Mindful Journaling PLR Bundle


Mindful Journaling PLR Bundle
8-Page Report – ‘Mindful Journaling’
50 Journal Prompts
Workbook (Microsoft Word)
Mindful Journal (PowerPoint)
Editable Canva Covers


Mindful Journaling PLR- Brand Prewritten Bundle With a Report, Journal, and Workbook about Mindful Journaling

Don't go just yet... Here is more content about mindfulness with the brand new Mindful Journaling PLR Package.

You will get a report about mindful journaling, editable covers, journal prompts, a journal, and workbook. 

The report also ties in using a journal for mindful eating!

What You Get in the Mindful Journaling PLR Package

  • 8-Page Report - 'Mindful Journaling'
  • 50 Journal Prompts
  • Workbook (with the journal prompts)
  • Journal (PowerPoint)
  • Editable Canva Covers

Report - 'Mindful Journaling'

The Mindful Journaling report is meant to provide information about journaling mindfully, as well as tips and more information about this style of journaling. There is also a section about using a mindful journal for mindful eating, so if that is a topic you are working on, it is the perfect addition.

Mindful Journaling

8 pages, 2,161 words

1. What is Mindful Journaling and How Does it Work?
2. Why Should You Write in a Mindful State?
3. Tips for Getting Started with Mindful Journaling
4. Mindful Journaling for Mindful Eating

50 Journal Prompts About Mindful Eating

In addition to the report, you will also get 50 journal prompts about mindful eating, and mindfulness. 

These journal prompts vary between statements and questions, offering writing prompts to your audience who might be new to journaling or are not quite sure what to write about.

Workbook with the Journal Prompts

This workbook is made from the 50 journaling prompts in this PLR package. It was done in Microsoft Word, which allows you to easily edit it in Word by changing the wording of the prompts, adding or removing them, adjusting the layout, adding images, and anything else you want to do.

Once you're done, you can convert it to PDF, and sell or give away to your readers to print and use for themselves.

Mindful Journal

You will also get a new editable journal to go with this mindful journaling content. 

The journal includes a variety of pages for people who just starting out with mindfulness, including lined journal pages, daily check-ins, a mood tracker, mindful eating pages, and more.

Everything in the journal can be customized in PowerPoint, including adding or deleting slides, font, text, colors, layouts, images, and more.

Not only are there lined journal pages you can duplicate as many times as you want, but there is a page for each of the 50 journal prompts included in the journal.

Details: This is a 64-page journal in PowerPoint. 

The pages in the journal include:

3 styles of lined pages
Doodle page
Stream of consciousness
Daily check-in
Mood tracker
Mindful eating log
Food diary
Trigger log

In addition to 50 journal prompts pages, 1 for each journal prompt in this package.

Editable Canva Cover Templates

There are 2 editable covers in this PLR package, including one for the report and one for the journal.

Both of these can be edited using Canva, allowing you to completely customize it and make it your own.

Canva is incredibly easy to use and a wonderful alternative to Photoshop or other photo editing software. 

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