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Natural Health Reports & Emails
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New Holistic and Natural PLR Reports and Follow-Up Emails

Expand on the topic of natural and holistic health with your audience by providing them with even more content! 

In this bundle, you will get 4 brand new reports that can be used as opt-ins, free content upgrades, lead magnets, and more. Use them separately or put them together into one big eBook.

You will also get 5 emails for each of the 4 reports, giving you even more high-quality content to use.

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What You Get in the Natural Health Reports PLR Bundle

  • Report: 'Common Herbs and Their Health Benefits' - 10 pages, 2,356 words
  • Report: 'Benefits and Uses of Elderberry' - 7 pages, 1,404 words
  • Report: 'Benefits and Uses of Honey' - 7 pages, 1,622 words 
  • Report: 'Benefits and Uses of Garlic' - 6 pages, 1,432 words
  • 20 Follow-Up Emails - 5 Emails for Each Report

Report #1: Common Herbs and Their Health Benefits

The first report in this bundle is about the common herbs you can use for your holistic lifestyle, and their health benefits. It includes some of the most popular herbs your audience will be curious about, including lavender, pepermint, and turmeric.

'Common Herbs and Their Health Benefits'

10 pages, 2,356 words

1. Lavender
2. Chamomile
3. Sage
4. Lemon Balm
5. Ginger
6. Rosemary
7. Peppermint
8. Yarrow
9. Turmeric
10. Goldenseal

Each of the 4 reports in this PLR bundle also come with 5 email follow-ups. These can be used as autoresponders, email series, blog posts, or really any other content you need on the subject. 

Common Herbs Email Topics Include:

1. Where to Find Good Quality Herbs (237 words)
2. Healing Herbs for Beginners (276 words)
3. Herbs You Can Grow Indoors (310 words)
4. How to Keep Your Herbs Fresh (308 words)
5. Healing Herbs VS Essential Oils (267 words)

Report #2: Benefits and Uses of Honey

One of the most popular natural health ingredients is honey, which can be used in in food, drinks, and even right on the skin. This report looks at the different health benefits, types of honey, and its uses.

'Benefits and Uses of Honey'

7 pages, 1,622 words

1. Different Types of Honey
2. Health Benefits of Honey
3. Should You Get Raw Honey?
4. Ways to Use Honey
5. Additional Tips for Using and Storing Honey

Honey Email Topics Include:

1. Raw Honey (278 words)
2. Manuka Honey (239 words)
3. Wildflower Honey (292 words)
4. Lavender Honey (240 words)
5. Clover Honey (241 words)

Report #3: Benefits and Uses of Elderberry

The next opt-in report is about the benefits and uses of elderberry. Elderberry syrup has gained popularity for boosting immunity, so it is very timely right now. 

'Benefits and Uses of Elderberry'

7 pages, 1,404 words

1. About Elderberry
2. Healing Benefits of Elderberry
3. Different Ways to Use Elderberry
4. Why is Elderberry Syrup So Popular?
5. Are There Any Risks or Side Effects?

Elderberry Email Topics Include:

1. Elderberry for Your Immune System (246 words)
2. How to Make Your Own Elderberry Syrup (261 words)
3. Using Elderberry Safely (256 words)
4. Surprising Facts About Elderberries (242 words)
5. Tips for Buying Elderberry Syrup (280 words)

Report #4: Benefits and Uses of Garlic

Last but not least, you will get a report on the benefits and uses of garlic, another popular one! Teach your audience why garlic is not only a tasty way to flavor their food, but is loaded with healing properties.

'Benefits and Uses of Garlic'

6 pages, 1,432 words

1. What Healing Properties Does Garlic Have?
2. Healing Benefits of Garlic
3. How to Use Garlic for Healing
4. Alternative: Using Garlic in Cooking

Garlic Email Topics Include:

1. Quick Facts About Garlic (284 words)
2. Can You Freeze Garlic? (251 words)
3. Use Garlic for Your Digestion (253 words)
4. What is Black Garlic? (267 words)
5. Surprising Uses for Garlic (249 words)

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