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Self Help and Journaling PLR Bundle

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Self Help and Personal Development PLR Special - This is a Special, Limited Time Offer Just for You! Get 12 Bundles From My Store for One Low Price

With this limited time PLR special, you will get 12 packs and bundles from my store about self-help, personal development, and journaling.

This includes $250 worth of content for just one low price. You will get a total of:

8 Reports and Covers
120+ Articles
20+ Emails/Autoresponders
10 Product Reviews
Plus.. images, graphics, social media posts, printables, and more. 

This is over 150 pages of DFY content and lots of extra goodies.

You Will Get These 12 PLR Packs

The Self Help and Personal Development PLR Special comes with the following 12 PLR packs and bundles

  • Morning Person - Report, Articles, Product Reviews, Quote Posters
  • Creating a Vision Board - Report, Printables, Images
  • Positive Thinking Challenge - Email Series, Articles, Affirmations 
  • Mindfulness for Productivity - Articles, Images, Social media
  • Perfectionism - Articles, Report
  • Law of Attraction - Articles, Report, Book Review, Printables 
  • Get Unstuck - 10 Articles
  • Form New Habits - 10 Articles 
  • Self-Love - Articles, Report, Journal, Prompts 
  • Journaling and Mental Health - Articles, Reports, Emails, Graphics 
  • Journaling Habits - Report, Cover, Images
  • Bullet Journaling - eBook, Report, Articles, Emails, Graphics 

1. Morning Person PLR Bundle

One of the biggest trends right now is personal development, and within that niche, waking up early is what everyone is talking about.

Jump on the bandwagon and join the conversation by providing your readers with quality, helpful content all about becoming a morning person. 

This is something everyone can benefit from, and you will get all the content you need to get started on the topic. I have included an opt-in report and cover, articles, product reviews, even graphics and images. 

Don't miss your chance to not only join in the conversation about waking up earlier and becoming a happier, more productive person, but becoming an authority on the topic.

Included in This Bundle:

7-Page Report & Cover
10 Articles
5 Product Reviews
10 Quote Posters

2. Mindfulness for Productivity PLR Pack

Mindfulness is the practice of being more present and mindful, focusing on acceptance, forgiveness, and letting the past stay in the past. There are many reasons to practice mindfulness, from reducing stress and anxiety, to helping with better clarity and focus. It is also great for improving your productivity.

This PLR bundle provides you with 20 high-quality articles written about mindfulness for productivity. You can use them as individual blog posts and emails, or use some as blog posts, and some as a lead magnet for your list. 

Included in this Bundle:

20 PLR Articles
Text and Word Format
20 Royalty-Free Images
20 Social Media Posts

3. Positive Thinking Challenge

This brand new PLR bundle is all about positive thinking! You will get a 7-day email challenge (with 2 bonus emails) all about Positive Thinking, along with 7 articles that work perfectly as blog posts for each day of the challenge.

Each day of the challenge offers a different assignment for your followers to adapt more positive thinking. They will learn about gratitude, turning negative thoughts into positive ones, using a journal, and so much more.

Included in this Bundle:

7-Day Email Challenge (9 emails total)
7 Articles
List of Affirmations
10 Images

4. Creating a Vision Board PLR Bundle

The concept of vision boards started many years ago, where they were meant to visualize your dreams and any life goals you had. They are often talked about in the Law of Attraction, but there is so much more potential than that.

Vision boards allow you to visualize anything you want to focus on in your life, and start acting with intention and purpose.

Included in this Bundle:

10-Page Report: How to Create a Vision Board
Editable eCover

5. Perfectionism

Perfectionism may seem like an amazing quality to have, but it can have a negative impact on your personal and professional life. This is a personality trait that often leads to severe stress, frustration, and impacts your mental health.

With a health blog, you want to engage your readers and give them valuable information -- which you can do with this new PLR pack. It is all about perfectionism and how it can be overcome with small, daily changes.

Not only do you get 7 high-quality articles about perfectionism, but I have also put those articles into a report for you, giving you multiple options for using this content.

Included in this Bundle:

7 PLR Articles
450+ Words Each
Articles Converted Into a Report

6. Law of Attraction

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction says that whatever you focus on the most, you bring into your life. If your thoughts and feelings are mostly negative, you will attract more negative things into your life. If your thoughts and feelings are mostly positive, you will attract more positive things into your life.

People can use this to manifest what they want by knowing how to focus on the right things, increasing their vibrational energy, expressing gratitude, and taking action when necessary.

Now you can be a valuable source of information on this topic with the new Law of Attraction PLR bundle. This goes beyond the basics of what the law of attraction is, offering advice on creating a daily manifesting routine, increasing your alignment, using moon cycles, and so much more. 

The Law of Attraction prewritten bundle comes with some excellent content, including 20 articles, a report and cover, book review of the popular 'The Secret' series, worksheets, and more. 

Included in this Bundle:

20 Articles
Report & Cover
Book Review

7. Get Unstuck

Feeling unstuck in your life and losing your creative spark often go hand-in-hand. This PLR pack tackles both at the same time, by helping your readers gain more clarity, find their missing creative spark, and figure out why they feel so stuck.

You will get 10 high-quality articles about getting unstuck, as well as images that can be used for your content or creating graphics.

Included in this Bundle:

10 PLR Articles
Text and Word Format
10 Images

8. Forming New Habits

This brand new PLR pack is all about creating new habits. These can be health habits, work habits, daily lifestyle habits, and so much more.

This is a topics that applies to everyone and fits in every niche. From natural health and weight loss, to self-improvement and even relationships, people need good habits to help improve their life.

Included in this Bundle:

10 PLR Articles
Text and Word Format
10 Images

9. Self-Love

This is the year of putting yourself first and focusing on positivity and clarity. This begins with learning how to practice more self-love and making self-care a priority in your life.

You can show your readers and coaching clients how to do just that with this PLR bundle all about Self-Love and Self-Care.

It comes with everything you need to get started on this topic, including long articles to be used as blog posts, a report from the articles if you prefer using an opt-in, affirmations and journaling prompts, and a full, printable (and editable) journal.

Included in this Bundle:

10 Articles (800+ words each)
Report from Articles
Report eCover
Journal eCover
25 Journaling Prompts
25 Affirmations

10. Mental Health and Journaling

Get this Premium PLR bundle if you want to talk about journaling on your blog, but not just any journaling. This ties it into mental health, including for stress relief, anxiety, and depression.

You will get a LOT of content, including articles, graphics, 2 reports, autoresponders, AND product reviews all for one low price.

Please Note: This is from my monthly membership, Natural Healing PLR Club. If you are part of the membership, you have this content from September 2017.

Included in this Bundle:

20 Articles
20 Graphics
Short Report
Long Report
10 Autoresponders
5 Product Reviews

11. Journaling Habits

Journaling continues to be a hot and trending topic - and for good reason. It is easy to do, inexpensive, and can be done anywhere. People who journal do so to find more clarity, express their emotions, find triggers for mental or physical health conditions, and practice mindfulness.

If you have a health blog or list, you can bet your readers are either interesting in starting journaling, or trying to find motivation to do it daily. That is exactly what this PLR report provides them.

The 7-page report goes over ways to get started and stick to a daily journaling routine. It is a high-quality report you can use as an opt-in, free content upgrade, or broken up into blog posts or emails.

Included in this Bundle:

7-Page Report
Editable eCover
10 Images

12. Bullet Journaling

Now is your chance to join the HOT and POPULAR Bullet Journaling craze with this brand new, high-quality PLR package. This evergreen niche exploded, and continues to provide more opportunities for increasing your profits year-round

Journaling is one of those niches that never seems to go out of style. By talking about journaling (and bullet journaling) with your readers, you are keeping them engaged in a topic they care about, while also providing yourself with some amazing promotional opportunities.

Not only has journaling rapidly increased in popularity in the last few years, thanks in part to social media like Pinterest and Instagram, but new forms of journaling have become even more attractive to your audience, like bullet journaling.

This takes journaling to a whole new level, and the content in this PLR special will help you show your readers exactly how it can benefit them.

Included in this Bundle:

eBook & Cover
Report & Cover
.. plus more bonuses

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