Seasonal Allergies PLR Bundle


Seasonal Allergies PLR Bundle
5-Page Report & Cover
15 Articles
Tip Graphics


Spring and Summer Allergies PLR Bundle - Report, Covers, Articles, Printables, Graphics, and More.

Prewritten health content about seasonal allergies that is ready for you to use today!

Don't miss this brand new prewritten content package ​about seasonal allergies - including spring and summer allergies, symptoms, printables to track allergens, natural treatment options, and more.

Seasonal Allergies - Written Content, Printables, Graphics and More

Spring has arrived, which means headaches, itchy and watery eyes, stuffy noses, and so much more.

This content will help you to become an authority on your blog and teach your readers how to combat miserable seasonal allergy symptoms.

Pick up your copy today, customize it how you want, and post it on your blog. It's that easy.

Why Get This PLR Bundle?

When you get the Seasonal Allergies PLR bundle, you get these awesome benefits:

Provide value that your readers expect from you. This is one of those health topics that people tend to Google before asking their doctor, since it is so common. You can provide value, rank higher in Google for seasonal allergies, and offer a lot of great content to your list.

You will get instant access to the content and graphics. Immediately after purchasing, you get all of the content in this package - ready for you to edit, customize, and use how you want.

Content is written by a professional writer. This is high-quality content that requires very little customizing. It is completely up to you how much editing you want to do in order to get it in your own voice, but proofreading has been done for you!

What You Get in the Seasonal Allergies PLR Package

  • Report - 'Seasonal Allergies' (5 pages, 1,638 words)
  • Report Covers - JPG & PSD Files
  • Printables - Allergy Symptom Trackers
  • 15 Articles - 400+ Words, Text & Word Format
  • BONUS - Tip Graphics
  • BONUS - Royalty-Free Images

'Seasonal Allergies' Report

 This report is all about those seasonal allergy symptoms that happen in the springtime, and go into summer as well. It includes common allergens during this time of year, symptoms, and various treatment options.

Seasonal Allergies

5 pages, 1,638 words

1. Causes
2. Symptoms
3. Diagnosis
4. Treatments
5. Summer Allergies

Report eCover Graphics

The 'Spring Allergies' prewritten report also comes with an editable cover, as well as optional 3D versions. Only the flat version comes with a PSD to edit in Photoshop.

Allergy Tracker Printables

I have also included some editable printables for you to give away to your list, include as a free content upgrade, or sell with other allergy-related content.

These printables were created in Powerpoint, so they are very easy for you to customize. You can change everything, including the text, layout, table size, colors, images, and backgrounds. 

About Your Printables

There are 3 types of printables, including:

1. Allergy Trigger Tracker
2. Allergen Exposure Tracker
3. Allergy Intensity Tracker

Each of these has 3 variations, including:

1. Plain (black and white)
2. Color 
3. Color and background

15 PLR Articles About Seasonal Allergies

Add more relevant content to your blog to increase your authority on this topic with the following articles. You get 15 prewritten articles about spring and summer allergies, including various natural treatment options.

Article Topics Include:

1. Essential Oils for Allergy Symptoms (429 words)
2. How to Treat Allergy Symptoms in Kids (413 words)
3. Symptoms You Are Suffering from Seasonal Allergies (397 words)
4. Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies (434 words)
5. Daily Habits to Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms (410 words)
6. Is it Allergies or the Common Cold? (419 words)
7. How to Allergy-Proof Your Home (431 words)
8. How to Exercise Outdoors During Allergy Season (405 words)
9. Spring Allergies: How to Find Relief for Your Pollen Allergy (435 words)
10. Changing Your Diet to Manage Allergy Symptoms (416 words)
11. Tips for Using a Neti Pot (432 words)
12. What You Can Do About Your Pet's Allergies (405 words)
13. Common Mistakes People Make During Allergy Season (407 words)
14. Do's and Don'ts for Managing Allergy Symptoms (509 words)
15. Herbs That Help with Spring and Summer Allergies (412 words)

Bonus #1: Allergy Tip Graphics

These graphics are perfect for your social media posts! Each graphic has a different tip relating to seasonal allergies, which were pulled from articles and reports in this bundle. Use them as an alternative to traditional graphics when you want to promote content on Pinterest and Instagram.

Bonus #2: Royalty-Free Images

As an added bonus, feel free to use these 20 royalty-free images for your content. They can be used to make your own graphics, to add to the written content, or to make your blog posts more unique.

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