Real Foods Lifestyle PLR Bundle


Real Foods Lifestyle PLR Bundle
12-Page Report
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Real Foods Lifestyle PLR - Report, eCover, Articles, Images

Following a real foods lifestyle is all about choosing foods that come from fresh, organic, and whole sources. This means getting rid of allt he packaged, [rocessed, and frozen foods, and trading it for fresh produce, beans and rice, whole grains, and many other organic options.

This new PLR bundle will teach your readers, list, and clients about switching to a more real foods lifestyle, similar to someone who is eating clean. 

It comes with a 12-page opt-in report about developing this lifestyle, an editable report cover, 5 articles, and images for you to choose.

What You Get in This PLR Bundle

The new Real Foods Lifestyle PLR bundle comes with the following content:

  • 'The Real Foods Lifestyle' PLR Report
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    Editable eBook eCover w/PSD file
  • 5 Articles About Real Foods
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    15 Images

12-Page Report - The Real Food Lifestyle

Use this new, high-quality report to create an opt-in page and show your coaching clients or blog readers how they can improve their health by switching to a real food diet.

At this length, you can use it as an opt-in report, free content upgrade, or even turn it into an eBook.

The Real Food Lifestyle

12 pages, 4,310 words

1. Understanding More About Real Foods
2. Your First Steps into the Real Foods Lifestyle
3. Some Basic Rules to Follow
4. Foods to Stay Away From
5. How to Prepare Ahead of Time
6. Tips for Saving Money

5 PLR Articles About Real Foods

You will also get 5 brand new article about following a real foods lifestyle. The topics include:

1. Bad to Best Real Foods List (420 words)
2. How to Stock a Pantry (479 words)
3. Tips for Stocking a Real Food Refrigerator (481 words)
4. Intuitive Eating with Real Foods (473 words)
5. Tips for Cutting Out Processed Foods (480 words)

15 Royalty-Free Images

As a free bonus, I have also included 15 images that all come with commercial use rights.

Due to the nature of PLR products, this product is not refundable.

PLR Rights Terms:

1. Don’t put my name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.