Positive Mindset PLR Bundle Package


This PLR Bundle Contains:

– 10 Unique PLR Positive Mindset Based Articles
– Report (From Articles w/ Intro & Conclusion)
– 7-Day Email Challenge (10 emails total)
– Printables for the Challenge (Editable in Canva)
– Blog Header Images For Each Article (Canva)
– Flat 2D Journal eCover (Editable in Canva)
– 3D Graphics Package w/ PSD & Canva Files
– Classic Style Squeeze Page & Download Page
– 10 Royalty-Free Stock Images

Gain Access To These Brand New Positive Mindset Articles & PLR Report With The Private Label Rights License!

10+ Modules of Content & Items For Just One Low Price Today!

There is without a doubt not a single human on the planet that has not faced issues with negative thoughts and in turn, manifesting a negative reality.

From all walks of life, in every industry, there’s a need for a positive mindset, and a good mental attitude towards the situations that life throws our way.

Having said that, what if you could tap into the “positive mindset” niche and find a use for it to benefit your audience regardless of your industry or business, or even experience level?

What if you could do all of that without having to deplete your budget and suffer endless headaches trying to come up with the content?

This brand new “Positive Mindset” PLR package comes with more than enough content to establish yourself as an authority on the subject matter in your niche.

You could be in business, coaching, marketing, health, wellness, investing, survival, or really anything else – and you will have no issue finding a way to slant this content towards your desired niche audience.

In this product, you’ll not only be receiving the unique professionally written content to conquer this topic, but you’ll even receive a report, a handful of graphics, and marketing materials as well.

There’s a grand total of 10 unique modules of content and materials in this package, plus 2 bonuses that round everything out. As mentioned, regardless of your niche – you can find a way to work this into your content.

Just take a look at the 10+ modules that are included below:

As you would expect, this content has been written in a way that it won’t be a hassle to just deploy it in your business without making really any changes. With the report, you can easily gather up leads and find another way to monetize your business via your new or current audience.

That’s what makes this package so truly powerful, regardless of your niche or industry, you can find a broader use for something like this.

Below I’ve gone ahead and created a detailed breakdown of each of the 10+ modules found in this upgrade.

View A Full Breakdown of This Bundle Below

PLR Module #1:

10 Original PLR Articles

(600+ Words Each)

– $400 Value –

In the very first module of this package, you will be receiving a set of 10 professionally researched and conversationally written PLR articles based around various positive mindset topics.

Each article is written from a conversational point of view, without being pushy, salesy, or wordy (for SEO purposes – since inflating articles with nonsense wording doesn’t work for SEO).

The 10 articles are at minimum 600 words of original content EACH. And there’s very little overlap in terms of content between articles, so you have a very wide variety to choose from.

Here is a list of the 10 article titles / topics found in this module:

  1. What Does it Mean to Have a Positive Mindset? (694 words)
  2. 7 Daily Habits for a Positive Mindset (1,038 words)
  3. Why Gratitude is Key to Having a Positive Mindset (782 words)
  4. Tips for Reframing Your Negative Thoughts (789 words)
  5. How to Use Positive Affirmations to Improve Your Mindset (733 words)
  6. What Can Affect Your Mindset (And How to Avoid it) (730 words)
  7. How to Start Your Day Off on the Right Foot (664 words)
  8. Why You Struggle With Maintaining a Positive Mindset (717 words)
  9. How to Stay Positive on a Bad Day (709 words)
  10. Healthy Self Talk: The Right Way to Talk to Yourself (745 words)

You will be receiving the full private label rights license to all 10 of these expertly crafted articles in this module, you can edit them, combine them, spin them, or do anything you’d like with them.

File Format(s) Included: *.docx, *.txt

PLR Module #2:

Report Made From Articles PLR

(24 pages, and 7,503 words)

– $50 Value –

To amp up the incredibly immense potential of the PLR articles that you’re receiving in this last module, for this module you’ll get something very value boosting.
You will be receiving a uniquely structured report that’s based on these PLR articles, but split into 4 well thought out sections.
The title of this report is “Habits For A Positive Mindset” and there’s a grand total of 24 pages, and 7,503 words in this report, so it’s basically a very thorough e-book at that point. Additionally, there is an introduction and conclusion written exclusively for this report.
With this gigantic report, you’ll be able to educate your audience in a PDF format versus article format. You can edit this content, add links and graphics, spice it up a bit, and so on.
Here are the 4 sections found in this report:
  1. What is a Positive Mindset?
  2. Daily Habits for a Positive Mindset
  3. Exploring Your Mindset Habits
  4. Challenging Negative Thoughts

And just take a glance at a preview of the inside of this report:

You can click the image above to enlarge it and see a bigger preview.

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word Format.

PLR Module #3:

7-Day Email Challenge

(10 Emails in Total)

– $200 Value –

To add even more to this Positive Mindset bundle, you will also get a 7-day challenge for your audience called Healthy Habits for a Positive Mindset. This is the perfect follow-up series to the report in this bundle.

It helps guide your audience through 7 daily habits that they can incorporate into their life to shift to a more positive, happy mindset. Each day includes information about that day’s habit, as well as a task to work on for the day.

This email challenge includes 10 emails in total, with 1 welcome email, 7 emails during the challenge, a bonus 8th day, and finally the last email to end the challenge.

In the next module, you will also see that a printable has been provided for each of the 7 days of the challenge.

Here are the 10 emails found in this challenge:
  1. Welcome Email (302 words)
  2. Day 1: Be Grateful for Every Moment (456 words)
  3. Day 2: Be Kind to Yourself and Others (427 words)
  4. Day 3: Have a Consistent Sleep Routine (361 words)
  5. Day 4: Release Your Negative Thoughts (347 words)
  6. Day 5: Treat Your Body With Love and Respect (346 words)
  7. Day 6: Find a Hobby That Brings You Joy (328 words)
  8. Day 7: Enjoy Your Life No Matter What (439 words)
  9. Bonus: 10 More Habits That Make You Happier (521 words)
  10. Closing Email (249 words)

File Format(s) Included: Microsoft Word Format.

PLR Module #4:

9 Stylized Printables for the Challenge

(Each With Editable Canva Source Files)

– $125 Value –

To make the email series even more convenient for your audience, 9 stylized printables have been provided for the challenge. These are all done in Canva, making them easy to customize for your needs.

There are 7 printables corresponding to each day of the challenge, as well as a calendar and checklist. 
Here are printables included for the challenge:

  1. Challenge Calendar
  2. Challenge Checklist
  3. Day 1: Write a Gratitude List
  4. Day 2: List What You Love About Yourself
  5. Day 3: Create a Sleep Routine
  6. Day 4: Release Your Negative Thoughts
  7. Day 5: Create Healthy Goals
  8. Day 6: Find Hobbies You Love
  9. Day 7: What You Love Most About Your Life

And just take a glance at a preview of the printables:

You can click the image above to enlarge it and see a bigger preview.

File Format(s) Included: Canva

PLR Module #5:

10 Header Images, 1 For Each Article

(100% Editable In Canva)

– $50 Value –

This particular module is meant to enhance the PLR articles and give them a flavor of their own.
In this module, you will receive PNG image versions and editable Canva source files of Blog Header Images corresponding to each of the 10 articles found in module 1.

You can use these as the images for your blog posts, as images on your social media posts (with the articles), in your emails, in the report, or anywhere else.

There are 2 different dimension sizes for this, so you have a choice:

  • Blog Post Graphics – 800 x 1200 pixels
  • Pinterest Pins – 1000 x 1500 pixel
Additionally, you will receive the Editable Canva source files for each of these 10 images which means you’ll be able to tweak them in any way you want.

View a small preview of the 10 blog header images below this text:

You can click the image above to enlarge it and see a bigger preview.

File Format(s) Included: Canva Templates which can be edited for 100% FREE.

PLR Module #6:

Original eCover (Editable In Canva)

– $25 Value –

You probably saw above in the list that there’s a beautiful 2D flat eCover in this package, and it’s for the stylized report that you’re receiving in the 2nd module

Better yet, you’ll even be gaining access to the completely editable Canva source file for this professionally designed original eCover.

This means that you can open it up, change fonts, colors, styles, images, or anything else you’d like – including branding and the title.

All of this is easily done without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank by opening them in Canva, for 100% free. This means no clunky confusing software like Photoshop or GIMP.

File Format(s) Included: Canva Templates which can be edited for 100% FREE.

PLR Module #7:

2D Graphics w/ PSD & Canva Files

– $25 Value –

To fill out the visual elements more, this module deals with the headers, logos, and other elements that make up a product and website.

You’ll also be receiving a miniature miscellaneous graphics package, which contains things like:
  • a logo (from the report eCover),
  • a nice big transparent background icon similar to the report topic,
  • a watermark version of the icon,
  • the favorite icon – favico (for the next modules or a website)
  • and even a darkened full sized image perfect for a background.

So as you can see, this graphics package nicely rounds out this package, giving you a bunch of visual representations of the content that you can deploy however you see fit.

Below is a preview of the miscellaneous graphics included in this package as well:

You can click the image above to enlarge it and see a bigger preview.

File Format(s) Included: Photoshop PSD, Canva Format, JPG, Transparent PNG.

PLR Module #8:

3D Graphics Package w/ PSD Files

– $25 Value –

Stacking onto the visual value of this package, this is an awesome graphics package with a number of elements that you can put to use in your business, especially with this bundle in particular.
In this module, you’ll receive a 3D mock-up of the 2D flat journal eCover, placed onto what is a fancy little report image. And not just the 3D mock-up, but 4 different sizes of it, with a transparent background. This will allow you to place it all over the place and use it effortlessly.
Additionally, you will receive the editable Photoshop .PSD file for the 3D mock-up so that you can open it up and replace the cover, if you happen to make any changes to the 2D cover from the prior module.

Check out a preview of the 3D graphics package modules below:

You can click the image above to enlarge it and see a bigger preview.

File Format(s) Included: Photoshop PSD, JPG, Transparent PNG.

PLR Module #9:

Classic Squeeze & Download Pages

– $50 Value –

As it’s been requested for ages, we will continue to provide this kind of module to help fill out the immense potential of every PLR package being released.

In this module, you’ll be receiving a super easy to set-up “Classic” or “Guru” style squeeze / landing page that you can use to give away the beautiful report included in module 2, to your audience.

Not only are you receiving this beautifully styled and professionally coded landing page, but you will also be receiving a nifty little download page that you can utilize hand in hand with the squeeze page.

This may seem daunting, but it is beyond easy to set up, and with the comprehensive text guide found in bonus module #2, you’ll be ready to go in no time.

Below is a preview of both of the pages included in this module:

Classic Style Squeeze Page Preview:
Thank You Page Preview:
This landing page and the download page will allow you to effortlessly distribute the report / ebook found in this bundle in a way that will not only benefit your audience but also yourself as you build a list that you can nurture and develop.

File Format(s) Included: Editable Fully Compliant HTML5 & CSS3 Format.

PLR Module #10:

5 Promotional Twitter Tweets

(Covering The Report, Each A Unique Approach)

– $5 Value –

To help you market and distribute the report, and utilize the landing page a bit easier, a handful more of promotional content has been assembled.

That’s exactly why you will also be receiving a package of 5 uniquely written promotional Twitter tweets that were written by a seasoned social media marketer. These are not just simple tweets, but effective posts that will help you draw in traffic and eyeballs to your offer.

You can use these tweets to quite literally drag in traffic and entice them to download your offer which will in turn effortlessly build up your list and audience.

File Format(s) Included: Text File Format (1 File).

Bonus Module #1:

10 Positive Mindset Stock Images

Commercial License Included –

Adding on to the visual value of this bundle, you will receive a bonus containing 10 large sized (we’re talking huge) completely royalty-free stock photos related to the topic of a positive mindset.

You can use these stock images however you see fit, whether that’s to accompany the articles, on blog posts, for social media, inside of a report or ebook, in your emails, and so on.

There’s no limit to how you can implement these into your business because you’ll be receiving the commercial usage license along with each of these 10 photos.

File Format(s) Included: HD JPEG Images w/ Commercial Usage License

Bonus Module #2:

Full Setup Guide For This Package

– Setup The Report & Landing Page –

You didn’t think you’d be left hanging all alone to figure out exactly how to edit, upload, and use these squeeze pages that were included in this package, did you?

Of course not! That’s why you’ll be receiving a very comprehensive, step-by-step setup guide that covers not only how to modify the report, but also how to edit any of the landing pages or download pages included in this package.

Beyond that, this guide will show you how to package things up, and even how to go about uploading the files to your web-host so that you can send traffic to it as soon as possible.

There’s no guess work here, as it’s all explained in plenty of detail, that anybody could understand it.

This is included as a bonus to help you out with everything in this package.

Check out a small page preview of the step-by-step setup guide included in this module:

File Format(s) Included: PDF Format.


You will receive all 10 of the material-packed PLR modules listed on this page, for a one-time low price in comparison to what it may cost you to create even just one module of this PLR package.

Here Are The Modules Included In This Bundle

Total Cost To Do This Yourself: $900+

Total Cost To You Today: 

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