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Mindfulness for Productivity
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Mindfulness for Productivity - PLR Bundle

Mindfulness is the practice of being more present and mindful, focusing on acceptance, forgiveness, and letting the past stay in the past. There are many reasons to practice mindfulness, from reducing stress and anxiety, to helping with better clarity and focus. It is also great for improving your productivity.

This PLR bundle provides you with 20 high-quality articles written about mindfulness for productivity. You can use them as individual blog posts and emails, or use some as blog posts, and some as a lead magnet for your list. 

You will also get 20 royalty-free images and 20 social media posts for promoting the content.

What You Get With This Bundle

The Mindfulness for Productivity PLR Bundle comes with the following content:

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    20 Articles About Mindfulness for Productivity
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    20 Royalty-Free Images
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    20 Social Media Posts

20 PLR Articles About Mindfulness & Productivity

Get 20 high-quality PLR articles about mindfulness for productivity. Use these articles as blog posts, emails, or to put them together into your own lead magnet or eBook.

1. Single Tasking: What it is and How it Helps (473 words)
2. How to Live More Intentionally for Better Productivity (455 words)
3. Use These Mindfulness Practices Every Day (465 words)
4. The Power of a Brain Dump (503 words)
5. How to Journal for Mindfulness (460 words)
6. 5 Morning Mindfulness Habits (436 words)
7. How to Change Your Mindset for Better Productivity (458 words)
8. Practicing Mindfulness as a Nighttime Routine (449 words)
9. How to Reset Your Brain for Stress Relief (439 words)
10. Finding a Healthy Work-Life Balance (495 words)
11. Tips for Putting a Stop to Procrastination (478 words)
12. How to Become Stress-Free by Living More Mindful (445 words)
13. 4 Tips to Have a More Productive Day (467 words)
14. What is Mindfulness Meditation? (477 words)
15. How to Stay Happy and Productive (425 words)
16. Starting a New Mindful Morning Routine (454 words)
17. How to Boost Your Mood with Mindfulness (509 words)
18. Mindfulness Hacks to Help with Productivity (541 words)
19. Productivity Hacks to Help You Get More Done (484 words)
20. How to Declutter Your Mind (420 words)

20 Royalty-Free Images + Social Media

There are 2 added bonuses for the Mindfulness for Productivity PLR Bundle. This includes:

20 Royalty-Free Images

20 Social Media Posts

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