Positive Affirmations Upgrade PLR Bundle


Positive Affirmations Upgrade PLR Bundle
10 Articles
7-Day Email Series
Pinterest Graphics
Social Media Graphics
101 Journal Prompts
Journal (Canva)
Canva Cover Template

Positive Affirmations Upgrade PLR Bundle - NEW Bundle with Articles, Email Series, Graphics, Journal Prompts, and More!

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This bundle takes the 101 positive affirmations you just picked up and puts them to use. 

You will get articles and an email series about affirmations and helping your audience to improve their positive mindset, plus some awesome graphics to be used on Instagram, Pinterest, and more. 

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What You Get in the Affirmations Upgrade PLR Bundle

  • 10 Articles - Articles About Positive Mindsets
  • Email Series - 7-Day 'Using Affirmations' Email Series
  • Pinterest Graphics - 1080 x 1920 Graphics
  • Social Media Graphics - 1080 x 1080 Graphics
  • 101 Journal Prompts - Made From the Affirmations
  • Journal: Canva Journal Created From the Prompts
  • Cover: Canva Cover Template

10 PLR Articles About Positive Mindsets

In this upgrade, you will get 10 articles about positive mindsets, each of which include a section about using affirmations.

These work great when you want to promote your affirmations opt-in product on your blog. Each of these articles was created to cover a different category of affirmations you just received, including health, love, confidence and more.

The article topics include:

1. How Your Mindset Can Impact Your Physical Health (405 words)
2. Why You Need More Self-Compassion Before Finding Love (406 words)
3. Easy Ways to Build Your Confidence (405 words)
4. How to Use the Law of Attraction for Success (412 words)
5. Mindset Changes You Need for Money and Wealth (436 words)
6. Creating a Morning Routine for Positivity (408 words)
7. Why Self-Empowerment is so Important (424 words)
8. Simple Daily Practices for Stress and Anxiety (454 words)
9. How to Be More Grateful Every Day (446 words)
10. 6 Ways to Develop a Positive Mindset (449 words)

7-Day 'Using Affirmations' Email Series

If you are looking for an autoresponder series to follow up with the affirmations opt-in, this one is perfect.

It is a 7-day series about using affirmations, explaining what they are, how they are useful, and different ways to use them.

The email topics include:

Day One – What are Positive Affirmations? (249 words)
Day Two – 3 Easy Ways to Use Affirmations (271 words)
Day Three – How Often Should You Use Affirmations? (307 words)
Day Four – Daily Practices Using Positive Affirmations (271 words)
Day Five – What Do You Need Today? (261 words)
Day Six – Signs That Affirmations are Working (262 words)
Day Seven – How to Write Your Own Affirmations (299 words)

10 Pinterest Graphics

The 101 positive affirmations you have just received have been put into Pinterest graphics, which are perfect for promoting the affirmations or related blog posts on your website.

The affirmations were broken up into 10 different categories, including:

Money and Wealth
Stress and Anxiety
Positive Mindset

You will get 10 Pinterest graphics, with 10 affirmations for each category (11 in the positive mindset category). These are the 1080 x 1920 size graphics. 

The graphics are available in Canva, making it easy to edit and customize them. Change the affirmations, colors, fonts, and layouts. 

File Format: Canva

101 Social Media Graphics

In addition to Pinterest graphics, the 101 affirmations have also been put into smaller social media graphics. These work great for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and more. 

Each affirmation is on a different graphic, for 101 total. 

You will get them in Canva, making it super quick and easy to customize them with your own images, colors, and font styles.

Each of the graphics measures 1080 x 1080 and includes a space at the bottom to add your website.

File format: Canva

101 Journal Prompts

To give you more options for delivering the affirmations to your audience, there are also 101 journal prompts that were created from the affirmations. 

For each of the affirmations in this package, you get a journal prompt that goes along with it. This makes it more interactive and allows your audience to write about the prompt in their journal for more self-awareness and to help them change their mindset.

File formats: Microsoft Word and Plain Text.

Positive Mindset Journal

Last but not least, you will get a Canva journal that has been created with these journal prompts. It is 53 pages long, with the cover, blank template page, and 2 prompts per page. 

You can easily customize this journal in Canva, then convert it to PDF before delivering to your audience. They will be able to print it and fill it out to use in combination with the affirmations.

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Positive Affirmations Upgrade PLR Bundle