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Self-Care – Premium PLR Bundle
(January 2018 Membership Content)
25 Articles
25 Graphics
Short Report
Long Report
10 Autoresponders


Self-Care - Premium PLR Bundle

One of the top trending topics for 2018 is self-care, and luckily I have you covered! This PLR bundle talks about self-care with articles, reports, autoresponders, and even graphics. You will get everything you need with one low price.

Please Note: This is from my monthly membership, Natural Healing PLR Club. If you are part of the membership, you have this content from January 2018.

What You Get With This PLR Bundle

You will get the following PLR content when you buy the Self-Care package:

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    25 Articles About Self-Care
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    25 Social Graphics
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    Short Report - Self-Care Activities
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    Long Report - Starting a Self-Care Morning Routine
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    10 Autoresponders - Self-Care Challenge

25 Articles About Self-Care

Use these 25 articles to post to your blog, create an email series, or put together into a lead magnet.

1. How to Take Care of Yourself on Bad Days (422 words)
2. Ways to Practice Self Care (491 words)
3. Nice Ways to Say No (451 words)
4. Signs and Symptoms You Need More Self Care (417 words)
5. Daily Mantras for Self Care (525 words)
6. Self Care Activities That Take 20 Minutes or Less (415 words)
7. How to Have a Mental Health Day (400 words)
8. Simple Guide to a Self Care Routine (565 words)
9. How to Handle Negativity the Healthy Way (412 words)
10. Developing a Positive Mindset for Self Care (521 words)
11. Journaling for Self Care (543 words)
12. Try This Morning Routine for Self Care (416 words)
13. Self Care Activities for Anxiety and Depression (511 words)

14. Self Care Activities for Creative People (409 words)
15. Self Care for the Perfectionist (565 words)
16. 3 Books That are Great for Self Care (507 words)
17. How to Take Care of Your Mental Health (536 words)
18. How to Take Care of Your Emotional Health (539 words)
19. How to Take Care of Your Physical Health (517 words)
20. Daily Self Care Checklist (541 words)
21. How to Practice Self Care with a Busy Schedule (410 words)
22. The Importance of Exercise for Self Care (545 words)
23. Taking Time Out to Be By Yourself (561 words)
24. Self Care Activities That Don’t Cost You Anything (541 words)
25. How to Practice Self Care as a Family (438 words)

25 Social Media Graphics

Get 25 social media graphics that go with the articles. These are perfect when sharing this content on social media. Each of them has a PSD file, allowing you to edit them with your own titles or images.

Short Report - Starting a Self-Care Morning Routine

Get this 5-page opt-in report about starting a self-care morning routine. It is the perfect way to promote supplies like journals and yoga DVDs, along with many other items.

Starting a Self-Care Morning Routine – Report Topics

5 pages, 5 sections, 1,990 words

1. Prepare Your Brain for Calm
2. The Work of Self-Care
3. Plan for Down Time
4. Preparation is Key
5. You Can’t Do Everything

Long Report - Self-Care Activities

The second report in this PLR bundle is all about self-care activities, including physical, creative, relaxation, productivity, and social activities that help with self-care.

Self-Care Activities

10 pages, 5 sections, 3,918 words

1. Relaxation Activities
2. Physical Activities
3. Creative Activities
4. Social Activities
5. Productivity Activities

10 Autoresponders - Self-Care Challenge

These 10 autoresponders work great as a 10-day self-care challenge for your list. The topics include:

1. Take Time to Yourself (454 words)
2. Choose Quiet, Relaxing Activities (425 words)
3. Start a New Morning Routine (331 words)
4. Cancel at Least One Thing on Your List (284 words)
5. Express Gratitude (291 words)

6. Do Something Creative (273 words)
7. Indulge in a Guilty Pleasure (275 words)
8. Start a Worry Jar (334 words)
9. Get Outside (450 words)
10. Take a Much Needed Day Off (311 words)

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