Exercise, and Diet PLR Bundle
20 Articles, Journal Prompts, and Journals
Brand New Content! 

Starting a wellness journey this year is all about balance, sustainable habit changes, and setting up healthy routines. That is exactly what this new PLR bundle will provide you.

It is all about the 3 Pillars of Health:


When you combine all 3 on your health and wellness journey, amazing things can happen. And with this bundle, you have 20 articles to use in any way you want, from blog posts to an email series or a report. The journal prompts are used in workbook-style journals that are ready for you to customize!

Keep reading to discover everything you get in this package. 

What You Get in the Sleep, Exercise, and Diet PLR Package

  • 20 Articles - Get 20 articles about sleep, exercise, and diet
  • 75 Journal Prompts - There are a total of 75 journal prompts, 25 for sleep, 25 for exercise, 25 for diet 
  • 3 Journals - Each set of 25 journal prompts is used to create a workbook-style journal in Canva
  • 3 Canva Templates - Get an editable Canva cover template for each journal

20 Articles About Sleep, Exercise, and Diet

You will get 20 articles about the main fundamentals of health and wellness: sleep, exercise, and diet. 

Use these as blog posts, create your own email series or course, or create a report or eBook with them.

The article topics include:

1. How Sleep, Exercise, and Diet Improve Your Health (418 words)
2. How Your Healthy Habits Boost Your Productivity (400 words)
3. Create a Fast and Effective Morning Routine (409 words)
4. Why You Keep Going Back to Old Habits (412 words)
5. Setting Up a New Nighttime Ritual (424 words)
6. Tricks for Falling Asleep Faster (417 words)
7. What Might Interrupt Your Sleep in the Middle of the Night (402 words)
8. Do You Struggle with Nighttime Anxiety? (406 words)
9. The Best Exercises to Start Your Day (409 words)
10. Relaxing Exercises for Before Bed (403 words)
11. Benefits of Breaking Up Your Workouts (410 words)
12. Change the Way You Think About Exercise (408 words)
13. Yoga Tips for Plus-Size Bodies (410 words)
14. How to Get Back Into Exercise After Taking a Break (409 words)
15. How to Have a Healthy Balance (416 words)
16. Foods That Improve Your Sleep (404 words)
17. The Key to Eating Healthy Without Depriving Yourself (432 words)
18. Should You Track the Nutrients You Consume? (407 words)
19. What is the Healthiest Diet? (417 words)
20. Ways to Curb Calories Without Counting (441 words)

75 Journal Prompts

If there is one thing I have learned about writing and researching journaling it is this: People LOVE journaling prompts. They are extremely useful to anyone who is interested in journaling their life, including their health and wellness journey.

This bundle include a total of 75 journal prompts, with 25 for sleep, 25 for exercise, and 25 for diet.

They are writing prompts that allow your audience to make goals for their health, understand the pitfalls they might be experiencing now, and work to improve their health journey in the future.

3 Journals - Sleep, Exercise, Diet

You will get 3 journals in total, each of which is a workbook-style journal made from the journal prompts. Each of these journals is made in CANVA, making it easy to edit and customize them, then convert to a PDF for your audience. 

File Format: The journals and covers are made in Canva.  

Sleep Journal

First, is the Sleep for Health Journal, which uses the 25 sleep journal prompts in this bundle. 

You will get one page for each prompt, allowing you to easily customize the journal, convert to PDF, and have your audience print it out and fill out each page.

Exercise Journal

The next journal made from the prompts is the Exercise for Health Journal. This is made in Canva, with one page dedicated to each of the 25 exercise journal prompts.

Diet Journal

And lastly, there is a Diet for Health Journal made from the 25 diet journal prompts in this bundle. 

These prompts cover topics like emotional eating, figuring out what healthy eating means to them, creating healthy eating goals, and more.

Canva Cover Templates

The 3 covers in this bundle - one for each journal - is made in Canva. Canva makes it super easy to customize and edit the covers, from replacing the images to changing the format, colors, and fonts. 

You just need an account to edit them. You will be given links to quickly add the templates to your account in Canva to be edited.

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