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Plant-Based Journal and Planner Bundle
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New Plant-Based Planner, Journal, Workbook, and More

Help your readers get ready for their plant-based lifestyle change with this planner, journal, workbook bundle.

You will get a customizable journal and workbook created in PowerPoint, making it easy to edit. There are also journaling prompts and a workbook made from the prompts.

Journaling Prompts are a Huge Hit! 

Not only do you get a list of 50 journaling prompts about starting a plant-based diet, but these prompts are used as writing prompts in the journal and in the workbook that is included.

This is a great package you don't want to miss.

What You Get in the Plant-Based Journal and Planner PLR Bundle

  • Plant-Based Planner - 15 pages, includes a cover, PPT format
  • Plant-Based Journal - 109 pages, includes a cover, PPT format
  • Plant-Based Workbook - Made from the 50 journaling prompts 
  • 50 Journaling Prompts - Journaling prompts about plant-based diets
  • Macro Cheatsheet - Includes calories, carbs, fat, and protein for 60 plant-based foods

Plant-Based Planner

The Plant-Based Planner includes the basic pages you want to start your audience with if they are adapting a plant-based lifestyle. It comes with many professionally-designed pages, a cover, and a bonus habit tracker.

File Format: The planner is created in PowerPoint.

About the Journal and Workbook

The Plant-Based Planner is created in PowerPoint, making it super easy for you to customize. 

There are 14 pages in total, including:

Blank macro sheet
Monthly food log
Weekly food log
Daily food diary
Weights & measurements
Food feelings page
Blank favorite foods page
Grocery list
Seasonal food list
Recipe page

It also includes a bonus habit tracker and an editable cover with PSD file.

Plant-Based Journal

The 50 journaling prompts in this bundle were turned into writing prompts in this new Plant-Based Journal. The journal contains 109 pages total, with the 50 writing prompts pages, blank lined pages, a stream of consciousness page, notes page, and doodle page. 

Any of the pages can easily be customized with your own fonts and colors, as well as moved around the journal.

File Format: This journal is in PowerPoint.

50 Journaling Prompts

If there is one thing I have learned about writing and researching journaling it is this: People LOVE journaling prompts. They are extremely useful to anyone who is interested in journaling their life, including their plant-based journey.

​The journaling prompts in this bundle provide 3 main purposes:

1. Letting your audience decide whether plant-based is right for them.
2. Going through the planning stages of adapting this lifestyle.
3. Addressing challenges and concerns they might come across.

Plant-Based Workbook

Not only are the 50 journaling prompts used as writing prompts in the journal, but I have also put them into a workbook for you. It is in Microsoft Word, making it easy for you to edit it in any way you want.

The workbook provides another option for your audience who might be trying to decide if the plant-based diet is a good fit for their lifestyle.

Macro Cheatsheet

As an added bonus, there is a macro cheatsheet (also in Microsoft Word), that includes some of the most popular plant-based foods. There are 60 foods listed, each with their calories, fat, carbs, and protein for the suggested serving size. 

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