Productivity and Motivation PLR Bundle


Productivity & Motivation PLR Bundle
Report – ’15 Ways to Stay Motivated’
15 Articles About Productivity
Canva Cover Template

Productivity and Motivation PLR Bundle, with a Report, Articles, and Editable eCover

Get high-quality content that will help your audience be more productive and motivated on a daily basis.

This prewritten content bundle includes a report about motivation, with 15 tips on staying motivated. You also get 15 articles about productivity, with lots of helpful tips and tricks for staying on track to achieve your goals.

What You Get in the This PLR Package

The Productivity and Motivation PLR bundle comes with the following content:

  • Report - '15 Ways to Stay Motivated' (7 pages, 2,525 words)
  • Articles - 15 Articles About Productivity
  • eCover - Canva Template Cover for the Report

Report - '15 Ways to Stay Motivated'

This opt-in report can be used as a lead magnet, free content upgrade, or as a long, in-depth blog post. It includes 15 tips and tricks for getting motivated and holding on to that motivation and drive a little longer in order to achieve your goals.

'15 Ways to Stay Motivated'

7 pages, 2,525 words

Includes topics like:

Revisiting Goals
Doing Something Creative
Finding Your Work Zone
... and many more!

15 Articles About Productivity

This bundle comes with 15 articles about productivity. They cover all the important aspects of being more productive, including morning routines, good and bad habits, creating goals, working from home, time management, and many more.

Article Topics Include:

1. Create a Morning Routine for Productivity (415 words)
2. 7 Things Productive People do Every Day (483 words)
3. How to Stay Productive Throughout the Day (474 words)
4. Why You Should Have a Sunday Planning Session (404 words)
5. Ways to Switch Up Your Daily Schedule (402 words)
6. 12 Things to Do When You’re Bored (657 words)
7. The Benefits of Time Blocking (412 words)
8. How to Have a Productive and Balanced Life (408 words)
9. Productivity Tips When Working from Home (439 words)
10. The 8 Best Time Management Tips (553 words)
11. How to Avoid Procrastination (446 words)
12. What You Need to Stop Doing to Be More Productive (406 words)
13. How to Be Motivated When You’re Tired (448 words)
14. Habits That Help Your Productivity (407 words)
15. Habits That Hurt Your Productivity (424 words)

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