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This Upgrade Contains The Following PLR Products:

  • Life & Health Reset ($25)
  • Resetting Your Wellness ($37)
  • Self-Care, Stress, and Sleep ($37)
  • Getting Back On Track ($17)
  • Healthy Weight Loss ($27)

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Compounding the value of the main “Spring Reset Journal” PLR package, I wanted to give you the opportunity to grab 5 content-rich (and printable heavy) PLR products based around the very same topics (or similar) for a literal fraction of the cost that it would cost to purchase them outright individually.

All of this content can ONLY be found and purchased with PLR from this store, so you will only find this offer here on this page – nowhere else.

Just take a look at the 5 products bundled in this limited time upgrade offer:

There’s so much widely spread ‘Life Reset’ content and a huge variety of printable items in this bundle that you’ll be set to go and put out tons of new content, create your next product or lead magnet, cultivate an email list, build out your blog, supplement your coaching program, or seriously do anything else that you choose to do with these products.

Below I’ve gone ahead and put a detailed breakdown of each of the 5 packages found in this upgrade.

View A Full Breakdown of This Bundle Below

PLR Product #1:
Life & Health Reset ($25 Value)
25 PLR Articles & 20 Royalty-Free Stock Images

A health and life reset is one where you take a look at your life, shift your priorities, and make small changes to your habits and routines. From creating new goals, to making your health a priority, a life reset allows you to evaluate your life and only adjust what you feel isn’t working out.

This bundle gives you the opportunity to share tips and advice about doing a complete life reset in just about every area, including physical and mental health, habits and routines, finances, home life, career, and more.

In this PLR pack, you are going to get 25 articles and 20 images, which can be used for a report or lead magnet, blog posts, email series, and so much more.

The articles cover different topics about life and health resets, giving you tons of options for how to use the content.

Below you’ll find a list of the article topics found in this PLR product:

  1. Reasons to Do a Health Reset in the Fall (432 words)
  2. Signs You Need a Life Reset (404 words)
  3. What Areas of Your Life Should You Reset? (400 words)
  4. Take a Look at Your Daily Routines (418 words)
  5. How to do a Weekly Reset (454 words)
  6. Why You Should Consider Seasonal Life Resets (446 words)
  7. Tips for Creating a Fall Bucket List (412 words)
  8. Resetting Your Physical Health (419 words)
  9. Resetting Your Mental Health (482 words)
  10. Health Reset: Balancing Your Nutrition (425 words)
  11. Focus on Your Home During a Life Reset (414 words)
  12. The Importance of Slowing Down (442 words)
  13. Revisit Your Goals During a Reset (417 words)
  14. Tips for Finding Your Purpose (403 words)
  15. Reset Your Gut Without a Detox (412 words)
  16. Maintain Peace with Hygge (430 words)
  17. Why You Should Reset Your Exercise Routine (460 words)
  18. Improve Your Sleep Hygiene (415 words)
  19. Meditation and Mindfulness During a Reset (483 words)
  20. Improve Your Life with Journaling (423 words)
  21. Different Areas of Wellness to Reset (422 words)
  22. Have a Plan with Your Reset (420 words)
  23. Affirmations to Improve a Mental Health Reset (411 words)
  24. Do You Know What Your Limiting Beliefs Are? (408 words)
  25. How and Why to Work on Your Finances (451 words)

Differing from the other products in this upgrade, you can see that this takes a different approach to a life reset which focuses in especially on wellness and health in particular, this provides you with even more useful content that you can deploy in your business.

As always, each article comes in at a minimum 400 words in length of well researched and professionally written content.

You may be wondering at this point, will you receive the private label rights license for all of this content and the images in this product?  The answer is yes, you receive the full PLR license to everything here.

PLR Product #2:
Resetting Your Wellness ($37 Value)
eBook, Report, Covers, Worksheets, Journal, and Prompts

Get even more new content about resetting your health and wellness. This bundle focuses on different areas of wellness, including:

  • Physical Health
  • Emotional and Mental Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Environmental Health

It is a great way to show your audience how they can have a fresh start at any time, and become healthy from the inside, out.

Here is a list of the modules in this particular bundle:

This is a great bundle of content and printable items centered around an evergreen topic – a life reset, which you can deploy however you’d like in your business.

You will receive the private label rights license for every module in this package.

View more previews of the items in this product below:

PLR Product #3:
Self-Care, Stress, and Sleep ($37 Value)
eBook, Report, Articles, Journal Prompts, and more

This bundle combines three important areas of health and wellness that are often closely connected:

  1. Self-Care
  2. Stress
  3. Sleep

When you focus on all three parts of wellness, you are able to get better sleep, reduce your stress, and do more for yourself. Suddenly, you have more energy and time for other things, are practicing more self-compassion than ever before, and you are in a better mood thanks to improved sleep.

This bundle includes high-quality content aimed at self-care, stress, and sleep, including an eBook, report, articles, journal prompts, and more.

You will receive the following modules in the “Self-Care, Stress, and Sleep” product bundle:

Here is a breakdown of the emails included in the 7-day email sequence:

  • Day 1 – Practice Self-Reflection (236 words)
  • Day 2 – Take the Time to Read (261 words)
  • Day 3 – Do a Creative Activity (292 words)
  • Day 4 – Get Outside (263 words)
  • Day 5 – Move Your Body (223 words)
  • Day 6 – Create a Nighttime Ritual (306 words)
  • Day 7 – Be Grateful (265 words)

Here is a breakdown of the titles of the 5 included PLR articles in this product:

  1. How to Fall Asleep When You Have Anxiety (408 words)
  2. What is Your Ideal Self-Care Routine? (415 words)
  3. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Self-Care Ideas (408 words)
  4. Why You’re Always Stressed (415 words)
  5. How to Wake Up Without Stress (414 words)

Like the previous PLR package , you will receive the Private Label Rights license to all of the modules within this package.

PLR Product #4:
Getting Back On Track ($17 Value)
Articles, Writing Prompts, Journal, and More

Help your audience get back on track with their goals, be consistent again with routines, and develop healthy habits with this new PLR bundle.

You will get 5 articles about getting back on track, including specific tips for health and fitness, general goals, and habit-building.

The bundle also comes with writing prompts, a journal, and Instagram slides all made in Canva.

The theme of this journal is ‘Guided Brain Dump Journal’ and is meant to be for people who want to do a brain dump to find clarity when getting back on track, but need a little guidance to get started writing.

Here is a list of the modules included in this PLR product:

Here is a breakdown of the titles of the 5 included PLR articles in this product:

  1. How to Get Back on Track (633 words)
  2. Get Back on Track with Your Health (451 words)
  3. Get Reinspired to Create Healthy Habits (419 words)
  4. Revisiting Your Goals (400 words)
  5. Find Your Creative Spark Again (492 words)

Additionally, you will receive an Instagram Carousel containing 6 images, boasting 5 tips that pertain to the “getting back on track” subject matter.

Directly below, you can view a preview of the Instagram slide images:

You may be wondering at this point, will you receive the private label rights license for all of this content and the images in this product?  The answer is yes, you receive the full PLR license to everything here.

PLR Product #5:
Healthy Lifestyle Habits ($27 Value)
25 Unique PLR Articles & 25 Social Media Graphics

Remind your readers of their New Year’s Resolutions, or just use this new PLR content to show the importance and ease of developing healthy habits.

The Healthy Lifestyle Habits PLR bundle is all about developing good habits to be healthier on a daily basis. It doesn’t rely on trendy diets, excessive workout routines, or being overwhelmed with trying to be as healthy and clean as possible.

The content encourages making small changes each day and working on general health and wellness.

You will get 25 brand new articles, along with 25 graphics. This is plenty for you to add content to your blog, create an email series, and put some articles together into a report.

Just take a look at the list of titles for the included 25 PLR articles in this product:

  1. Changing Your Morning Habits (463 words)
  2. Daily Lifestyle Changes for Weight Loss (492 words)
  3. Healthy Lifestyle Changes for Mental Health (456 words)
  4. Healthy Lifestyle Changes for Physical Health (503 words)
  5. Try These Healthy Snacks to Live Healthier Daily (465 words)
  6. The Importance of Challenges for Optimal Health (404 words)
  7. The ‘No Diet’ Diet – An Easier Lifestyle Change (509 words)
  8. Tips for Incorporating Fitness Into Your Daily Routine (460 words)
  9. Vitamins and Minerals to Get Through Natural Sources (468 words)
  10. How Expressing Gratitude Helps with Health and Wellness (470 words)
  11. Why Helping Others Helps with Your Own Health (476 words)
  12. Simple Eating Habits to Develop for Overall Health (451 words)
  13. 3 Ways to Get High Energy in the Morning (537 words)
  14. Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping (415 words)
  15. Simple Guideline to Eating Clean (444 words)
  16. These Bedtime Habits Improve Your Healthy Lifestyle (425 words)
  17. Why Morning Workouts are Ideal (452 words)
  18. Declutter Your Mind to Declutter Your Life (661 words)
  19. The Importance of a Clean Home for Health (432 words)
  20. How to Stay Motivated to Maintain Your Health (493 words)
  21. The Health Benefits of Cold Showers (432 words)
  22. Habits of Healthy and Fit People (459 words)
  23. What to Add to Your Bath for Improved Health (475 words)
  24. Tips for Getting Better Sleep Every Night (496 words)
  25. Reduce Stress as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle (439 words)

As always, all of this content is at minimum 400+ words in length, and was professionally researched and written by a copywriter with a background in this field.

You can use these articles in so many different ways, whether it’s on your blog, in a report or product, in emails, on social media, or anywhere else you choose.

And below this text, you can see a preview of the 25 social media graphics that are ready to go, and also editable 100% in Canva (for FREE):

To summarize, you can see this particular batch of content is an excellent complement to the main ‘Reset’ content and printable items that you have just gained access to.

You will receive the private label rights license for every module in this product as well.

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