Nutrition PLR Pack


Nutrition PLR Pack
20 Articles
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Nutrition PLR Pack - 20 New Articles All About Nutrition 

March is National Nutrition Month, which inspired this PLR pack, but that's not the only time you can use it! You will get a variety of evergreen articles that can be used as blog posts, emails, or put together into opt-in reports year-round. 

You can use these articles to educate your list and readers on nutrition-related topics like:

Nutrition myths
Nutrient deficiencies
Chia seeds
.. and more!

What You Get With this PLR Pack

The Nutrition PLR pack comes with the following content:

  • 20 PLR Articles
  • 400+ Words Each
  • Text and Word Format
  • 20 Images

20 Articles About Nutrition

You will get 20 new, high quality articles all about nutrition, covering many trending questions people have been asking.

The article topics include:

1. How to Determine Proper Portion Sizes (493 words)
2. Healthy Snacks to Fuel Your Workout (464 words)
3. Hydrate Your Body With These Foods (401 words)
4. Why You Should Buy These Foods Organic (507 words)
5. Tips for Handling Sugar Cravings (493 words)
6. Nutrition Advice: Try These Nuts and Seeds (507 words)
7. Bad Nutrition Habits to Avoid (403 words)
8. What are Macronutrients? (507 words)
9. What are Micronutrients? (493 words)
10. Easy Tips for Reading Nutrition Labels (542 words)
11. Having Trouble with Bloating? It Might Be Your Diet (518 words)
12. Health Benefits of Chia Seeds (452 words)
13. What You Should Know About Kombucha (400 words)
14. Common Nutrition Myths to Avoid (462 words)
15. All About Nutritional Yeast (512 words)
16. Try These Low-Calorie Snacks to Stay Full Between Meals (506 words)
17. Tips for Well-Balanced Meals (505 words)
18. Avocado: Why This Superfood is One of the Best Healthy Fats (447 words)
19. Signs You Might Have a Nutrient Deficiency (499 words)
20. Everything You Wanted to Know About Nutrition Bars (528 words)

Bonus: 20 Royalty-Free Images

As a bonus, I have included 20 royalty-free images to be used for your blog posts, report images, or social media graphics.

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