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Natural Health PLR – Limited Time Offer
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Natural Health PLR Offer - Get These 12 PLR Packs and Bundles at a Massive Discount.. Only for a Limited Time

You will only see this special once, and never again! Don't miss out on even more content about natural, alternative, and holistic health. The total value of these 12 products is over $300 and you get it for just $12.

It comes with a variety of content about essential oils, herbs, growing food, and so much more.

What You Get in This PLR Bundle

The special Health & Wellness PLR bundles includes 12 products from my store, including:

1. Hygge in the Spring ($7)
2. Natural Health Mega ($37)
3. Essential Oils PLR Pack ($10)
4. Rainbow Meditation Report ($9)
5. Natural Skincare Mega ($27)
6. Yoga and Meditation ($37)
7. Mindfulness PLR Bundle ($25)
8. Stress and Mindfulness ($37)
9. Holistic Health ($37)
10. Coconut for Health ($28)
11. Grow Your Own Food ($25)
12. Healing Herbs ($28)

1. Hygge in the Spring

Hygge is the Danish practice of embracing health and wellbeing through the act of being cozy and comfortable. While it was originally designed to bring comfort during cold, winter months, it is a great practice to use year-round.

This PLR report goes into ways you can incorporate Hygge into your life during the spring season, even when the weather warms up and you want to spend more time outdoors. 

Hygge is a great way to practice self-care every day.

The bundle comes with:

5-page PLR Report
Editable eCover
10 Images

2. Natural Health Mega Bundle

This PLR bundle is all about natural and holistic health. It provides an extensive collection of natural health topics, including healing herbs, essential oils, DIY organic products, and a lot more.

There are articles, graphics, reports, eCovers, and autoresponders to use for the natural health niche.

Please Note: This is from my monthly membership, Natural Healing PLR Club. If you were part of the membership, you have this content from July 2018.

This bundle comes with:

30 Articles
30 Social Graphics
5-Page Report w/ecover
10-Page Report w/ecover
10 Autoresponders

3. Essential Oils PLR Pack

This essential oils PLR pack goes beyond the basics and talks about a few commonly asked questions about using oils, as well as some specific benefits. 

You will get 10 high-quality articles about:

Using oils in the bath or shower
Whether they are safe for kids and pets
Specific benefits like for your mood or hangovers
And lots more! 

These articles are great for blog posts or follow-up emails to your other essential oils content.

4. Rainbow Meditation

Explore your inner peace and discover new ways to meditate with this brand new PLR report all about the Rainbow Meditation Technique.

Guide your mind through each of the 7 colors of the rainbow, as they correspond with each of your body's chakras. 

Show your readers how they can relax and find inner peace using this easy meditation method.

This PLR bundle comes with:

6-Page PLR Report
Text and Word Format
Editable eCover
8 Images

5. Natural Skincare

The focus on being ‘green’ and going organic has now reached skincare and beauty industries. Companies big and small are jumping onboard and they strive for more natural products – and the consumers are paying attention.

With this new PLR package about natural skincare, you can educate your readers on the importance of going natural with their skincare routine and promote more natural options for both DIY and store-bought products.

You will get:

eBook & eCovers
Cheat Sheet

6. Yoga and Meditation

This big Premium PLR bundle is all about yoga and meditation. It is ideal if you like to talk about natural and alternative health options, since there are so many different benefits of both yoga and meditation. Use these topics together or separate with the content provided. 

This comes with a large amount of content, including 50 pages of written content and 25 graphics all ready to be edited and added to your blog.

Please Note: This is from my monthly membership, Natural Healing PLR Club. If you are part of the membership, you have this content from June 2018.

This bundle comes with:

25 Articles
25 Graphics
Short Report
Long Report
10 Autoresponders

7. Stress and Mindfulness

Teach your list and blog readers about mindfulness and how it can help with stress with this quality PLR bundle.

You will get a combination of articles, 2 reports, and autoresponders, along with eCovers and graphics.

Please Note: This is from my monthly membership, Natural Healing PLR Club. If you are part of the membership, you have this content from December 2017.

This bundle comes with:

25 Articles
25 Graphics
Short Report
Long Report
10 Autoresponders

8. Holistic Health

This PLR bundle is all about holistic health. It includes multiple topics, including aromatherapy, essential oils, herbs, grounding, reiki, and more. 

You will get everything you need to cover holistic and alternative care, including reports, graphics, articles, and more.

It comes with:

25 Articles
25 Social Graphics
Short Report-Earthing
Long Report-Aromatherapy
2 eCovers
10 Autoresponders-Healing Crystals

9. Grow Your Own Food

This Grow Your Own Food PLR Bundle is on an evergreen topic of planting fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You will get 20 pages of NEW PLR content about gardening, that also fits within the health, wellness, diet, and weight loss niches.

The PLR bundle is perfect for promoting planting supplies like growing baskets, seed packets and small trees, fertilizer and potting soil, and many other items.

What You Get:

15 PLR Articles
5-Page Report
Report Cover
Social Media Post

10. Healing Herbs

This PLR bundle is ready for you to customize and add as blog posts, create a report or eBook for a content upgrade, or turn into an email series. There is a lot to do with the content. As with all our bundles, it includes a report, report cover, articles, images, and social media posts. take a look at what you will get:

5-Page Report
15 Articles
13 Images
30 Social Media Posts

11. Coconut for Health

Coconut is often referred to as a miracle cure since it helps in so many ways. There are benefits ranging from better digestion and weight loss, to healthier hair and skin. This PLR bundle goes over all the different health benefits of coconut, including coconut oil, milk, palm sugar, and water.

With this PLR bundle, you get 15 articles, a 6-page report with a report cover (jpeg and pdf versions), 15 tweets, 15 Facebook posts, and 10 images that correspond with the articles included.

12. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the act of living in the present and putting all the focus into what is happening right now. It is an excellent way for people to reduce their stress, eat better, and live a happier life. This PLR bundle is all about mindfulness and mindfulness meditation, which is currently a hot topic and something many people are looking into. There are many ways to promote products with this topic, from essential oils and diffusers, to books about mindfulness, meditation pillows, and CDs of meditation tracks.

You will get:

15 Articles
5-Page Report
Report Cover (Jpeg and PDF)
15 Images
30 Social Media Posts

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