Premium PLR-Plants and Herbs PLR Bundle


Plants & Herbs Premium PLR Bundle (Membership content from April 2017)
20 Articles
20 Graphics
5-Page Report
10-Page Report
10 Autoresponders
5 Product Reviews


Plants & Herbs - Premium PLR Bundle

Show your readers how they can use healing plants and herbs to create a home apothecary and relieve mental and physical health conditions.

This big PLR bundle gives you 50 pages of high-quality content, 20 graphics, and 2 eCovers.

Please Note: This is from my monthly membership, Natural Healing PLR Club. If you are part of the membership, you have this content from May 2018.

What You Get With This PLR Bundle

The Plants & Herbs PLR bundle includes the following:

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    20 Articles About Herbs & Plants
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    20 Social Graphics
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    Short Report - Setting Up an Apothecary
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    Long Report - Healing Herbs You Haven't Heard of
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    10 Autoresponders - Putting Healing Plants to Good Use
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    5 Product Reviews

20 Articles About Plants & Herbs

Use these 20 articles to post to your blog, create an email series, or put together into a lead magnet.

1. What is Dandelion Honey? (420 words)
2. What You Should Know About Calendula Oil (405 words)
3. How to Make Healing Herb Tinctures (596 words)
4. Simple Tips For Preparing a Natural Poultice (461 words)
5. Herbal Teas vs Tisanes (557 words)
6. Herbs That Can Knock Out Pain (781 words)
7. How to Make Herb-Infused Honey (590 words)
8. What is Infused Herbal Oil? (406 words)
9. Look For These Wild Healing Plants (438 words)
10. Why Everyone Should Have Echinacea (403 words)

11. Herbs That Promote Happiness (526 words)
12. These Mints Provide Medicinal Qualities (593 words)
13. The Many Benefits of the Aloe Vera Plant (533 words)
14. Medicinal Weeds to Keep in Your Yard (454 words)
15. What Are Herbal Adaptogens? (409 words)
16. How to Make Your Own Herbal Salve (431 words)
17. Why You Should Have the Catnip Herb (409 words)
18. Make Your Own Herbal Bath Tea (417 words)
19. What You Need For a Natural Medicine Cabinet (436 words)
20. The Benefits of Bergamot (405 words)

20 Social Media Graphics

Get 20 social media graphics that go with the articles. These are perfect when sharing this content on social media.

Short Report - 'Starting Your Own Apothecary'

The 'Starting Your Own Apothecary' PLR report is 5 pages long with 1,947 words. It covers the basics of creating an apothecary with healing plants and herbs.

Starting Your Own Apothecary

5 pages, 4 sections, 1,947 words

1. What is an Herbal Apothecary?

2. Herbs to Put in Your Home Apothecary

3. Items and Accessories You Need For an Apothecary

3. Tips For Storing and Organizing Your Herbs

Long Report - 'Healing Herbs You Haven't Heard of'

The long report is 10 pages long and is about 'Healing Herbs You Haven't Heard of'. It covers herbs that are a little less common, like burdock and wormwood.

Healing Herbs You Haven’t Heard Of

10 pages, 12 sections, 3,757 words

1. Catnip
2. Lady ferns
3. Comfrey
4. Hyssop
5. Wild quinine
6. Burdock
7. Noni
8. Agave
9. Shepherd's purse
10. Arnica
11. Wormwood
12. Poke weed

10 Autoresponders - Putting Healing Plants to Good use

There is a 10-day email series about how to use the healing plants and what to use them for.

1. Intro to Using Healing Plants (268 words)
2. Choose Your Healing Plants and Herbs (388 words)
3. Decide How to Get Your Plants (306 words)
4. Learn How to Harvest and Cultivate the Herbs (277 words)
5. Make Your Own Healing Herbal Tea (278 words)

6. Try Your Hand at Making Poultices (266 words)
7. Learn How to Make Herbal Salves and Topical Treatments (283 words)
8. Make a Tincture From Healing Plants (256 words)
9. Store Your Herbs and Natural Products (258 words)
10. Conclusion on Using Healing Plants (244 words)

5 Product Reviews

Lastly, you will get these 5 product reviews:

1. Jamie Oliver Mortar and Pestle (482 words)
2. Culinary Herb Seed Collection (495 words
3. Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs (450 words)
4. X-Chef Herb Scissors (401 words)
5. Mr. Stacky 3-Tier Stackable Garden (474 words)

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