Mindful Eating PLR Bundle


Mindful Eating PLR Bundle
20 Articles
Report from the Articles


Mindful Eating PLR - New Articles About Mindful Eating and How it Can Help You Develop Healthy Eating Habits

In a world where social media is inundated with every trendy diet under the sun, it is nice to take a step back and make things simple. 

With mindful eating, your readers will understand hwo something as simple as being more present and mindful while they eat can help with their relationship with food, allow them to quit all the diets, and still get healthier and even lose weight.

This new PLR pack covers many different areas of mindful eating, including why it's done and tips for getting started, to combining it with intuitive eating and how it can be used to help lose weight.

Teach your audience how to heal their relationship with food and combine intuitive eating techniques with mindfulness

In this PLR pack, you get 20 brand new articles about mindful eating, as well as a report made from the articles. 

This gives you a lot of great options for using your new content, whether it is used as blog posts, an opt-in report, lead magnet, or email series.

20 Articles About Mindful Eating

Use these high quality articles as blog posts, create an email series, or combine with with other related content for an informative eBook.

The article topics include:

1. What is Mindful Eating? (459 words)
2. Benefits of Mindful Eating (405 words)
3. The First 3 Things to do to Eat Mindfully (410 words)
4. Simple Techniques for Being More Mindful (435 words)
5. Common Mistakes When it Comes to Mindful Eating (414 words)
6. Developing a More Mindful Lifestyle (415 words)
7. How to Start Shifting Your Mindset (425 words)
8. Does What You Eat Matter? (423 words)
9. How Mindfulness Helps with Emotional Eating (411 words)
10. Why You Should Track How and How Much You Eat (421 words)
11. Mindful Eating to Help Lose Weight (449 words)
12. How Mindful Eating Improves Your Relationship with Food (450 words)
13. Mindless VS Mindful Eating (430 words)
14. Why You Need to Use All Your Senses While Eating (407 words)
15. Grounding Techniques to Use for Mindfulness (409 words)
16. Does Mindfulness Ever Become Natural? (413 words)
17. Mindful Eating Helps You Become Mindful With Your Body (418 words)
18. Mindful VS Intuitive Eating and Why You Need Both (416 words)
19. What to Pay Attention to While Mindful Eating (455 words)
20. How to Remove the Rules from Mindful Eating (403 words)

Report From the Articles

If you like to use your prewritten content as a report or eBook, that is also included! This report puts all 20 article topics into 5 chapters, and is over 20 pages long. 

You can keep it as-is, re-format it, remove or add sections, add images, and so much more.

Mindful Eating Report
23 pages, 8,105 words

1. What Does it Mean to Eat Mindfully?
2. Benefits of Mindful Eating
3. Starting Mindful Eating: Your First Steps
4. Shifting Your Mindset with Mindful Eating
5. Deciding What to Eat and Moving Forward

Editable Mindful Eating Printables

You will get 3 different mindful eating printables, each of which has been created in Canva. They are easy to edit using Canva, including the fonts, colors, layouts, and wording. 

Bonus: 16 Royalty-Free Images

Create your own social media graphics, blog post images, and ad graphics with these images. They all come with free commercial usage rights.

PLR Rights Terms:

1. Don’t put my name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.