Paleo Holiday PLR Bundle


Paleo Holiday PLR Bundle
Report – Paleo for the Holidays
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Paleo During the Holidays PLR Bundle - Report, eCover, Articles, Images

The Paleo diet consists primarily of grass-fed meat and free-range eggs, fresh vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Some versions of the diet also include fruit, though not everyone chooses to add them in.

Regardless of how you do the Paleo diet and why you have chosen this way of eating, it can become a struggle during the holiday season. 

This PLR bundle will provide a simple guide for surviving the holidays while still remaining Paleo.

What You Get With This PLR Bundle

The Paleo Holiday PLR bundle comes with the following content:

  • 'Paleo for the Holidays' Report (6 pages, 4 sections, 1,567 words)
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  • 8 PLR Articles About Paleo During the Holidays
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Report - 'Paleo for the Holidays'

Prepare your readers for the holiday season by showing them how easy it is to remain on the Paleo diet during this time of year.

This high-quality PLR report is all about surviving the holidays while still being Paleo. It gives recommendations for what to eat during holiday dinners, simple substitutions for their favorite holiday dishes, and tips for the holiday parties.

Paleo for the Holidays

6 pages, 4 sections, 1,567 words

1. Holiday Foods You Can Eat
2. Try These Holiday Food Substitutions
3. Tips for Surviving Holiday Parties
4. 4 Paleo Holiday Food Ideas

8 PLR Articles

Use these new prewritten articles to talk about following Paleo during the holidays on your blog, or turn them into email follow-ups for the report.

1. Plan Ahead for Holiday Parties (409 words)
2. Paleo During the Holidays: Set Your Goals Early (419 words)
3. Quick Guide to Traveling While on the Paleo Diet (412 words)
4. Focus on Being Active and Following Paleo (414 words)
5. Plan Your Own Holiday Parties with Paleo-Friendly Goodies (413 words)
6. How Expressing Gratitude Helps You Survive the Holidays (412 words)
7. De-Stress without Using Food (430 words)
8. Paleo on Christmas? Don’t Expect Perfection (420 words)

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