Sleep Disorders PLR Package


Sleep Disorders PLR Package
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200-Page Sleep Journal
4 Reports & Covers
Articles and More Bonuses


Brand New, High Quality
Sleep Journal and Sleep Disorder Content to Master This Niche

Become an authority in the sleep niche by going beyond sleep habits, and exploring the unique benefits of printable journals!

This new PLR package gives you a custom-made Sleep Journal that is perfectly curated for people who want to track their sleep and create new sleep routines. It includes 200+ pages of weekly sleep quality trackers, pages for creating and tracking new sleep routines, and lined notes pages.

There are 100 journaling prompts to go with the sleep journal - these will be a huge hit!

Provide More Value with the Sleep Disorder PLR Reports & Articles

Also included are 4 opt-in reports about common sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and narcolepsy, as well as 10 articles and social media graphics to go with them.

This is a great package you don't want to miss.

What You Get in the Sleep Disorders PLR Package

  • Sleep Journal - 211 Pages - Color and Grayscale
  • Sleep Journal eCover
  • 'Sleep Apnea' Report - 10 pages, 2,880 words
  • 'Restless Leg Syndrome' Report - 10 pages, 2,928 words
  • 'Insomnia' Report - 10 pages, 2,751 words
  • 'Narcolepsy' Report - 10 pages, 3,008 words
  • 10 Articles - 500+ Words, Text & Word Format
  • 10 Social Media Graphics & Posts
  • 100 Journaling Prompts

Sleep Journal - 200+ Pages

One of the best ways to track your sleep and improve your daily sleep routine is with a sleep journal! You will get a custom-made sleep journal that is completely editable from start to finish.

This journal allows people to track:

Number of hours of sleep
Quality of sleep
Any sleep aids used
New sleep routines
Sleep habits (good and bad)

The journal includes weekly sleep tracking templates, as well as lined pages and sleep routine pages. There are enough pages for 6 months' worth of tracking, though you can easily add or remove any pages you like.

'Sleep Apnea' Report

Use this 'Sleep Apnea' report to teach your list what sleep apnea is, signs they have it, and what the treatment options are. You will get a 10-page report as well as an editable eCover.

Sleep Apnea Report Topics

10 pages, 5 sections, 2880 words

1. What is Sleep Apnea?
2. Causes of Sleep Apnea
3. Signs and Symptoms
4. Diagnosing Sleep Apnea
5. Treating Sleep Apnea

'Restless Leg Syndrome' Report

Restless legs syndrome is a common condition, and also one that can be very debilitating. This opt-in report provides an excellent overview of the condition, including causes and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Restless Legs Syndrome

10 pages, 6 sections, 2,928 words

1. What Is Restless Leg Syndrome?
2. Causes of Restless Leg Syndrome
3. Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome
4. How Restless Leg Syndrome Impacts Your Sleep
5. Diagnosing Restless Legs Syndrome
6. Treatment Options for Restless Legs Syndrome

'Insomnia' Report

Share this 'Insomnia' PLR report with your list, use it as a free opt-in, or sell it right from your blog. It includes 10 pages of content, including defining what insomnia is, explaining the causes, and showing the common signs and symptoms of the sleep disorder.

Insomnia Report Topics

10 pages, 4 sections, 2,751 words

1. What is Insomnia?
2. Possible Causes of Insomnia
3. Signs You Are Suffering from Insomnia
4. How to Treat Insomnia

'Narcolepsy' Report

Narcolepsy is another common sleep disorder, making this a very valuable report for your list. It is 10 pages long, covering the signs and symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment options for narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy Report Topics

10 pages, 5 sections, 3,008 words

1. What is Narcolepsy?
2. What Causes Narcolepsy?
3. Symptoms of Narcolepsy
4. Diagnosing Narcolepsy
5. How is Narcolepsy Treated?

10 Articles About Journaling

These high-quality articles are the perfect way to promote your eBook or opt-in reports. You can use them as blog posts, or create an email series with them. You are getting a wide range of sleep topics, from explaining what different sleep disorders are, to providing an in-depth overview of sleep studies.

Article Topics Include:

  • 1. How to Treat Restless Leg Syndrome (508 words)
  • 2. What is Hypersomnia? (513 words)
  • 3. Parasomnia: What is Excessive Daytime Sleepiness? (517 words)
  • 4. What You Should Know About Teeth Grinding During Sleep (511 words)
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    5. What to do About Sleep Walking (517 words)
  • 6. When do You Need a Sleep Study? (529 words)
  • 7. All About Your Circadian Rhythms (506 words)
  • 8. Signs You Are Suffering from Insomnia (517 words)
  • 9. Snoring and Sleep Deprivation: What is the Link? (503 words)
  • 10. How Your Dreams Change Depending on Your Sleep (502 words)

Social Media Graphics & Posts

Promote your blog posts with the bonus social media posts and graphics included in this PLR package. You will get 10 social media graphics - one for every article included. You can edit these in Photoshop with your new blog post title. There are also social media posts that are easy to weak and add to Twitter or Facebook.

* There is also a social media post written for each article/blog post title. 

Bonus: 100 Journaling Prompts

Who doesn't love journaling prompts?! These will be hugely popular with your list, I can promise you that!

You will get a list of 100 journaling prompts, each of which is meant to provide self-reflection for your list. They will use them in their journal to figure out what their sleeping issues are, where they might have come from, and how to improve their sleep routine.

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