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Personal Growth & Development PLR
100 Journal Prompts

New Personal Growth and Development PLR Workbook Package, ​Includes Journal Prompts, Workbook, and Journal.

This PLR package is perfect for an audience looking to improve their lives through the practice of journaling. 

You will get 100 journal prompts about personal growth and development, along with an editable workbook using those prompts, and a journal that can also be customized with your brand look and design preferences.

People Love Journal Prompts!

Writing in a journal is an amazing way to find more clarity about your life, set goals, and seek personal fulfillment, but getting started is often where people get stuck.

The journal prompts in this PLR package will help your audience know what to write about through questions and statements that get the creative juices flowing.

This is a great package you don't want to miss.

What You Get in the Personal Growth & Development PLR Package

  • 100 Journal Prompts - 100 writing prompts about personal growth and development
  • Workbook - 39-Page workbook from the journal prompts (Microsoft Word)
  • Journal and Workbook - 112-Page journal and workbook (PowerPoint)
  • eCover - Editable cover (with PSD file)

100 Journal Prompts

In this PLR package, you are getting 100 journal prompts that you can use to give away as a free opt-in, include in another package as a bonus with personal development content, split up to be used in blog posts, or even sell on your blog. 

All 100 prompts are unique, and go over various areas within personal development, including:

Personal Growth
Personal Fulfillment
Goal Setting

What are Journal Prompts?

Journal prompts are a type of writing prompts people can use as a topic for their journal entries. Journaling comes in many forms, and just writing your thoughts and feelings without a specific topic isn't always easy to do. 

These writing prompts sometimes ask a question about a specific personal development topic, while others are statements that give the user some insight about what they should write about. 

Example: What are 5 life goals you have for yourself?

Journal prompts have a lot of uses, and there are many ways you can give them to your readers.

Workbook (Microsoft Word)

This journal prompts package includes 2 different types of workbooks - One is a text version made in Microsoft Word, and the other is done in PowerPoint with more design elements.

The workbook done in Word is text only, and has been made from the 100 journal prompts. It is a way for your readers to go through each prompt in order to gain more clarity into their life and start working towards personal growth and development. 

By using this version, it is easy to go through and edit the prompts if you want, add more lines, add bullet points, or anything else you would like to include.

Once you're done, you can convert it to PDF, and sell or give away to your readers to print and use for themselves.

Workbook and Journal (PowerPoint)

If you prefer to put together a workbook and journal with the prompts with more design options, there is also a PowerPoint version. 

This makes it really easy to customize the layout, colors, fonts, add images, and so much more. 

Not only are there lined journal pages you can duplicate as many times as you want, but there is a page for each of the 100 journal prompts included in the workbook and journal.

Details: This is a 112-page journal and workbook in PowerPoint. 

About the Journal and Workbook

The Personal Growth and Development Journal and Workbook has been made from the journal prompts in this package, but also includes other pages you can duplicate (or remove) as needed.

It includes the following types of pages:

Lined journal pages
Lined pages with room for graphics
Stream of consciousness
Journal prompt template pages (blank)
Journal prompt pages (with each prompt)

Peek Inside the Journal and Workbook

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Personal Growth PLR Prompts and Journal