Self-Discovery Journal PLR


Self-Discovery Journal PLR
45-Page Journal
PowerPoint – Color and Grayscale
20 Journaling Prompts


Self-Discovery Journal - Customize and Sell or Give Away This New Printable Journal

Self-discovery is all about finding out who you are, who you want to be, and what is impacting your life right now. 

Journaling provides an amazing benefit for self-discovery and self-awareness - clarity. 

Just by writing in a journal on a daily basis, you are able to learn more about yourself, from what motivates you, to what your future dreams and goals are.

This new printable journal allows your list to start working through their obstacles, write out their dreams and ambitions, and discover what they want to do next.

Self-Discovery Journal

This brand new, editable journal includes the following features:

45 Pages Long
Multiple Design Options
Completely Editable
Pictures Included (royalty-free)
Color and Greyscale 
20 Journaling Prompts included

About the Printable Journal

You will get a complete editable journal that has been created in PowerPoint, making it easy for you to customize before you sell it or give it away. 

The main pages of this 45-page journal include:

  • Cover
  • 'This Journal Belongs To' page
  • Lined pages (multiple styles)
  • Doodle box pages
  • Notes pages (multiple styles)
  • To-Do List pages (multiple styles)
  • Journal prompts pages 
  • Gratitude pages

Bonus - You will also get a document with 20 new self-reflection journaling prompts. 

Look Inside the Journal

The Self-Reflection journal combines lined pages, to-do lists, notes, doodle pages, and my favorite - journaling prompt and gratitude pages. 

It is 45 pages long, but can easily be made to 100+ pages by duplicating any of the lined pages (or other pages). There is a lot to work with here!

Here is a look at the entire journal:

The slides in the journal are very easy to move around, delete, and duplicate however you want them.

Want more lined pages? Just right-click one of them, select Duplicate Slide, and move it to the right position.

Types of Journal Pages Included

To give you a better idea of what you will find in the journal, here are some of the different types of pages and how they can be used:

Lined Pages

These are the main journaling pages where your list will write down their thoughts, ambitions, fears, feelings, and anything else they want. There are a few different versions of them, including plan with a date line at the top, and multiple layouts with images included on the page. 

Notes and To-Do Lists

There are some basic pages that I think work great in this type of journal, including blank notes pages, and to-do lists pages. There are 3 styles of each, but here are a few examples:

Journaling Prompt Pages

One of my favorite aspects of this journal is that I added some journaling prompt pages. These were made from some of the journaling prompts I included in this bundle. They will be able to just fill out each of these pages and use it for self-reflection.

There are 3 journaling prompt pages, including:

Gratitude Pages

I also think expressing gratitude is a really important part of finding more clarity and self-awareness. There are 3 versions of the gratitude pages including:

You will also find doodle pages, where there are big empty boxes for taking notes, sketching, drawing, anything they want.

Due to the nature of PLR products, this product is not refundable.

PLR Rights Terms:

1. Don’t put my name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.