Morning Ritual Bundle


Morning Ritual PLR Bundle
Printable/Editable Journal & Planner
Opt-in Report
Journaling Prompts


Don't Miss This One-Time Offer - Journal and Planner, Plus More Content for Morning Routines and Rituals

While you are talking to your readers and subscribers about the benefits of waking up early, why not give them some extra tools that can help?

This bundle is being offered only for a limited time. You will get a printable and editable journal and planner for setting up morning rituals and routines, plus another report about creating a morning ritual, and journaling prompts.

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What You Get in the Morning Ritual PLR Bundle

  • Morning Ritual Journal & Planner Combo
  • Editable Covers - with PSD files
  • 'Creating a Happy and Productive Morning Ritual' Report - 7 pages, 1,560 words
  • Editable Report Cover - with PSD files
  • 25 Journaling Prompts

Morning Ritual Journal & Planner Combo

The best way to start a new routine is by having a way to track it, which is why I have created a printable journal and planner. There are 13 planner pages, plus 5 different journaling pages that can be used to customize your printables. 

Keep it as a planner and journal combo, or split them up into a separate journal and planner. 

Every element is editable in Powerpoint, including the templates, colors, fonts, and images. Move the slides around, copy and paste journaling pages where you want them, and customize the entire thing for your list.

I have created it in a blue and yellow summer theme, but it is SO easy to customize!

This journal and planner includes:

Multiple lined journaling pages
To-Do List
Notes Page
Doodles Page
Gratitude Page
Wake Up Log
Morning Ritual Tracker
Morning Tasks Tracker
Morning Exercise Tracker
Goals Tracker

Feel free to customize the planner and journaling pages with your own images and colors. 

Sneak Peek at Some of the Planner Pages:

'Creating a Happy & Productive Morning Ritual' Report

There is also an opt-in report that goes along with the printable journal and planner. This report is more about creating a morning ritual when you want to be a morning person. It provides some great information on why you should have a morning routine, what to include in your morning routine, and tips to continue waking up early.

Naturally, it focuses a lot on incorporating the use of journals and planners in your morning ritual, as well as many other ideas. 

Creating a Happy and Productive Morning Ritual

7 pages, 2,560 words

​1. What to Add to Your Morning Routine
2. Journaling as Part of Your Ritual
3. Using a Daily Planner
4. Mindfulness and Meditation
5. How Exercise in the Morning Can Benefit You
6. Setting Your Intentions

Bonus: 25 Journaling Prompts

Who doesn't love journaling prompts?! I have included a free bonus of 25 journaling prompts all about morning routines and waking up early. 

Give these as a bonus to your list with your printables, or include them as an opt-in on your blog. People LOVE journaling prompts as a way to be inspired by various topics, especially when they are new to journaling. 

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